An Edtech User's Glossary to Speech Recognition and AI in the Classroom - EdSurge News


In a recent white paper, former Scholastic president of education Margery Mayer dubbed 2021 the "year of speech recognition" in education. And she may be right: A spike in adoption by edtech developers in the first half of this year reflects the recognition that technology holds the potential to not only create more engaging learning experiences for students, but to transform the very practice of early literacy instruction altogether. In prior years, such a vision may have seemed far fetched. But as EdSurge has previously noted, the science behind speech recognition for children has begun to come of age, enabling educational applications that have piqued the interest of edtech developers, educators and researchers alike. Part of what has enabled the growing use of speech recognition in education is the availability today of technology built specifically to cater to kids' voices and behaviors.

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