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Dominant Strategy Equilibrium. The Evolution Of Choice Under Uncertainty. Analyze & Golden rules.


Why Partnership Strategy, not Technology, drives Digital Transformation? Known from the 17th century (Blaise Pascal invoked it in his famous wager, which is contained in his Pensées, published in 1670), the idea of expected value is that, when faced with a number of actions, each of which could give rise to more than one possible outcome with different probabilities, the rational procedure is to identify all possible outcomes, determine their values (positive or negative) and the probabilities that will result from each course of action, and multiply the two to give an "expected value", or the average expectation for an outcome; the action to be chosen should be the one that gives rise to the highest total expected value. Decision theory (or the theory of choice) is closely related to the field of game theory and is an interdisciplinary topic, studied by economists, statisticians, psychologists, biologists, political and other social scientists, philosophers, and computer scientists. The need for decision under uncertainty has never been stronger. Although the digital realm is evolving fast, the partnership strategical choice remains a human prerogative and a key driver of the digital ecosystem evolution.

The Amazing Ways YouTube Uses Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


There are more than 1.9 billion users logged in to YouTube every single month who watch over a billion hours of video every day. With this number of users, activity, and content, it makes sense for YouTube to take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help operations. Here are a few ways YouTube, owned by Google, uses artificial intelligence today. In the first quarter of this year, 8.3 million videos were removed from YouTube, and 76% were automatically identified and flagged by artificial intelligence classifiers. More than 70% of these were identified before there were any views by users.

ChatBot Company in Dubai Artificial Intelligence Company in Dubai - SunSmart Global


Herbie - AI Powered Chatbot built on blend of technology platforms, helps our customers automating with Intelligence & Human touch, several of their conversations with their website visitors, employees, customers and suppliers. With Herbie's Omni presence on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, skype, skype for business, Bing, Slack, etc., coupled with high end security on the messages, increases business revenue, increase operational efficiencies and reduce expenditure and creates a new digital platform for customers. SunSmart solutions bring in the fastest turnaround time and ensures instant results for various business functions of the organization. Herbie Powered by Artificial Intelligence responds in the most human like manner to create a human like conversation experience for the end-user across all customer care channels including voice, text, web chat, social and mobile.

Dogged by ads?: Facebook rolls out tool to block off-Facebook data-gathering

The Japan Times

SAN FRANCISCO – Soon, you could get fewer familiar ads following you around the internet -- or at least on Facebook. Facebook is launching a long-promised tool that lets you limit what the social network can gather about you on outside websites and apps. The company said Tuesday that it is adding a section where you can see the activity that Facebook tracks outside its service via its "like" buttons and other means. You can choose to turn off the tracking; otherwise, tracking will continue the same way it has been. Formerly known as "clear history," the tool will now go by the slightly clunkier moniker "off-Facebook activity."

Why Choose Python for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? - Helios Blog


Ever wondered how video-streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix fetch videos that you like? Or how Google and Facebook find stories that are interesting to you? This is because these services are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms – These algorithms are coded using a programming language in such a way that they can analyze your behavior at a granular level to find out your interests and preferences. This article focuses on Python programming language and explains why it is the most effective AI and ML language. AI and ML are seeping into nearly every aspect of our lives, helping us in ways that augment our abilities and make us better at what we do.

Quillionz - AI-Powered Automatic Question Generator


Quillionz is the world's first AI-powered platform that automatically generates questions from your text content. Using artificial intelligence, Quillionz helps you create questions on your teaching content, quickly and efficiently. Quillionz works with any textual content--a chapter in the textbook, an article off the internet, or even a PDF, and automatically creates factual questions in a matter of seconds. A tool that works best with informative and factual content (as most educational content tends to be), Quillionz is valuable addition to any teacher's arsenal.

r/MachineLearning - [D] Is vision a solved problem?


I see two main points of interest personally. The first is adversarial examples. There have been adversarially robust generative models developed, but it seems to me that there is more to be understood here. Obviously the'adversarial examples are features, not bugs' paper lays out a convincing argument around the theoretical meaning of the problem, but... is there some overarching pattern that can help distinguish useful features from brittle features? The main area I'm personally interested in though (nowhere near knowledgable enough to be caught up with current research, but it's what I'm working towards at the moment) is unsupervised model based reinforcement learning.

Biometric Data Regulations: Do Your Insurance Policies Cover This Emerging Risk? JD Supra


Over the past several years, commercial use of biometric data has become increasingly prevalent. In response, several states have adopted biometric data privacy legislation. Consequently, companies that rely on biometric data face new regulatory risks, in addition to increased legal exposure to individual and class action lawsuits. In fact, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed certification of a class action alleging Facebook's face-scanning practices violate Illinois' biometric privacy law, finding that the class alleged sufficiently concrete injuries based on Facebook's alleged use of facial recognition technology without users' consent to establish standing. Insurance policies currently available on the market, including cyber insurance policies, may not adequately cover these risks.

A Truly Great Boss is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.


A former manager of mine once told me, "If I am going down, you are going down with me." That was in relation to having a bad sales quarter. From that point on, there was no need to pay attention to her. It becomes difficult to continue to feel passion for the job once you see a lapse in integrity in your boss. It only got worse from there, so I knew it was time to start planning my exit strategy.