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Google makes Contact Center AI generally available ZDNet


What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence Google Cloud on Thursday announced the general availability of Contact Center AI. The contact center software enables businesses to deploy virtual agents for basic customer interactions, and it offers an "agent assist" feature to transcribe calls, recommend workflows and provide other kinds of AI-driven assistance. Google also announced updates to Dialogflow, the development suite for building conversational interfaces such as chat bots and interactive voice responses (IVR). With a new agent validation feature, designers can get feedback on the quality and performance of their virtual agents. Dialogflow also now supports compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.

Voices for AI and Virtual Assistants


You already know about the original Siri, but in addition to that game-changing personal assistant, GM Voices has powered numerous other industry-leading virtual assistants, AI, and TTS devices and applications in more than a dozen languages. Watch our latest video to see how we handle these audio-intensive projects, and why your app needs a natural, brand-consistent sound!

Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms


This was the subject of a question asked on Quora: What are the top 10 data mining or machine learning algorithms? Some modern algorithms such as collaborative filtering, recommendation engine, segmentation, or attribution modeling, are missing from the lists below. Algorithms from graph theory (to find the shortest path in a graph, or to detect connected components), from operations research (the simplex, to optimize the supply chain), or from time series, are not listed either. And I could not find MCM (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) and related algorithms used to process hierarchical, spatio-temporal and other Bayesian models. My point of view is of course biased, but I would like to also add some algorithms developed or re-developed at the Data Science Central's research lab: These algorithms are described in the article What you wont learn in statistics classes.

IoT News - Small Businesses, It's Time to Ride the IoT Wave - IoT Business News


There is nothing new about the fierce competition going out there across the globe; the fear of staying behind compels each one of us to ride the growth in your business you have to adapt to market trends. But the question is what does it mean to adapt to market trends? Over a span of years, disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, AR/VR seems to have created a huge impact on our lives. Everything seems changed right from the way we view, use, analyze and most important of all interact with these smart devices especially in the profit-spinning realm. Days have come where we are able to witness how internet-connected virtual assistants, appliances, security systems and more can all communicate and coordinate with each other, allowing business owners to automate as well as streamline mundane, time-consuming activities.

AI app could change the way mental illness is diagnosed


They've developed an app that could change the way clinicians diagnose mental illness. Whether you're scrolling Facebook or talking to Siri, you're already interacting with artificial intelligence or AI – smart machines that learn through analyzing data. "AI has the potential to learn a lot of things that humans aren't able to learn," said CU graduate student Chelsea Chandler. Chandler is part of a team using AI to tackle a much heavier subject. "We can collect data about their mental state," said CU Research Professor Peter Foltz.

Amazon Echo Flex: All you need to know about the plug-in smart speaker with Alexa voice control

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Over the past five years the Amazon Echo and Alexa voice service has paved the way for exciting smart home devices. Now we are being introduced the brand's hottest new release: the Echo Flex - a smart speaker that saves on space by conveniently plugging straight into the wall. With a price tag of just £24.99, the Echo Flex is certainly one of the cheapest options to get Amazon's Alexa in more places throughout your home. It is available for pre-order now and due for release tomorrow 14 November 2019. Whether it's in your hallway, kitchen, or attic, this impressive smart speaker will assist you in a multitude of everyday tasks.

Black Friday 2019: The best early tech deals on Amazon Echo Dots, laptops, headphones and TVs

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Black Friday is nearly upon us - and you'll get even more time to snap up a bargain this year as Amazon is slashing prices a whole week early from November 22. If you can't wait until then, we've rounded up the best discounts on top tech available now, from Amazon Echo Dots and Apple Airpods to TVs, laptops and Roku Streaming Sticks. If you're not an Amazon Prime member yet, sign up for a free 30-day trial to enjoy unlimited one-day delivery on millions of items. With an RRP of £49.99, get £15 off the best-selling Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa in this great deal which is on now. If you've still not joined the Echo Dot revolution, you can enjoy music and hands-free phone calls through other Echo devices, Skype and the Alexa app.

Why Amazon Alexa Is The Most Intelligent Of All DPAs? - Latest, Trending Automation News


DPAs (Digital Personal Assistants) are practically running our lives after 29 years since the first virtual assistant was launched even if you think you're not using one. They have integrated into all of the mobile devices and control how we manage our day to day lives without us evening noticing. Amazon launched Alexa in 2014 and more than 100m of its Echo and Dot gadgets are installed in homes around the world today. In just five years, Alexa is topping the DPA market with 8.2 million users around the world and 61.1% of US market shares of smart speakers. Amazon is adding more and more features into Alexa, that is why it's the most intelligent of all assistants in the market.

How artificial intelligence is revolutionising medical diagnostics


Slowly but surely, artificial intelligence is infiltrating almost every aspect of our lives. It is already busy in the background of many routine tasks, powering virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, recommendations from Amazon and Netflix, and underpinning billions of Google searches each day. But as the technology matures, AI's impact will become more profound, and nowhere is that more apparent than in healthcare. Healthcare's data-heavy nature makes it an ideal candidate for the application of AI across multiple disciplines, from diagnosis and pathology to drug discovery and epidemiology. At the same time, the sensitivity of medical data raises fundamental questions around privacy and security.

Is the all-new Amazon Echo worth the money?

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Amazon's Echo has been our long-time favorite in the lineup of Alexa-enabled smart speakers and displays. Since its introduction in 2015, the Echo has stood out in an increasingly congested marketplace for its sound quality, far-field voice technology, and minimal footprint. The new Echo is no exception to that trend with its improved speaker, rounded design, and ever-helpful Alexa. Let's dig a little deeper into what the third-generation Echo is about and whether you should get one. The third-generation Echo can put out decent sound with its 0.8-inch tweeter and 3-inch woofer.