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The AI-Empowered Marketer: How Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Marketer


Today's consumers have evolved to expect more from the brands they choose to interact with. The mission for the modern marketer is critical and involves personalizing each experience. How do they do it without sacrificing countless hours?

Marketo Expands AI-Powered Product Suite with Content AI


SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 3, 2017 -- Marketo, Inc., the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, has announced Marketo ContentAI, an artificial intelligence-powered solution that engages each customer with the most relevant content across channels. Today's announcement reinforces Marketo's commitment to providing marketers with leading-edge AI solutions that empower them to win in the Engagement Economy. The solution is built natively on the Marketo Engagement Platform, leveraging the platform's customer data repository for more precise and personalized experiences at every touchpoint. For more information about this and Marketo's other natively built AI solutions visit

Ex-Marketo CMO Opens Up About The Future Of B2B Marketing


I think Moore's law is happening in marketing technology, at least half of Moore's law. The way I look at the text stack holistically is there's going to be a core engagement hub, which has the main AI technology in it that's going to orchestrate the engagement. Think of those as the hubs where your AI orchestration intelligence and your personalization intelligence will be. But the core orchestration artificial intelligence would be in that hub and then you'll have AI at the edge -- a kind of hub and spoke model.

How Simon Property Group Rolled Out Chatbots Across Hundreds of Malls


Enter Snaps, a conversation marketing platform that delivered the level of scale, precision and personalization that Simon Property required. Patrick Flanagan, vice president of digital marketing and strategy at Simon Property Group, and Christian Brucculeri, CEO of Snaps, spoke with eMarketer's Maria Minsker about what it takes to build a bot for brick-and-mortar retail. Patrick Flanagan: As the power and reach of messaging apps grows, the need to offer shoppers great brand experiences through these platforms is also growing. Flanagan: We identified an opportunity to enhance our customer service by tapping into the Facebook Messenger platform and providing its user base with a fast and convenient way to access relevant, useful information about their favorite Simon center.

Amplero gets $17.5 million to expand machine learning marketing software


Amplero's software, relying on algorithms designed to detect patterns in data, aims to thread through companies' existing sales and marketing tools, running small experiments to find optimal ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. Amplero's software, relying on algorithms designed to detect patterns in data, aims to thread through companies' existing sales and marketing tools, running small experiments to find optimal ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. The investment round disclosed Tuesday, which brings Amplero's total outside investment to $25 million, was led by Greycroft and Bellevue-based Ignition Partners. Bob Kelly, the Ignition managing partner who led the venture capital firm's investment, said marketers at big firms can be left trying to sort through data from 30 different tools.

PulsePoint Launches Content Platform With AI Capabilities


Programmatic ad platform PulsePoint on Wednesday launched a new iteration of its content marketing platform called Story by PulsePoint. PulsePoint said the latest iteration of its content marketing platform aims to help marketers by optimizing for post-click behavior. It said the platform offers creative, audience, and page-level engagement metrics across channels and ad formats, and enables marketers to use optimization tools to adjust campaign configurations in real-time. He said the technology focuses on engagement with content and offers page-level behavior metrics to help deliver successful campaigns.

Interview with Steve Lucas - CEO at Marketo -- MarTechSeries


Deeper, more meaningful engagement is the only way for a marketer to win, and we'll continue to see an acceleration of adaptive and intuitive applications and technologies that will enable the marketer to deliver consistent and personalized experiences at scale. A transformation from Marketing Automation as a tool to a broader platform is a big macro trend, followed quickly by advances in the "automation" of marketing becoming more machine defined and driven vs. human defined and driven – i.e. That means they need technologies that will enable them to deliver experiences that drive engagement, advocacy, and life-long relationships consistently, at scale. Artificial intelligence, adaptive or intuitive technologies – however you want to refer to it – is already here, and it's playing a big role in helping marketers listen, learn, and engage with their customers.

Performance and integration: The foundation of marketing technology stack success


Marketing budgets have increased approximately 1 percent per year since 2014, bringing the marketer's average share of company revenues up to 12 percent as of 2017. With the intent of gaining a competitive upper hand and growing ROI, brands continue funding lines to their marketing departments to secure the technological means to an end. Identifying patterns in data in real time with deep learning will allow marketers to understand customer, competitor or market changes -- and immediately turn these insights into action and outcomes. A key performance indicator is a measurable value that helps companies understand whether they are achieving key business objectives.

Conde Nast partners with Influential to integrate IBM Watson-enabled influencer marketing platform


Media company Condé Nast has partnered with Los Angeles based influencer marketing platform Influential to implement its IBM Watson-enabled technology platform. The platform uses IBM's Personality Insights service to analyze unstructured data from an influencer's social media feed. By tapping into IBM Watson, Influential is enabling Condé Nast to offer a more targeted influencer marketing platform to its advertiser clients. Having a data-driven influencer identification system, will enable Conde Nast to bolster its influencer marketing efforts and drive targeted campaigns for their clients.

The evolution of marketing platforms: From automation to journeys


But there's general agreement that: With traditional marketing automation platforms like Marketo or HubSpot, Garoutte said, the marketer sets rules to the effect of: "if this person comes to the website three times, invite them to a webinar." This next generation of marketing is so compelling that many traditional marketing automation platforms, like Marketo and Salesforce, have climbed aboard. Marketo's Chief Scientist Shankar Venkataraman, for instance, told me that his company's new Orion platform is "an event-based platform, oriented toward [customer] journeys." A journey is a series of events, he pointed out, and Orion -- which is built specifically to accommodate a flood of all kinds of customer data -- is part of Marketo's movement from a campaign orientation to an event orientation, targeting "a segment of 1."