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Netflix's 'Leave the World Behind' takes a swipe at Tesla


Will the end of the world as we know it include a "Night of the Living Cars"? Netflix's Leave the World Behind makes the case for it, taking a giant swipe at Elon Musk's Tesla along the way. In this slow-burn apocalyptic thriller from Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, based on Rumaan Alam's 2020 novel, one of the film's two core families reaches a moment of decisive panic halfway through the film. What it leads to is a timely commentary on fears around self-driving cars and automation, and what happens when transportation gets hijacked. The Tesla Model 3s are transformed from technological advancements into villains in one thrilling scene that taps into very real fears.

The Hybrid-Car Dilemma

The Atlantic - Technology

This article was featured in the One Story to Read Today newsletter. Michael Treiman is something of a professional electric-vehicle evangelist. As the vice president of sales for ChargeSmart EV--a company that sells electric charging stations, mostly to businesses and municipal offices--his job is to convince people that EVs are the future, and that it's time to start planning for them. But on his personal time, you won't find him in an electric car. Or, rather, a fully electric car: He owns a 2022 Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid.

This 4K HD dual-camera drone is just $80 for a limited time


TL;DR: As of December 6, get the Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual-Camera Drone for only $80 -- that's 60% off. So many adults get gifts we absolutely need and hold off buying. Exhibit A: those threadbare PJs you are holding onto until your family gets you a holiday replacement. Why not shake things up for someone on your list this year with a gift that's all about fun and enjoying a new perspective? This Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual-Camera Drone is just $79.97 (reg.

Driverless cars were the future but now the truth is out: they're on the road to nowhere Christian Wolmar

The Guardian

Developing driverless cars has been AI's greatest test. Today we can say it has failed miserably, despite the expenditure of tens of billions of dollars in attempts to produce a viable commercial vehicle. Moreover, the recent withdrawal from the market of a leading provider of robotaxis in the US, coupled with the introduction of strict legislation in the UK, suggests that the developers' hopes of monetising the concept are even more remote than before. The very future of the idea hangs in the balance. The attempt to produce a driverless car started in the mid-00s with a challenge by a US defence research agency, offering a $1m prize for whoever could create one capable of making a very limited journey in the desert. This quickly turned into a race between various tech and car companies (OEMs, as they are now known – original equipment manufacturers) to produce what they thought would be the ultimate cash cow: a car that could operate in all conditions without a driver.

Mistaken drone attack in Nigeria kills dozens

Al Jazeera

Nigeria's president has ordered an investigation into a military drone strike that killed at least 85 people who were celebrating the Muslim holiday of Maulud. The Army says troops "wrongly analysed" the group's activities and mistook them for bandits.

At least 85 civilians, including women and children, dead after 'mistaken' army drone attack

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Emergency response officials said at least 85 people have been confirmed dead after a "mistaken" army drone attack on a religious gathering in northwest Nigeria. The victims were killed Sunday night by drones "targeting terrorists and bandits" in Kaduna state's Tudun Biri village, according to government and security officials. They were observing a Muslim holiday.

Deputy Russian army commander killed in Ukraine: Official

Al Jazeera

The deputy commander of Russia's 14th Army Corps, Major-General Vladimir Zavadsky, has been killed in Ukraine, a top regional official confirmed. Zavadsky died "at a combat post in the special operation zone", Alexander Gusev, the governor of Russia's Voronezh region, said on Monday without providing any further details. The "special military operation" is the term Russia uses to describe the war in Ukraine, which it launched in February 2022. Gusev paid tribute to Zavadsky, calling him "a courageous officer, a real general and a worthy man". Zavadsky's death marked the seventh major-general confirmed dead by Russia, making him the 12th senior officer reported deceased since the onset of the war, investigative news outlet iStories reported. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Ukrainian authorities reported that their military successfully downed 10 out of 17 attack drones launched by Russia overnight.

Nigerian military drone attack kills 85 civilians in error

Al Jazeera

A Nigerian military attack that used drones to target rebels instead killed at least 85 civilians gathered for a religious celebration, authorities said Monday. The attack was the latest in recent errant bombings of residents in Nigeria's troubled regions; between February 2014 when a Nigerian military aircraft dropped a bomb on Daglun in Borno state killing 20 civilians and September 2022, there were at least 14 documented incidences of such bombings in residential areas. The attack on Sunday night in Tudun Biri village of Kaduna state's Igabi council area took place as Muslims gathered there to observe the holiday celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Kaduna Governor Uba Sani said civilians were "mistakenly killed and many others were wounded" by a drone "targeting terrorists and bandits". The National Emergency Management Agency said in a statement on Tuesday that "85 dead bodies have so far been buried while search is still ongoing".

Religious service bombed, 120 civilians reported dead in Nigerian military attack gone awry

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on A Nigerian military attack that used drones to target rebels instead killed some civilians, government and military officials said Monday. The misfire during a religious celebration was the latest such errant bombing of local residents in Nigeria's violence hot spots. Muslims observing Maulud on Sunday night in Kaduna state's Igabi council area were "mistakenly killed and many others injured" by the drone "targeting terrorists and bandits," Gov. Uba Sani said.

In Israel's fight for survival against tech savvy Hamas terrorists Biden seeks to micromanage the war

FOX News

FOX News White House correspondent Peter Doocy has the latest on the Biden administration's response to the Middle East conflict on'Special Report.' As Israeli Defense Forces resumed military operations to eradicate the Hamas terrorist threat last Friday, the Biden administration is inserting itself into Israel's war planning process, teaching the Israelis – who've been fighting for their survival for decades – how to properly prosecute the conflict. Washington warfare "experts" – who arguably haven't secured a single clear military victory since 1945 – insist that Israeli military strategists alter their war plans to make their combat operations more targeted and their strikes more accurate, in order to minimize casualties, especially among civilians. The Biden administration's demands, while noble-sounding, are misguided and unreasonable. Implementing these requirements, at the expense of achieving the main mission of eliminating Hamas and its entire supporting infrastructure, will likely prolong the conflict, ultimately resulting in many more Israeli and Palestinian deaths.