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Israel Shoots Down Iranian Drone, Strikes Iranian Targets in Syria: Army

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"A combat helicopter successfully intercepted an Iranian UAV that was launched from Syria and infiltrated Israel. The aircraft was identified by the Aerial Defense Systems at an early phase and was under surveillance until the interception," the military said in a statement.

Uber, Google's Waymo Settle Case Over Trade Secrets For Self-Driving Cars


An Uber driverless Ford Fusion drives in Pittsburgh in 2016. On Friday, Uber and Google's Waymo self-driving unit announced a settlement in their trade-secrets case. Jeff Swensen/Getty Images hide caption An Uber driverless Ford Fusion drives in Pittsburgh in 2016. On Friday, Uber and Google's Waym...

Uber and Google's Waymo reach surprise settlement in a lawsuit over self-driving technology

Washington Post

BREAKING: Uber and Google's Waymo reached a surprise settlement in a lawsuit over self-driving technology. Uber will give Waymo a small stake in the ride-sharing company in the settlement that was reached on the fifth day of a high-profile lawsuit between the two companies. Uber's CEO in a letter ex...

Waymo v Uber: Who stole what?

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Waymo, the self-driving car company spun out of Google, is locked in a legal battle with Uber, alleging the cab company stole its key technology.

A Swiss Village Says 'Yes' To Robots, And 'No' To Drones

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Who will deliver our packages in the future -- drones, or self-driving robots? Amazon has an entire division devoted to developing drones that can carry them over the air to our doorsteps, but it also recently filed a patent on a ground-based, driverless-delivery vehicle. In so doing it joins a handful of startups and companies who are working on similarly small, self driving robots that will carry goods via the sidewalk. They're much slower than drones and they get in the way of pedestrians, but developers at thyssenkrupp Elevator think the wheeled couriers will catch on quicker than drones. Torsten Scholl, who invented the TeleRetail robot with thyssenkrupp and displayed it at the Washington Auto Show last week, says he recently took the gadget to a small village in the Swiss mountains, hoping to film it in action with a drone. Soon after he sent the drones up in the air, passers-by in the village approached him to complain, saying they "didn't want drones around here," and that the devices weren't allowed.

Why Tesla's Autopilot Can't See a Stopped Firetruck


On Monday, a Tesla Model S slammed into the back of a stopped firetruck on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles County. The driver apparently told the fire department the car was in Autopilot mode at the time. The crash highlighted the shortcomings of the increasingly common semi-autonomous systems that l...

U.S. and Pakistan Give Conflicting Accounts of Drone Strike

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One day after an American drone strike killed a leader of the militant Haqqani network in northwestern Pakistan, United States officials on Thursday rejected a claim by Pakistan that the strike had targeted an Afghan refugee camp. There were also conflicting accounts of the location of the drone strike and the number of people killed. A statement by Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday condemned the strike and maintained that it had "targeted an Afghan refugee camp in Kurram Agency" -- an assertion that the United States rejected on Thursday. "The claim in an M.F.A. statement yesterday that U.S. forces struck an Afghan refugee camp in Kurram Agency yesterday is false," said Richard W. Snelsire, the United States Embassy spokesman in Islamabad, Pakistan's capital. American officials said that there were no Afghan refugee camps in Kurram, a remote tribal region straddling the border with Afghanistan, where they said Wednesday's drone strike had taken place.

Who's driving? Autonomous cars may be entering the most dangerous phase

The Guardian

Autopilot controls are not yet fully capable of functioning without human intervention – but they're good enough to lull us into a false sense of security Wed 24 Jan 2018 03.01 EST Last modified on Wed 24 Jan 2018 03.03 EST When California police officers approached a Tesla stopped in the centre of a five-lane highway outside San Francisco last week, they found a man passed out at the wheel. The driver, who was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, told them his car was in "autopilot", Tesla's semi-autonomous driver assist system. In a separate incident this week, firefighters in Culver City reported that a Tesla rear-ended their parked fire truck as it attended an accident on the freeway. Again, the driver stated that the vehicle was in autopilot. When u pass out behind the wheel on the Bay Bridge with more than 2x legal alcohol BAC limit and are found by a CHP Motor.

DJI Mavic Air: Specs, Price, Release Date


Drone-maker DJI announced a new hobby aircraft today, one that weighs just a shade under a pound, fits in a jacket pocket, and is capable of flying itself. At that price, it hovers in DJI's lineup between the $499 DJI Spark, the gesture-controlled flyer released last year, and the more capable $999 Mavic Pro. The Mavic Air is tiny, half the size of a Mavic Pro, and about half the weight at just 15 ounces. When folded up, it's about the size of a paperback novel. At a press event in New York on Tuesday, DJI exec Michael Perry announced the Mavic Air by pulling it out of the pocket of his puffy Patagonia vest.

Self-Driving Cars Mean New Love for the Auto Industry


Henrik Fisker spent this year's CES at Booth 3315, standing next to a deep red, curvaceous, quirky electric sedan with doors that pivot like wings. The EMotion is the work of Fisker Inc, the car designer's latest venture. But the stage Fisker and the car stood on didn't say Fisker Inc. It said Quanergy--a Silicon Valley-based startup that makes lidar sensors for self-driving cars; it has plans to embed several of its units is discreetly into the new car. Fisker wasn't the only one shacking up at CES. Ford's display highlighted not cars, but its deal with Dominos to work on autonomous pizza deliveries.