Codota picks up $12M for an AI platform that auto-completes developers' code – TechCrunch


Thanks to smartphones and their downsized keyboards, autocomplete has become a nearly ubiquitous feature of how we write these days. To save us precious seconds composing and (at least in my fat-thumbed case) correcting words, our keyboards now prompt us with suggestions of what we're trying to write to get the job done a little bit more easily. But email and messaging composing isn't the only area where artificial intelligence and semantic analytics are being used in this way. Today, a startup that has built a platform that applies the concept to the world of coding is announcing a round of funding to expand its business. Codota, an Israeli startup that provides an AI tool to developers to let them autocomplete strings of code that they are writing -- intended both to speed up their work (it claims to "boost productivity by 25%") and to make sure that it's using the right syntax and'spelled' correctly -- has picked up $12 million, a Series A led by, with participation also from previous backer Khosla Ventures, along with new investors TPY Capital and Hetz Ventures.

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