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Pence takes swipe at Trump as he launches campaign, two killed at graduation shooting and more top headlines

FOX News

ENTERING THE ARENA - Pence takes shot at Trump as he enters increasingly crowded Republican primary field. CAMPUS CHAOS - Two killed, several injured as gunfire breaks out after high school graduation, suspect in custody. TOP TARGETS - SPLC adds parents' rights groups to'Hate and Extremism' annual report. FAMILY MEN - America's men are poised to transform this nation for the better -- if we let them, writes Sen. Josh Hawley. BANKING ON IT - Industry responds to CFPB's warning on AI chatbots.

How a Chatbot Went Rogue WSJD - Technology

Mental-health software used by a national nonprofit was built to deliver pre-written replies. Then it got generative AI.

'What should the limits be?' The father of ChatGPT on whether AI will save humanity – or destroy it

The Guardian

When I meet Sam Altman, the chief executive of AI research laboratory OpenAI, he is in the middle of a world tour. He is preaching that the very AI systems he and his competitors are building could pose an existential risk to the future of humanity – unless governments work together now to establish guide rails, ensuring responsible development over the coming decade. In the subsequent days, he and hundreds of tech leaders, including scientists and "godfathers of AI", Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio, as well as Google's DeepMind CEO, Demis Hassabis, put out a statement saying that "mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war". It is an all-out effort to convince world leaders that they are serious when they say that "AI risk" needs concerted international effort. It must be an interesting position to be in – Altman, 38, is the daddy of AI chatbot ChatGPT, after all, and is leading the charge to create "artificial general intelligence", or AGI, an AI system capable of tackling any task a human can achieve.

Instagram may roll out its own AI chatbot in the near future


We're seeing artificial intelligence chatbots pop up all over the place, and soon enough you may very well have access to one in Instagram, too. Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi claims the platform has an AI agent in the pipeline. According to screenshots he shared (as spotted by ZDNet), the chatbot will be able to answer questions and give advice. You may have as many as 30 personalities to choose from too. The chatbot could give those who find it difficult to write messages some help. It also seems you'll be able to bring the chatbot into a conversation you're having with someone by @-mentioning it.

AI Chatbots Are Causing Bank Customers Headaches - CNET

CNET - News

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a warning on Tuesday on generative AI chatbots being used by banks. The agency says it's received "numerous" complaints from customers who have interacted with the chatbots and have failed to receive "timely, straightforward" answers to their questions. "Working with customers to resolve a problem or answer a question is an essential function for financial institutions – and is the basis of relationship banking," the agency said in its press release. AI chatbots could run the risk of providing inaccurate financial information to customers or infringe on their privacy and data, CFPB said. Artificial intelligence chatbots could run the risk of providing inaccurate financial information to customers or infringe on their privacy and data, the CFPB said.

Instagram may be getting its own AI chatbot soon. Here's what we know


Meta rapidly adopted generative AI technology and incorporated it into various features across its platforms, including ads. Now, the company is testing a new feature on Instagram. Also: 7 ways you didn't know you can use Bing Chat and other AI chatbots A Tweet revealed that Instagram is testing an AI chat option for its platform. With the new feature, users would be able to chat with an AI chatbot to ask questions and get advice in their direct messages. You'll be able to choose from 30 different personalities.

Meet your digital persona: Apple's Vision Pro users to get real-time animated avatars


Apple has finally thrown its hat into the VR ring with the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro. This VR headset is designed to not only deliver more immersive entertainment experiences but also boost productivity with virtual desktop apps as well as the newly announced digital Persona. With the front camera on the Vision Pro headset, a user will be able to scan their face in order to create an almost 1:1 virtual reconstruction -- aka Persona -- of their likeness. Not only will this avatar be more visually accurate, but it will also be animated in real-time to match your mouth and hand movements for more natural-looking conversations. The Digital Persona can be integrated with the FaceTime app for VisionOS to make collaboration with non-VR-using teammates smoother.

Red Sox announcer sets off his iPhone's 'Siri' after announcing at-bat of Rays player with same name

FOX News

Fox News Flash top sports headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on At long last, an iPhone finally went off while someone was broadcasting a Tampa Bay Rays game. Because the Rays have a guy named Jose Siri on their team. And yes, his last name is pronounced just like the iPhone's "Siri."

Microsoft is killing the standalone Cortana app for Windows in late 2023


Apparently, the introduction of Windows Copilot signaled the end of Cortana on Microsoft's desktop OS. In a new support document first spotted by Windows Central, the tech giant has announced that it will stop supporting the standalone Cortana app for Windows in late 2023. Microsoft launched Cortana as a voice assistant for Windows mobile devices back in 2014. It was supposed to be the company's answer to Apple's Siri, and it even predates Amazon's Alexa, but it never quite achieved their level of recognition and popularity. Over the year, Microsoft scaled back its plans for the voice assistant until it discontinued its Android and iOS apps back in 2021.

RIP Cortana: Microsoft says its Windows AI app will die


Microsoft launched Cortana as an AI assistant and the flagship feature of Windows 10 in 2015. Now, eight years later, Microsoft is pulling the plug. In a support document, Microsoft said that it's ending support for the Cortana app, Cortana's only remaining presence within Windows. Instead, Microsoft said it will encourage users to use other AI-powered features, whether it be within a standalone app or simply part of Windows or Microsoft Edge. Microsoft did say that Cortana will still be available within Outlook Mobile and various versions of Teams, including Microsoft's conferencing solution, Teams Rooms.