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AI Researcher, Cognitive Technologist Inventor - AI Thinking, Think Chain Innovator - AIOT, XAI, Autonomous Cars, IIOT Founder Fisheyebox Spatial Computing Savant, Transformative Leader, Industry X.0 Practitioner What is The Next Big Thing in #AITechnology - Reality, Causality and Mentality? The Next Game is Reality and Causality. The main features involved in the Causal Revolution are disruptive scientific and technological changes, as in: A comprehensive, consistent and coherent causal model of the world for humans and computers. Real AI as Causal Machine Intelligence and Learning involves Causal Logic and Causal Models, Causal Learning, Causal Understanding and Causal Decision, Predictions and Action. Formal Symbolic Logic, as propositional, first/second/higher order predicate logic, as logical relations or part-whole relations, made the engine of #SymbolicAI, and largely blamed for two long "AI winters".

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