This Al Gore-supported project uses AI to track the world's emissions in near real time


"Although scientists have a good understanding how much carbon is in the atmosphere, it's surprisingly tough to trace where those emissions come from," says Gavin McCormick, the founder of a nonprofit called WattTime that also makes technology that enables smart devices to automatically reduce emissions. The startup is working with several other climate and tech organizations and the former vice president Al Gore on the new project. Right now, McCormick says, most emissions data is self-reported, and it can sometimes take years for the data to be gathered. "We think that technology, in particular AI and satellites, have the potential to change that pretty profoundly, which can influence sort of any sector that depends on really knowing where emissions are coming from to make good decisions," he says. "The time lag in current data makes it often non-actionable," says Gore, who has been helping structure the project to have the maximum impact on the climate crisis and enlisting partners for financial and strategic support.

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