Facebook is now developing a human-like artificial intelligence called Ego4D


Facebook announced a research project Thursday that aims to develop an artificial intelligence capable of perceiving the world like a human being. The project, titled Ego4D, aims to train an artificial intelligence (AI) to perceive the world in the first-person by analyzing a constant stream of video from people's lives. This type of data, which Facebook calls "egocentric" data, is designed to help the AI perceive, remember and plan like a human being. "Next-generation AI systems will need to learn from an entirely different kind of data -- videos that show the world from the center of the action, rather than the sidelines," Kristen Grauman, lead AI research scientist at Facebook, said in the announcement. The project aims to improve AI technology's capacity to accomplish human processes by setting five key benchmarks: "episodic memory," in which the AI ties memories to specific locations and times, "forecasting," "social interaction," "hand and object manipulation" and "audio-visual diarization," in which the AI ties auditory experiences to specific locations and times.

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