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Analyzing COVID Medical Papers with Azure and Text Analytics for Health


The idea to apply NLP methods to scientific literature seems quite natural. First of all, scientific texts are already well-structured, they contain things like keywords, abstract, as well as well-defined terms. Thus, at the very beginning of COVID pandemic, a research challenge has been launched on Kaggle to analyze scientific papers on the subject. The dataset behind this competition is called CORD (publication), and it contains constantly updated corpus of everything that is published on topics related to COVID. Currently, it contains more than 400000 scientific papers, about half of them - with full text.

A new era of innovation: Moore's Law is not dead and AI is ready to explode - SiliconANGLE


Moore's Law is dead, right? Although the historical annual improvement of about 40% in central processing unit performance is slowing, the combination of CPUs packaged with alternative processors is improving at a rate of more than 100% per annum. These unprecedented and massive improvements in processing power combined with data and artificial intelligence will completely change the way we think about designing hardware, writing software and applying technology to businesses. Every industry will be disrupted. You hear that all the time. Well, it's absolutely true and we're going to explain why and what it all means. In this Breaking Analysis, we're going to unveil some data that suggests we're entering a new era of innovation where inexpensive processing capabilities will power an explosion of machine intelligence applications.

How will the rise of artificial intelligence change marketing?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that has been thrown around a lot lately, but what does it really mean? AI is a branch of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. It has been around for a very long time, but today it is becoming a critical component of digital marketing that is helping companies realize meaningful results. Everyone's talking about AI, but fewer marketers truly understand what's going on. How should you, and your agency, prepare for AI?

This week's best deals: $20 off Google's Nest Audio and more


This week brought a bunch of deals on new gadgets, including Amazon's rotating Echo Show 10 and Google's Nest Hub. The former dropped to a new all-time low while the latter remains 20 percent off at various retailers. AirPods Pro are more than $50 off right now, and Amazon Prime members can snag the Fire TV Stick Lite for only $20. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today. The Nest Audio smart speaker is still $20 off across the web, bringing to down to $80.

The best smart speakers you can buy


When Amazon first introduced Alexa and the Echo speaker six years ago, the idea of talking to a digital assistant wasn't totally novel. Both the iPhone and Android phones had semi-intelligent voice controls -- but with the Echo, Amazon took its first step toward making something like Alexa a constant presence in your home. Since then, Apple and Google have followed suit, and now there's a huge variety of smart speakers available at various price points. As the market exploded, the downsides of having a device that's always listening for a wake word have become increasingly apparent. They can get activated unintentionally, sending private recordings back to monolithic companies to analyze. And even at the best of times, giving more personal information to Amazon, Apple and Google can be a questionable decision. That said, all these companies have made it easier to manage how your data is used -- you can opt out of humans reviewing some of your voice queries, and it's also less complicated to manage and erase your history with various digital assistants, too. The good news is that there's never been a better time to get a smart speaker, particularly if you're a music fan.

U by Moen smart faucet review: This kitchen tool is both smart and practical


Voice control, using either Alexa or Google Assistant, is the U by Moen smart faucet's star attraction, but after testing this kitchen tool for several months, I've concluded that its gesture control feature is far more useful. Voice control is no gimmick, as you'll see when I dig all the things you can do with voice commands. But the tasks for which I use a faucet most often--washing my hands, rinsing dishes, filling a watering can for my houseplants, and the like--waving my hand over the faucet to start the flow of water, and again to stop it is all the technology I need. I love my handmade farmhouse sink, but it seriously complicates changing out the faucet. But that could be because I live in a rural area and draw my water from a well.

AI Synthetic Media: What to expect and what it will mean


AI learns from seen data to make predictions about unseen data. What is utterly remarkable is that prediction can underpin extraordinary creativity and mimicry. These developments have the potential to unleash an explosion of scale creativity -- delivering content design and production tools into the hands of the mass market that have hitherto only been available to large corporations with hefty budgets. Even now -- when we are still in the infancy of AI media generation -- there are demos, apps and subscription-based services to faceswap individuals into movies (see Zao), turn rough sketches into photorealistic images (try the GauGAN demo here), convert one voice into another (see Respeecher), personalise marketing videos (try the Synthesia demo here), age- and emotion-alter images (see Photoshop's new Neural Filters), generate face-synched videos of new or translated scripts (see Canny AI), play a video game with characters speaking any of 10 face-synched languages (see Cyberpunk 2077), and play a text-based adventure game with endless dialogue generated by AI (try out the free version of AI Dungeon here). Moreover, the same AI techniques will spawn new applications in a wide range of fields: advertising, architecture, interior design, gaming, song-writing, web design, education, even software development and pure mathematics -- in fact anywhere where structured or constrained creativity is key.

Is AI the Secret Behind Indian Start-ups Making it into Unicorns Club?


India is a breeding ground for many industries. The increase in educated population and the run towards growth has unraveled technology into the country. Today, technology is a core element of growth in the Indian ecosystem. While well-established companies are embracing artificial intelligence for further improvement, Indian start-ups are ballooning like never before. Fortunately, technology-based Indian start-ups landscape has evolved to become the 3rd largest in the world.

The Big Bad NLP Database: Access Nearly 300 Datasets - KDnuggets


When looking to hone your natural language processing (NLP) skills, finding accessible and relevant datasets can be one of the biggest bottlenecks of the experience. Lots of time can be spent trying to locate existing datasets for the learning task at hand, or attempting to curate your own data instead. It would be great to have a centralized listing of available NLP datasets... wouldn't it? That's where The Big Bad NLP Database (BBNLPDB), managed by Quantum Stat, comes in. If you are seeking datasets to work on your NLP skills, you should definitely check out.

Adoption of AI and Cloud Computing by retailers to advance their Businesses


Retailers are now applying AI, ML, and robotics in significant parts of the value chain. Above all, AI technologies could eliminate many manual activities in assortments, promotions, and supply chains. The three most remarkable opportunities in the short to medium term are promotions, arrangement, and replenishment. Significant retailers are trying different things with AI around these areas. "Digital native" e-commerce organizations are driving the way, using AI to anticipate trends, optimize advanced warehousing and logistics, set costs, and customize advancements and promotions.