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The Rise of Chatbots


Good customer service is an integral element to the success of any business. With the rise in mobile devices over the last decade, chatbots are increasingly becoming a popular option to interact with users. The popularity of chatbots and their adoption is rapidly increasing as they enable businesses to provide real-time customer service in many e-commerce settings. Let us explore the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and chatbots for customer service. A chatbot is an AI-based software that interacts with a user through either text or audio.

Video streaming device leader Roku debuts new soundbar, player and Roku Channel app

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The newest Roku products include a streaming device promising improved video delivery throughout the home, a smaller soundbar that also streams, and an updated mobile app for viewing on the go. The nation's leading streaming platform, Roku said it had about 43 million monthly active accounts at the end of June 2020. Research firm eMarketer estimates Roku captures about 33% of U.S. internet users and 47% of connected TV users. Roku's lineup of devices includes the Roku Express ($29.99) and Roku Streaming Stick ($49.99). But its marquee standalone player – it also markets Roku TVs with built-in streaming capability – is the Roku Ultra ($99.99).

Rasa-X Is A Unique Approach To Continuous Chatbot Improvement


Landscapers sometimes accommodate desire paths by paving them, thereby integrating them into the official path network rather than blocking them. The image above is of an desire path being blocked and rehabilitated in an attempt to force users on the designed path. Sometimes, land planners have deliberately left land fully or partially unpathed, waiting to see what desire paths are created, and then paving those. In Finland, planners are known to visit parks immediately after the first snowfall, when the existing paths are not visible. The naturally chosen desire paths, marked by footprints, can then be used to guide the routing of new purpose-built paths.

Top 4 Chatbot Myths Debunked - e-bot7


The quality of customer service is crucial for the success of companies, irrespective of the industry. A study by Forrester Research reports that 66% of the customers won't return if the customer service was bad, making customer service a critical component of a successful business strategy. The growth in the number of chatbot solutions and technologies on the market has led to several myths spreading. With this article, we are going to explore the top four with you. AI-powered chatbots can automate repetitive questions with the best being able to offer a hybrid approach allowing for a dynamic knowledge base that grows as you scale.

Finding friendship, even romance, with a chatbot?


You were pretty stressed yesterday. Are you feeling better today?" What might sounds like a concerned message from friends or parents is actually a query from Replika, a chatbot. "If you're feeling down, or anxious, or you just need someone to talk to, your Replika is here for you 24/7," the company behind the chatbot writes on its website. Chatbots – a combination of "chat" and robot" – are programs that simulate a conversation, usually by text message.

Mastercard's VP of AI talks bots, NLP, and why fintechs need AI for customer service (VB Live)


Companies like Mastercard are implementing AI strategies that are transforming how customer experience is done. Join this VB Live event for insights on why AI is essential for fintech companies, plus how to implement it, how to make it perfom, and more. AI has been around for a long time -- it's only in the last three or four years that people have been paying attention to it in the fintech space, says Dr. Steve Flinter, VP of artificial intelligence and machine learning at Mastercard Labs. "A huge driver of innovation is that small startups, fintechs, and non-technology corporates are able to get access to this technology that five or 10 years ago would have been locked away in university research labs and the big corporate R&D labs," Flinter says. The amount of data now available, and the ability to store and process that at scale, combined with open source technology, compute power, and breakthroughs in technologies like computer vision and NLP are all part of this AI democratization.

3 Advantages of Insurance Companies Adopting AI


As the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) are growing, insurers are finding new ways to capitalize on this technology. Here are some of the most prominent advantages of Insurance companies adopting AI. IoT (internet of things) refers to the interconnection of physical objects via the internet. These devices--things--are embedded with software and sensors for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other systems and devices over the internet. The internet of things includes devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Amazon's Alexa gets a new brain on Echo, becomes smarter via AI and aims for ambience


Amazon is making Alexa smarter with natural turn-taking, having conversations with multiple people, natural language understanding, and the ability to be taught by customers. The first target is the smart home, but Alexa for Business is also likely to follow. Also: When is Prime Day 2020? The Alexa overhaul and artificial intelligence improvements were outlined as Amazon launched its latest batch of Echo devices. Amazon's new Echo devices are evolving to be more smart home edge computing devices.

The best wireless workout headphones


As some of you might know, I'm a runner. On occasion I review sports watches, and outside of work I'm a certified marathon coach. So when it became clear Engadget wanted to round up the best wireless workout headphones, I raised my hand. And the timing feels particularly appropriate. Until now I was still using wired buds (old habits die hard), and it happened that every pair I owned was on the fritz.