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Creator of the famous 'Konami Code' that lets players cheat in games dies aged 61

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The creator of the legendary'Konami Code' cheat, Kazuhisa Hashimoto, has died. The Japanese video game developer, who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 61, created the legendary cheat code that is still used by game developers today. The Konami Code – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start – gives gamers benefits such as extra lives or power-ups when entered on the keypad. Hashimoto's passing was confirmed by his former employer and gaming giant Konami on Wednesday night. The cause of his death was undisclosed.

Simplifying Conversational AI, One Interaction At A Time


What if we could speak with our devices, cars, and homes just as easily as we do with our friends? Conversation is the bedrock of human communication, a transformative tool that reveals what's inside our heads and hearts. Voice is our primary means of connecting with others--and, increasingly, it's how we want to engage with the machines around us, too. The art of human conversation can be maddeningly difficult for even very sophisticated machines, but we're on a path to creating solutions that are much closer to what we need. Thanks to advances in speech recognition, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and processing power, we can tap into the capabilities of our machines simply by speaking.

How to connect Sensi smart thermostats to Alexa or Google Assistant

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Gone are the days when you get up and turn the dial or press some buttons on your thermostat to get the airflow going in your home. Thanks to popular voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant--and the invention of smart thermostats--controlling your Sensi smart thermostat is easier than ever when you follow these simple steps. Skip further down the article to see instructions for setting up with Google Assistant. Alexa is the most popular smart assistant out there, and she can help you control your Sensi smart thermostat. Create a Sensi account using a valid email address and a strong password.

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services the Word • 02/25/2020


Artificial intelligence in financial payments will be explored fully in March by the AI In Financial Services event and the AI In Finance Summit event in March. The AI In Financial Services event is scheduled for March 17th at the America Square Conference Centre in London. The AI in Finance Summit is slated for March 31 to April 1 at the etc Venues, also in London. The Technova AI In Financial Services event will focus on business transformation to robotic automation, customer innovation to ethical transparency, equipping attendees with the skills and expertise to capitalize on the artificial intelligence revolution, notes RAM Research and PYRPTS. Among noted speakers is Kathy Liu, Head In Innovation, HSBC Global Operations.

It's not you, it's them: Google, Alexa and Siri may answer even if you haven't called

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One in every four adults in America now owns a voice-activated smart speaker. While we love the convenience of talking to a gadget to play music, make calls, and such, most of us get a little creeped out when they "wake up" when they're not supposed to. I often trigger Siri when saying "seriously," or "Suli" – the name of my parents' dog. My friend Bill Keeshan says his Alexa connected device "gets triggered by my daughter saying'actually.'" All too familiar anecdotes aside, researchers at Northeastern University and the Imperial College of London spent the last six months streaming 125 hours of popular Netflix TV shows to a handful of voice-activated smart speakers.

Data privacy: Why Venmo sent my personal info – and yours – to Braze

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You might be wondering what exactly is and why it grabs their geographic, associations and more. I found out Friday that after I composed a message on the PayPal-owned digital payments app Venmo to pay my personal trainer Jarek, Venmo passed on my geographic locations and associations (including Jarek) to Braze, which calls itself a "customer engagement" company. Just last month, the Norwegian Consumer Council issued a blistering report showing what happened to users of the dating sites OKCupid and Grindr in the background, after people revealed all about their interests. OkCupid "shared highly personal data about sexuality, drug use, political views, and more," with Braze, according to the report. Grindr, a popular dating and social app used by gay and bisexual men, sent data to Braze about the "relationship type" men were seeking on the app, per the report.

Gender and AI: Addressing bias in artificial intelligence


AI appears neutral, but it's made by humans, which means it internalizes all the same bias as we have - including gender bias. AI is a mirror of ourselves. According to Harvard Business Review, there have been many incidences of AI adopting gender bias from humans. Harvard Business Review cites an example of natural language processing (NLP) that is present in Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. Harvard Business Review also cites word-embeddings as a bias aspect of AI.

Using Voice Assistants to Cash in on Our Data - Connected World - Blog


There has been a lot of discussion as of late that advances in AI (artificial intelligence) will translate into better voice assistants. There was even a documentary that went as far to say how AI technology is influencing our lives and how the data behind it is driving even bigger trends in digital transformation. We've all heard and seen massive growth number predictions for AI to soar well beyond $400 billion by 2025. One key factors driving growth in this market is advances in voice recognition, which is also going to help drive the market for voice assistants. All month long I have been reporting how Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana virtual assistants have been navigating their way into our world in an effort to make our lives more convenient.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing is the AIM of Advertisers in 2020


Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) provides superior solutions to bridge the gap between analytics and execution. It is the process of going through massive piles of data to originate positive results. As per the courtesy of Forbes, retailers invested around 5.9 billion US dollars on AIM. North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific are mainly using this type of digital marketing and advertising. Likewise, remote health monitoring, wearable AR, IoT kitchen appliances, and brain-sensing gadgets lie under the game-changing innovations.

The Ethical Considerations, Trust, and Responsibility in Designing Voice UI - UX Mastery


We were very excited to chat recently with Trip O'Dell who, among his other impressive roles, has been a product design lead at Amazon where he worked on the future vision for their virtual assistant, Alexa. Our discussion with Trip was full of juicy insights about Voice UI and the ethical considerations behind Alexa's design, and how we as designers need to be leaders in making those ethical choices. Below is an article we wrote and edited in collaboration with Trip using speech-to-text tools and a linear audio editor. All the words are his, we just helped put them on your screen. When it comes to Voice UI there's a lot of conversation around voices, but very little around personality--whether or not we want to describe it as a personality--that we're creating. How trustworthy should that personality be?