3 Myths About Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare, Debunked -


Patients' wellbeing should be the central focus of healthcare. Studies show that doctors spend almost half their time on data entry and more than half of their workdays managing records instead of caring for patients. Add this lost time to the fact that healthcare in the United States is already understaffed – averaging 2.5 healthcare practitioners to every 1,000 patients – and it's easy to see that something's got to give to bring focus back to what really matters: actual patient care. Automation technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), offer a chance to relieve overburdened healthcare practitioners of the time-intensive administrative work detracting from time spent with patients. RPA software allows users to configure "bots" to take on repetitive tasks by emulating and integrating the actions of a human within digital systems to perform a business process, eliminating often repetitive tasks from a person's workload.

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