Tartan: A retrieval-based socialbot powered by a dynamic finite-state machine architecture

Larionov, George, Kaden, Zachary, Dureddy, Hima Varsha, Kalejaiye, Gabriel Bayomi T., Kale, Mihir, Potharaju, Srividya Pranavi, Shah, Ankit Parag, Rudnicky, Alexander I

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence 

This paper describes the Tartan conversational agent built for the 2018 Alexa Prize Competition. Tartan is a non-goal-oriented socialbot focused around providing users with an engaging and fluent casual conversation. Tartan's key features include an emphasis on structured conversation based on flexible finite-state models and an approach focused on understanding and using conversational acts. To provide engaging conversations, Tartan blends script-like yet dynamic responses with data-based generative and retrieval models. Unique to Tartan is that our dialog manager is modeled as a dynamic Finite State Machine. To our knowledge, no other conversational agent implementation has followed this specific structure.

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