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Strum these: A $500K diamond-studded Fender Strat and an axe filled with water

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Current chart sensations Lizzo and Billie Ellish don't stand on stage with guitars around their neck like Eric Clapton, Slash from Guns N' Roses or Bruce Springsteen did (and still do.) So what are guitar makers to do to keep their factories humming? Turn to streaming, classic rock and YouTube to reach tomorrow's guitar player. The NAMM show, a collection of music store operators, music professionals and tens of thousands of fans is concluding this weekend here, where guitars of every color and imaginable shape were on display. The goal for many guitar makers: to either get older folks to spring out more money to add even more guitars to the collection, or better yet, get tomorrow's generation excited to start playing with new shapes.

AI and human soft skills will drive leadership priorities in 2020s, LinkedIn survey finds ZDNet


An understanding of technologies like AI and a strong command of human soft skills will be a key theme in the C-level workforce over the next decade, according to a new survey from LinkedIn. Over half of the more than 14,000 survey respondents indicated that a purpose driven and caring mindset was the number one quality leaders should strive for, followed by an ability to embrace technology and a willingness to be agile and nimble. Soft skills -- like emotional intelligence and the ability to be motivated, engaging, and inspiring -- will remain an important trait for leaders over the course of the decade, the survey found. Notably, the survey also found that a majority of employees feel like they're taking more definitive action compared to their leadership when it comes to actually implementing these traits and preparing for the future of work. "The world of work is changing rapidly, and leaders need to adapt their own skills and mindsets to address future trends and challenges," LinkedIn wrote in a blog post outlining the survey findings.

TechNative on LinkedIn: #AI #TechNativeTV


Creating successful #AI tools and ensuring their adoption requires a diversity of skills and perspectives. Microsoft's Jo Amato-Tuck and Kate Rosenshine discuss some of the biggest factors.

r/artificial - What do you think about the guy who uses A.I. to create data sculptures?


A media artist, Refik Anadol, has been doing some great stuff creating beautiful pieces of art. I recently ran into his interview with Wired (linked) and started questioning the point of A.I. in his work. What is the wisdom of this crowd on the A.I. piece of his work? Do you think that's a gimmick? I have a feeling that even if you feed random numbers, they will eventually control how the visuals are going to look like so neither A.I., nor data actually may matter.

Case Study: Face Recognition Transforms Thailand's Mobile Banking Sector [NEC Official]


The Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) provides a leading online banking platform to let customers open an account through its mobile banking application, eliminating the need to visit a physical branch. NEC provided SCB with Know Your Customer a sacure face recognition solution to achieve this. With our focus on Solutions for Society, NEC's goal is to lead the advancement of the world's social infrastructure by leveraging ICT and new business models. Our Solutions for Society activities will become the pillars of NEC over the company's next 100 years. Find NEC on Facebook:

Artificial Intelligence: The Common Sense Problem


Sign in to report inappropriate content. Professor of Philosophy Hubert Dreyfus talks about recognizing early on that computers using only symbols and rules can't match what a human brain can do, because the machines lack what we call common sense.

Instance Segmentation object detection tensorflow on Delhi Highway


In this video i have implemented Instance Segmentation for object detection on Delhi Highways, and validating the real time performance of it in very dense environment. If you like my video, then please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Here is the Link: Please do like, share and leave your comments on my videos. Don't Forget To Subscribe my YouTube Channel For Daily Updates & Notify About New Upcoming Videos. Any Query Whats App at 91-8283824812 If you liked the video then you can also promote us.

AI Chips: 5 Predictions for 2020 - EE Times India


This market is absolutely teeming with chip startups, many of whom are reaching a level of maturity where they are revealing their architectures and starting to produce measurable results. As established semiconductor companies start to appreciate the importance of the AI accelerators, and the range of vertical markets AI will encroach on, will some of them look to jump-start their strategies with acquisitions? With dozens of startups at the stage where first products are being marketed and results are being unveiled, the opposite effect also applies. I spoke with Geoff Tate, CEO of Flex Logix, recently and he quoted Warren Buffett: "When the tide goes out, you can see who's been swimming naked." Not all the startups we see in the market today will be successful.

George Murray on LinkedIn: Six areas in which AI is changing the future of healthcare


It has been interesting reading a variety of predictions on the impact AI will have on Healthcare in the coming decade! Philips have also shared their thoughts on where the technology could take us.