Andrew Ng launches 'AI for Everyone,' a new Coursera program aimed at business professionals


Andrew Ng, a computer scientist who led Google's AI division, Google Brain, and formerly served as vice president and chief scientist at Baidu, is a veritable celebrity in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. After leaving Baidu, he debuted an online curriculum of classes centered around machine learning -- Ng was the keynote speaker at the AI Frontiers Conference in November 2017, and this year unveiled the AI Fund, a $175 million incubator that backs small teams of experts looking to solve key problems using machine learning. Oh, and he's also chairman of AI cognitive behavioral therapy startup Woebot; sits on the board of driverless car company; Yet somehow, he found time to put together a new online training course -- "AI for Everyone" -- that seeks to demystify AI for business executives.

The 3 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Will Change Content Marketing


In many ways, artificial intelligence (AI) is already influencing digital marketing in general, and content marketing in particular. But the truth is, there is so much more to come – so many more changes and improvements that AI will surely bring to content marketing. In this blog post, I'm going to explore some of these changes in order to try to understand what the future holds – read on to discover the 3 ways that artificial intelligence will change content marketing. Before I can discuss the effects of artificial intelligence – also known as AI, machine intelligence and in some cases, machine learning - on content marketing, it's important to first understand what exactly artificial intelligence is. So, what is AI, exactly? Techopedia defines it as "an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

R.I.P. HAL: Douglas Rain, Voice Of Computer In '2001,' Dies At 90


Douglas Rain, a Shakespeare actor who provided the eerie, calmly homicidal voice of HAL in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, has died at the age of 90. The Canadian actor died Sunday morning, according to the Stratford Festival, where Rain spent 32 seasons acting in such roles such as Othello's Iago and Twelfth Night's Malvolio. He was also a founding member of the company. The Winnipeg-born actor had dozens of theater, film and television credits. However, Rain's biggest mark on pop culture was less Shakespearean, but perhaps just as much a classic: as 2001's HAL 9000, a sentient, rogue computer in a film written in collaboration with science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke and widely regarded as Kubrick's masterpiece.

Blizzard is interested in bringing all of its franchises to mobile


Diablo Immortal is just the tip of the iceberg for Blizzard Entertainment's new ventures in mobile. After the reveal of Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon Friday, I had a chance to talk to Blizzard founder Allen Adham, who is currently the executive producer of incubation, about its newly announced mobile game and the possibility of other Blizzard franchises getting the mobile treatment. SEE ALSO: 'World of Warcraft Classic' is kind of agonizing No other new mobile games were confirmed by Adham, but he did nod at the fact that the company is interested in creating more mobile games, even hinting at the fact that more unannounced projects are currently in production. "We're excited to imagine taking all of our IPs [intellectual properties] into this venue and bringing them to a full-on global audience," Adham said. "I think in some cases they'll be completely new games. You see this with Hearthstone -- a total reimagining of an all-new game type using the Warcraft IP. In some cases it might be -- like we've shown with Diablo Immortal -- a similar game type but different and unlinked from the core game franchise."

RefineAI - Audience insights with the power of AI Product Hunt


Hello Product Hunters, Thank you for taking the time to check out RefineAI's Audience Insights product. During my long stint in the Media industry one thing that we were not measuring well was how do our customer feel about our content. We spent millions on Market Research. But the results were rarely actionable as the content was already created. The idea for audience insights gathering using computer vision and machine learning was born from the notion that we should be able to build and test video content rapidly.

Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing: Can Bots Take over a Marketer's Job?


Automation of marketing platforms has had a great impact on the industry over the past few years, it is helping to make marketers more efficient, profitable and successful. However, marketing automation still relies on manual control. It consumes all that time that your marketing team spends on repetitious work. One great technological solution to this problem is AI marketing. AI technologies that are available nowadays can perform that drudgery more efficiently.

New Beats and Rhythm Through Artificial Intelligence Analytics Insight


The music industry is slowly pacing up its steps with the new rhythm orchestrated by artificial intelligence (AI). There is a magnanimous improvement provided by artificial intelligence in business insights, strategies and fine-tuning the way the music plays. In the music industry, emerging AI enabled tools are helping to revamp the way the audience perceives music content. One of the most effective marketing tools industry professional can utilise is consumer data which will deliver valuable insights through machine learning. The music industry is expected to become a $70 billion market by 2020, which can be bolstered by AI which shift conventional practices to more sustainable digital spheres.

Fox Is Using Google's Machine Learning to Predict What Movies You'll Like


Data scientists at 20th Century Fox and Google Cloud have developed machine-learning software that can analyze movie trailers and predict how likely people are to see those movies in theaters. A recent preprint research paper breaks down how the program, named Merlin, can now recognize objects and patterns in a trailer to understand movie scenes. Merlin can scan trailers and spot objects like "man with beard," "gun," "car," and decide whether the movie is an action flick or a crime drama based on the context in which those objects appear. "A trailer with a long close-up shot of a character is more likely for a drama movie," the study's authors write, "whereas a trailer with quick but frequent shots is more likely for an action movie." Merlin can use its knowledge of common tropes in trailers to understand how sequences of actions in trailers play into our expectations for genre films.

Small investments can leverage big data for construction sector - - Journal Of Commerce


If there's one thing Rory Armes wants audiences at Buildex Calgary to understand, it's the idea that even a small investment in big data and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) can provide actionable insights and pay solid dividends. Armes is CEO of Eight Solutions Inc., a company built on the idea that any business, large or small, can benefit from big data analytics and predictive AI. Its proprietary solution is Cumul8, a cloud-based Internet of Things platform that accepts a wide range of data from any type of monitoring device, then teases valuable conclusions from that data. "People are sometimes left with the notion that they either go all-in on costly predictive AI systems, or stay out of it altogether," says Armes. "Those unrealistic polar choices leaves them comatose." He aims to demystify the concepts around big data in a construction context, explain predictive AI and show how it can quickly demonstrate value.