Hardhat bots takeover construction sites


RobotLabNYC's third installment will be on June 13, in New York City with Howard Morgan (FirstRound Capital) and Tom Ryden (MassRobotics); together, we will be "Exploring The Autonomous Future" (RSVP today). Coincidentally, Jimmy Fallon featured a new bit this week called "Showbotics," providing viewers with a sneak peek into the robotic future: While Fallon pokes fun, the reality is that robots today are showing up for work in record numbers. As America pulls out of NAFTA and starts a trade war with Canada over lumber imports, it is predicted that home building costs could increase by more than 20% over the next year. In order to keep America building without sacrificing margin, labor is shifting from humans with tool belts to job-ready robots. An example of machines being added to the field is MIT's Digital Construction Platform (DCP) – a 3D-printing fabrication robot.

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