Miko 2 and robots like it want to be friends


It was almost ten years ago when Sherry Turkle warned that the world was headed for a place where humans would be interacting socially with machines, like robots. Turkle is a MIT professor and social scientist who has been working on human-technology interaction and what it will mean for the human race. She is the author of several books including Alone Together and Reclaiming Conversation which explore the impact of technology on some of the aspects that actually make humans humans. Over the years, through her books and numerous talks, Sherry Turkle has explained the dangers of people trying to replace each other with machines including the smartphone and robots, but the world seems to have taken little heed as today we see companies inventing robots for all sorts of tasks and even for human relationships. Remember the Chinese inventor of a female robot whom he married in 2017?

Technology Inclusions for Your Manufacturing Toolbox


This is a very exciting time to be in Manufacturing! Manufacturing Engineers' toolboxes are expanding everyday with new technologies and possibilities for greater efficiency and capability. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or what some are calling Industry 4.0, is bringing all kinds of tools to bear on all processes in our industrial world. It used to be that only very large companies could take advantage of the latest technologies due to cost, limited availability, and the need for continuous development as they were implemented. Today, the suppliers of these critical technologies have more robust, user friendly solutions at costs that enable even small to medium size enterprises to employ. The next step in embracing this revolution is making sure that Manufacturing Engineers are exposed to and educated on what is possible.

2020: The Year of Robot Rights


Several years ago, in an effort to initiate dialogue about the moral and legal status of technological artifacts, I posted a photograph of myself holding a sign that read "Robot Rights Now" on Twitter. Responses to the image were, as one might imagine, polarizing, with advocates and critics lining up on opposite sides of the issue. What I didn't fully appreciate at the time is just how divisive an issue it is. For many researchers and developers slaving away at real-world applications and problems, the very notion of "robot rights" produces something of an allergic reaction. Over a decade ago, roboticist Noel Sharkey famously called the very idea "a bit of a fairy tale."

From AI to 5G connectivity to big data; Can technology help tackle climate emergency?


The raging Australian and Amazon wildfires have raised a burning question for all of us - why the very technology, that has been a major facilitator to human evolution and growth could not predict, manage or control its destruction? To those of us who are in the business of technology, it is time to ask a few tough questions in our boardroom meetings and take ownership of solving the problem. After all, what is growth worth if the planet itself is in peril? As someone who has witnessed the digital revolution unfold, I may not have a full-proof plan to address the climate emergency, in fact, we don't even have the visibility of all evolving technologies that may be required to solve the climate emergency. But, I am clear and convinced that we have to start now and start with the available technologies which in their own right are very powerful and transformational.

$7,000 Tesla Autopilot vs $1,000 Openpilot: Self-Driving Test!


Sponsored: Visit to enter for a chance to win a Tesla Model 3! Tesla Autopilot vs Get 15% off the best Tesla accessories! Get free Supercharging when ordering a Tesla: One of the most popular reactions from people when they see my Tesla Model 3 is they usually ask "Does it really drive itself?" because many people associate Teslas with self-driving & Tesla Autopilot which is an advanced driver assistance system. Autopilot is synonymous with Tesla, but not many people realize that other non-Tesla cars can also have their own advanced driver assistance system added at a fairly affordable price.

Senator Wants Tesla to Make Safety Fixes to Autopilot


Tesla is facing calls from a U.S. Senator to make safety fixes to its autopilot system. In a press release, Democrat Senator Edward Markey of Massachuttes took issues with certain areas of its autopilot feature that enable a Tesla vehicle to center itself in a lane, provide speed changing cruise control and self-park among other things. Markey sits on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Markey said that by calling it Autopilot it encourages users to "over-rely" on the technology and think they can take their hands off the steering wheel. To get around that the Senator is calling on Tesla to rebrand and remarket Autopilot to make it clear that its a driver's assistance system not a fully autonomous capability.

5 Myths about Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is competent to have a revolutionary impact on businesses globally. Talking about the information technology sector, it is no longer merely about codifying business logic. Insight is indeed the modern currency, and the pace with which we all can scale that insight is the fundamental of value creation. As per a report by Gartner, AI is going to be one of the top investment preferences for over 30% of CIOs worldwide by 2020. A lot of corporations are yet in their initial phase in comprehending that how AI is scalable enough to transform their businesses.

Johnson says U.K. can square Huawei 5G role with security concerns

The Japan Times

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday insisted the U.K. can have technological progress while preserving national security, as he prepared to approve a role for Chinese telecom giant Huawei in developing its 5G telecom network despite strong U.S. opposition. Johnson spoke after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday tweeted: "The UK has a momentous decision ahead on 5G." The United States has banned Huawei from the rollout of its next generation 5G mobile networks because of concerns -- strongly denied -- that the firm could be under the control of Beijing. With Washington heaping pressure on Johnson to sideline Huawei totally, the Financial Times reported that Britain was Tuesday "expected to approve a restricted role" for the group. It comes after a senior U.K. official last week strongly hinted at a green light for Huawei.

Robotics in architecture and construction: An industry shift


Robotics in architecture and construction is transforming the way architects approach their designs. This technology isn't just a flash in the pan--it will soon become a fundamental part of the architectural process. Just as the invention of ultra-strong Portland cement and innovative Building Information Modeling (BIM) software dramatically improved the way we design and construct buildings, robotics will have an equally integral role in our industry. Architects who embrace this intriguing and dynamic technology now will be better equipped to design the most efficient buildings of the future. Robotics are already being used in virtually every step of the building design process, from initial site analysis to construction.