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r/MachineLearning - [N] Launching a competition for more energy-efficient NLP models


The NLP community has been focusing a lot on chasing the SOTA on standard and recent leaderboards (GLUE, SentEval...) over the recent years. While this aspiration has led to improvements in model performances, it has also resulted in a worrisome increase in model complexity and computational resources required to train and use the current state-of-the-art models. There is currently a lack of incentive to keep models small and efficient and research the optimal trade-offs between performances and efficiency. SustaiNLP 2020 (co-located with EMNLP 2020) has officially launched a shared-task/competition to promote the development of effective, energy-efficient models for difficult NLU tasks. The competition will end on 08/28.

Biggest Spenders in AI - Talking AI with Matt Armstrong-Barnes, CTO at HPE PART 1


It is estimated that by 2021 the yearly spend on AI will be £52 billion dollars. From the retail sector, financial service, manufacturing and healthcare, AI is being invested in by all industries. Watch talk about this as well as how this is going to impact the consumer space!

Enlisting AI in our war on coronavirus: Potential and pitfalls


Given the outsized hold Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has acquired on public imagination of late, it comes as no surprise that many are wondering what AI can do for the public health crisis wrought by the COVID-19 coronavirus. A casual search of AI and COVID-19 already returns a plethora of news stories, many of them speculative. While AI technology is not ready to help with the magical discovery of a new vaccine, there are important ways it can assist in this fight. Controlling epidemics is, in large part, based on laborious contact tracing and using that information to predict the spread. We live in a time in which we constantly leave digital footprints through our daily life and interactions.

'Fear' is the most widespread emotion on social media due to coronavirus

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Fear is spreading on social media as people share their thoughts on the deadly coronavirus and the impact of the efforts to combat it. Italian-based artificial intelligence company Expert System has been searching through tens of thousands of social media posts to track feelings towards COVID-19. They used a range of natural language systems to capture the emotional view of different English language social media posts related to the pandemic. The team plan to publish a daily update showing the changing attitudes and emotions surrounding the spread of the virus and efforts to slow it down. For the fourth day in a row fear has been the most dominant emotion expressed in posts, with all negative views increasing across the English-language world.

Automatic for the People: Pandemic-fueled rush to robo-moderation will be disastrous – there must be oversight


Analysis The Electronic Frontier Foundation on Thursday warned that the consequences of the novel coronavirus pandemic – staff cuts, budget cuts, and lack of access to on-site content review systems, among others – have led tech companies to focus even more resources on barely functional moderation systems. Technology platforms have tended to favor automated content moderation over human editorial oversight. The results of such algorithmic policing have been imperfect but, more importantly to those implementing these systems, inexpensive compared to salaried employees or underpaid contractors. Though most of the major tech companies involved in overseeing user-generated posts have been celebrating machine learning for years now, the EFF frets that AI-driven moderation has been talked up a bit too much lately. The advocacy group points to recent public statements by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that cite increased reliance on automated tools for content moderation.

Beyond analytics: Artificial intelligence!


Sign in to report inappropriate content. Anyvision has built the world's leading facial recognition platform based on 20 years of academic research and field experience. Their solution is now used across multiple industries, globally. At this webinar, you will hear from, industry expert, Adnan Kichlu from Anyvision.

Huawei open-sources TensorFlow competitor MindSpore


Huawei has announced that its framework for AI app development MindSpore is now open source and available on GiHub and Gitee. The lightweight suite is similar to Google's TensorFlow and Facebook's PyTorch as it lowers the barrier to entry for developers looking to add AI to their apps. We implement AI Algorithms As Code through on-demand collaboration for easier model development, and provide cutting-edge technologies, and co-optimization with Huawei Ascend AI processors to improve runtime efficiency and computing performance. We also support other processors such as GPU and CPU." MindSpore already has the backing of a number of partners including the University of Edinburgh, Peking University, Imperial College London and the robotics startup Milvus. The framework is able to run on processors, graphics cards and dedicated neural processing units such as the one in Huawei's own Ascend AI chips.



Does Elon Musk Endanger all the worlds citizens, including the White House, FBI, CIA, Secret Service and Pentagon with his Nueralink, Cyborg experiments and China Communist Party Business Relationships? Should he immediately cut off all ties with China and Stop doing risky experiments? Official Website This is Episode 7 CYRUS A. PARSA, THE AI ORGANIZATION, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Toyota's Woven City: a Prototype City of the Future


Toyota has revealed plans to build a prototype "city" of the future on a 175-acre site at the base of Mt. Called the Woven City, it will be a fully connected ecosystem powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Envisioned as a "living laboratory," the Woven City will serve as a home to full-time residents and researchers who will be able to test and develop technologies such as autonomy, robotics, personal mobility, smart homes and artificial intelligence in a real-world environment.

Leveraging AI & Machine Learning in Healthcare: #AskTheCEO With Ed Scott


Edward Scott is the founder and CEO of ElectrifAi, a company that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning via their suite of products to drive profit improvement, increased performance, and risk reduction. As part of this discussion, we shared how their partnership with Microsoft, their use of Azure, and the Azure Marketplace have empowered them to scale and grow their business. Facebook: AvrohomGottheil Twitter: @avrohomg Instagram: @avrohomg INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS: [00:48] Artificial Intelligence is very prevalent nowadays, especially in HealthCare, and providers are converting their data to digital format to leverage the benefits of the latest innovations in technology. What are the challenges health care providers face when trying to go digital? Ed: You can access our solution set via one of the following links: electrifai.imageai