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Machine Learning K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) Algorithm In Python


Machine Learning is one of the most popular approaches in Artificial Intelligence. Over the past decade, Machine Learning has become one of the integral parts of our life. It is implemented in a task as simple as recognizing human handwriting or as complex as self-driving cars. It is also expected that in a couple of decades, the more mechanical repetitive task will be over. With the increasing amounts of data becoming available there is a good reason to believe that Machine Learning will become even more prevalent as a necessary element for technological progress.

Teaching Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

Communications of the ACM

Emerging anxieties pertaining to the rapid advancement and sophistication of artificial intelligence appear to be on a collision course with historic models of human exceptionality and individuality. Yet it is not just objective, technical sophistication in the development of AI that seems to cause this angst. It is also the linguistic treatment of machine "intelligence." But what is really at stake? Are we truly concerned that we will be surpassed in our capacities as human beings?

Self-driving car expert offer online degree in flying cars

Daily Mail

Self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun has shifted his gaze to the skies, as his Silicon Valley online school Udacity launches what it calls the first'nanodegree' in flying car engineering. With companies from Airbus and Amazon to Uber throttling up development of their own autonomous aerial vehicles, Thrun believes'in a few years time, this will be the hottest topic on the planet.' As usual, Thrun intends to be on the cutting edge of this emerging technology. Self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun has shifted his gaze to the skies, as his Silicon Valley online school Udacity launches what it calls the first'nanodegree' in flying car engineering You can now learn how to build a flying car in just four months thanks to a new $400 (£295) online course. Online education provider Udacity, also owned by Sebastian Thrun, has announced two new'nanodegrees' teaching users to make driverless or flying vehicles.

MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars


This class is an introduction to the practice of deep learning through the applied theme of building a self-driving car. It is open to beginners and is designed for those who are new to machine learning, but it can also benefit advanced researchers in the field looking for a practical overview of deep learning methods and their application. MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars is a course on a cutting-edge research area. Support for this course was genorously provided by the companies whose logos are shown below. And none of it would be possible without the great community of bright young minds at MIT and beyond.

Statistical Process Control Methods


This course teaches participants the fundamental concepts and methods needed to establish effective control charts and estimate process capability. Practical aspects of implementing SPC on the shop floor are also discussed. Estimating process capability for both normal and non-normal data is discussed. The meaning and limitations of popular capability are presented in detail. This highly interactive course will allow participants the opportunity to practice applying SPC techniques with various data sets.

Using Robot Competitions to Promote Intellectual Development

AI Magazine

The three competitions--(1) AAAI Mobile Robot, (2) AUVS Unmanned Ground Robotics, and (3) IJCAI RoboCup--were used in different years for an introductory undergraduate robotics course, an advanced graduate robotics course, and an undergraduate practicum course. Based on these experiences, a strategy is presented for incorporating competitions into courses in such a way as to foster intellectual maturation as well as learn lessons in organizing courses and fielding teams. The article also provides a classification of the major robot competitions and discusses the relative merits of each for educational projects, including the expected course level of computer science students, equipment needed, and costs. The sponsorship of such competitions ranges from local clubs of enthusiasts to large professional organizations, such as the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), which sponsors the annual AAAI Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition as part of its annual ...

CMRoboBits: Creating an Intelligent AIBO Robot

AI Magazine

CMRoboBits is a course offered at Carnegie Mellon University that introduces students to all the concepts needed to create a complete intelligent robot. In particular, the course focuses on the areas of perception, cognition, and action by using the Sony AIBO robot as the focus for the programming assignments. This course shows how an AIBO and its software resources make it possible for students to investigate and work with an unusually broad variety of AI topics within a single semester. While material presented in this article describes using AI-BOs as the primary platform, the concepts presented in the course are not unique to the AIBO and can be applied on different kinds of robotic hardware. Our experience runs across several generations of these four-legged robots, and we have met with increasing success every year.

Building Arduino robots and devices Coursera


About this course: For many years now, people have been improving their tools, studying the forces of nature and bringing them under control, using the energy of the nature to operate their machines. Last century is noted for the creation of machines which can operate other machines. Nowadays the creation of devices that interact with the physical world is available to anyone. Our course consists of a series of practical problems on making things that work independently: they make their own decisions, act, move, communicate with each other and people around, and control other devices. We will demonstrate how to assemble such devices and programme them using the Arduino platform as a basis.

Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners Udemy


If you've ever wanted Jetsons to be real, well we aren't that far off from a future like that. If you've ever chatted with automated robots, then you've definitely interacted with machine learning. From self-driving cars to AI bots, machine learning is slowly spreading it's reach and making our devices smarter. Artificial intelligence is the future of computers, where your devices will be able to decide what is right for you. Machine learning is the core for having a futuristic reality where robot maids and robodogs exist.