Artificial Intelligence: The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing


AI offers exceptional opportunities particularly in digital marketing while irrefutably revolutionizing and propelling the industry. AI is the ability of a computer or computer-enabled robotic systems to process massive amounts of in-depth data and produce outcomes similar to the thought processes of humans in learning, analysing, decision making, and problem-solving. Hence, AI has enabled marketers to comprehend vast data to gain valuable consumer insights, and in turn, improve digital marketing strategies. The applications of AI are essentially limitless, and the field of computer science is on a stark ascendance. The global AI market was worth $7.35 billion in 2018, where the largest portion of revenue was stirred from enterprise applications.

Deloitte 's Heat Starts Artificial Intelligence Practice 'Heat AI'


Heat, the full-service advertising agency possessed by Deloitte, started Heat AI, a model practice that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to discover online trends and conversations and these are predicted to grow up in popularity 72 hours before they peak -- with 70% exactness. For the prediction of social trends, Heat AI's proprietary technology utilizes patented algorithms to grasp, combine and analyze 100 million posts every day from 50,000 sources, with social, news sites and blogs. Every half an hour, the platform performs 1 million multi-dimensional predictions so as to recognize the trends and keywords which will increase in engagement, notifying both keyword recommendations and creative. "Artificial intelligence has the potential to completely reinvent the advertising industry, but until now, no one has employed AI-derived predictive insights to develop impactful, emotionally resonant creative. Heat is changing that," said Jocelyn Lee, co-head of Heat AI and specialist leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

How To Make Your Facebook Ads, AdWords Campaigns More Creative With Artificial Intelligence - Adext Blog


When you're working on ad campaigns at your company or digital advertising agency, do you ever wish the process was less complex, and more, well… creative? Those who produce the most creative this year--digital ad agencies--are made up of a wide variety of different types of staff members. To mention a few, there's: Yes, companies that run their campaigns independently might just have a sprinkling of these professionals in their department. And on occasion, marketing managers are lumped with the entire responsibility a fully-staffed department would normally spread between them. Ad campaigns didn't used to need such a complex skill set.

Three Ways Brands Can Leverage AI For Predictive Advertising


We live in a world that is becoming more personalized every day. Consumers have come to expect experiences that are tailored for them -- especially when it comes to engaging with brands. When you open your Uber app, it now suggests your home address; online shopping is increasingly personalized, and, of course, so is advertising. You expect to see ads that reflect your interests and buying patterns and, in fact, are more likely to engage with those ads.We have artificial intelligence (AI) to thank for our increasingly personalized world. As the demand for personalization increases, so too does the buzz around AI. AI is a term that is becoming ubiquitous -- and potentially overused -- as an umbrella term relating to any action a machine takes based on a set of rules in order to mimic human intelligence.

Toward Best Practices for Explainable B2B Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

To design tools and data pipelines for explainable B2B machine learning (ML) systems, we need to recognize not only the immediate audience of such tools and data, but also (1) their organizational context and (2) secondary audiences. Our learnings are based on building custom ML-based chatbots for recruitment. We believe that in the B2B context, "explainable" ML means not only a system that can "explain itself" through tools and data pipelines, but also enables its domain-expert users to explain it to other stakeholders.

AI and digital marketing: revolution or new habit?


Today, Artificial Intelligence is crucial in numerous aspects of everyday life. We have smart devices, we interact with chatbots, and all of these are designed to understand consumer needs and preferences to deliver customized experiences. How is artificial intelligence affecting digital marketing? Computer sciences related to AI (like machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing [NPL]), is increasing its relevance and incorporate artificial intelligence in marketing strategy can be a booster for digital strategy, for many reasons. Using AI, digital marketing strategies can transform the way you engage with your audience.

AI Trained on 100 Million Opinions Can Predict What People Will Think of Your Photos - Profiled


TL;DR: A record-shattering new AI called Photofeeler-D3 can predict first impressions from a photo or video. Soon, Photofeeler-D3 could help you pick the most flattering photos from your camera roll, recommend glasses for your face, and more. Which of your Tinder pics make you look attractive, smart, or trustworthy? A new artificial intelligence model, Photofeeler-D3, has the answer. Photofeeler-D3 gets its name for representing the three Dating-category traits on Photofeeler.

Using Artificial Intelligence To Enhance The Employee Experience


While many organizations still use outdated methods like annual employee reviews or engagement surveys, more forward-thinking organizations are tapping into tools that provide more frequent and more valuable information. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping more and more of these organizations every day. In addition to its value in external-facing customer experiences, AI can play an important role in how employees interact, receive notifications or even perform critical tasks. I have worked extensively with organizations on many external-facing methods of improving the customer experience, and am now working with companies to address this with internal audiences. Many of them have a large or geographically diverse workforce where it can be difficult to have a personal touch with every employee's experience.

7 Ways Machine Learning Can Enhance Marketing


Exploiting the immense potential of artificial intelligence to excel in business is no longer a far-fetched pipe dream. Many companies have already discovered this, and as technology advances at a rapid rate, it's clear now that machine learning and marketing go hand-in-hand. In this age, to do one without the other is a mistake no business can afford, not if they want to remain competitive. Data insights are more valuable than ever before, enabling for better customer engagement. It comes as no surprise that there is an increased reliance on data.

The 'Game of Thrones' Piracy Antidote


Once upon a time, media content had a price. To consume it, you had to pay for it. Years passed, and with advances in technology along came digital piracy. The problem grew significantly with Internet making its way into everyone's home and then expanded exponentially when the same technology was made accessible from everyone's hands. Some media domains, such as live sports, only later began being exploited by modern day pirates.