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The AI market is expected to be worth $36.8 billion by 2025, and as this autonomous branch of digital technology continues to evolve, we expect to see a host of incredible developments to emerge in the not-so-distant future--especially in this emerging age of the metaverse. While AI has been proven to enhance our daily consumer lives--with the adoption of autonomous vehicle technology, fitness devices, voice assistants, and smartphones--it has also served to improve the digital marketing efforts of businesses across many industries. Not only is AI proven to boost a company's productivity by up to 40%, but if leveraged strategically, autonomous technology can help brands to: Indeed, if utilized tactically and creatively, AI technology has the potential to help you connect with your audience on a deeper level than ever before, resulting in ongoing business growth. To put this notion into perspective, here we explore some quite different but equally inspiring uses of AI in digital marketing. The first of our inspiring AI in digital marketing examples comes from Sephora. Understanding the power of AI early on, thriving cosmetics brand Sephora has been using chatbot technology to offer its audience the most personalized, informational customer experience possible.

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