Google overtakes Amazon in smart speaker market in Q1 2018


Google surpassed Amazon in smart speaker sales for the first time in Q1 2018, according to research from Canalys. Google shipped 3.2 million Google Home and Home Mini devices, while Amazon shipped 2.5 million Echo devices. The overall global market grew 210 percent year-over-year, with shipments reaching 9 million units. Google's smart speaker sales grew even faster, at 483 percent year-over-year. The Mountain View company secured just over 32 percent of the market for Q1 2018.

Eight things to expect at Google I/O 2018


For a company as big and sprawling as Google, an annual developer conference can feel overwhelming. Google offers a dizzying number of services and dabbles in almost every consumer tech industry under the sun, including seven core products with more than a billion users each. But the company has a measured tempo when it comes to Google I/O, and we've come to understand how it prioritizes certain products over others come May every year. At this year's I/O, which will be held again at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California starting Tuesday, May 8th, we know we'll be hearing about the future of Android and Google's artificial intelligence efforts. But there will also be news on everything from its new wearable platform, Wear OS, and Google Assistant to Android TV, Google Home, Google Play, and Search.

How Will AI Affect Candidate Experience?


The recruitment process is never as simple as it sounds, it can take far too long and it can be far too uncertain. For candidates especially, this can be a negative and daunting experience. As AI continues to develop within the recruitment space, there has been widespread discussion towards the positive impact it could have on the recruitment process for job seekers. Especially in terms of time and bias, but what do our panel of experts think? Will AI really improve candidate experience for the better?

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Web Designs


Lately, there is a lot of discussion happening on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its capabilities in web designing. Believe it or not, AI can do anything. Of course, we can see that many companies are experimenting creative things related to Artificial Intelligence in all sorts of online forums and articles. Nowadays, customers are expecting personalization at every level. They are looking for something that is easy to follow.

How The Development Of AI Has Advanced The Technology Available For Chatbots

Forbes Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot platforms are taking the world by storm and revolutionizing diverse industries, but before AI was commonplace in chatbots, they were powered by different technologies that were not necessarily intelligent. Chatbots existed as early as the 1960s, and they have rapidly evolved since the development of AI. Today, chatbots are capable of performing incredible feats that come very close to human thinking and thought-processes. This mimicry of the human thought-process comes from a chatbot's ability to set goals and pursue them autonomously without any specific instructions -- an ability referred to as a chatbot's agency. This ability (AI) is the reason why chatbots are making a splash in areas such as customer service and sales today.

Google Duplex Is Here? - DZone AI


Most of us have watched the recent demonstration by Google, which employs their Google Assistant to make phone calls that set up appointments and make reservations for you. If you haven't watched it, please do: First of all, it was very cool, and on the flip side, it was a bit creepy. How much of the demo was actually real? Okay, so it sort of worked, but how was such a thing built? If you're like me, all of these tech demos make questions instantly pop into your brain.

AI decides: Is it Laurel or Yanny?


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably run across the Perhaps you even weighed in, offering your two cents on the elocution of the opera singer (a member of the original Broadway cast of Cats, as it turns out) in the recording. But you probably didn't consult artificial intelligence for a second opinion. Well, not to worry: Nuance and Voxbone have saved you the trouble. Nuance Communications, a company that specializes in natural language processing, fed its Dragon speech platform the "Laurel" or "Yanny" audio clip to put an end to the debate once and for all.

Microsoft also has an AI bot that makes phone calls to humans


Google demonstrated a jaw-dropping new capability in Google Assistant earlier this month, allowing the Assistant to make calls on your behalf. While Google Duplex generated controversy and discussion around artificial intelligence, Microsoft has been testing similar technology with millions of people in China. At an AI event in London today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed off the company's Xiaoice (pronounced "SHAO-ICE") social chat bot. Microsoft has been testing Xiaoice in China, and Nadella revealed the bot has 500 million "friends" and more than 16 channels for Chinese users to interact with it through WeChat and other popular messaging services. Microsoft has turned Xiaoice, which is Chinese for "little Bing," into a friendly bot that has convinced some of its users that the bot is a friend or a human being.

What animals is A.I. currently smarter than?


The world is teeming with intelligence, from little wormy grubs in the garden to physicists poring over equations in university offices. In the past few years we've also come to view our virtual assistants as possessing some kind of intelligence--imperfect and sometimes downright creepy, but intelligence nonetheless. A.I. has come a long way since Microsoft's Clippy. Whether we're talking to Siri like a friend or asking our dogs for advice, humans love to imagine other animals' intelligence. As we enter into the infancy of A.I., it's fun to speculate how some existing lifeforms stack up to our best A.I so far.

Create a banking chatbot


Event-driven analytics requires a data management system that can scale to allow a high rate of incoming events while optimizing to allow immediate analytics. IBM Db2 Event Store extends Apache Spark to provide accelerated queries and lightning fast inserts. This code pattern is a simple introduction to get you started with event-driven analytics.