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The best metric to measure accuracy of classification models CleverTap


Unlike evaluating the accuracy of models that predict a continuous or discrete dependent variable like Linear Regression models, evaluating the accuracy of a classification model could be more complex and time-consuming. Before measuring the accuracy of classification models, an analyst would first measure its robustness with the help of metrics such as AIC-BIC, AUC-ROC, AUC- PR, Kolmogorov-Smirnov chart, etc. The next logical step is to measure its accuracy.

'We're Going to Get Better at This.' Samsung Is Still Betting Big on the Smart Home


Silicon Valley tech giants and startups alike have for years been trying to drum up excitement around Internet-connected home appliances. But despite the push from companies like Samsung, Google and Apple, consumer adoption has been slow. Only 7% of households in the Americas were estimated to have connected home tech by the end of 2017, according to research from IHS Markit. Shoppers have had good reasons to avoid smart home gadgets. They're usually more expensive than their "dumb" counterparts, they can be complicated to set up and use, and the true utility they offer can be unclear.

Facebook's Virtual Assistant M Is Dead. So Are Chatbots


It's difficult to remember now, but there was a moment in early 2016 when many in the tech industry believed chatbots--automated text-based virtual assistants--would be the next big platform. Messaging app Kik staked its company's future on bots and "chatvertising." Startup studio Betaworks launched an accelerator program called Botcamp. And at its 2016 F8 conference, Facebook pitched bots to developers as the best way to connect with 900 million Messenger users. Few expected that voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant would thrive and text-based chatbots would become a punchline.

Qualcomm smart Home Hub platform will fill your house with Google Assistants


Qualcomm is about to go in big with the burgeoning smart home scene. As well as its'Smart Audio Platform' CES announcement, which will help to push smart voice assistant technology into an even wider array of speakers, it's also looking to become a smart home hub gatekeeper in its own right. The Home Hub platform from Qualcomm will allow manufacturers to easily integrate the Google Assistant inside any smart device of their choosing. While one new Qualcomm system-on-a-chip focusses on appliances such as ovens and fridges, the second chipset is centered around the new wave of Google Assistant-powered devices that also feature a screen. As well as speakers like the Lenovo Smart Display pictured above, these will also include anything with a display, from thermostats to security systems.

AI Software Outperforms Humans on Reading Comprehension Test


Microsoft and Alibaba have independently developed AI models that scored better than humans in a Stanford University reading comprehension test. This AI milestone was reached using the Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD), which consists of over 10,000 question-and-answer pairs that apply to more than 500 Wikipedia articles. Alibaba's model achieved a score of 82.44, while the submission from Microsoft Research Asia bested that with a mark of 82.65. The human score for the SQuAD test is 82.304. Although that's a slim margin to claim superior performance, it represents the first time any natural language processing (NLP) software has been able to eclipse humans on this particular benchmark.

2017: Time to Embrace Artificial Intelligence SweetIQ Blog


As we blast into 2017, marketers are wondering: what innovative technological developments will this year bring? How will these changes affect my strategy? What are my competitors doing, and more importantly, what are my customers expecting? These big, important questions require extensive research, if not a sixth sense for weeding out what's merely a fad, and what's as equally as groundbreaking as, say, the internet. To save you time, we've done the work for you.

TensorFlow -- Text Classification – Machine Learnings


On Nov 9, it's been an official 1 year since TensorFlow released. Looking back there has been a lot of progress done towards making TensorFlow the most used machine learning framework. And as this milestone passed, I realized that still haven't published long promised blog about text classification. Even though examples has been there in TensorFlow repository, they didn't have very good description. Text classification is one of the most important parts of machine learning, as most of people's communication is done via text.

Apple always-on Homepod mics can be muted

Daily Mail

Apple fans who are worried about the firm's smart devices recording their private conversations may be in for some good news, according to a new find. Experts discovered icons in the latest version of iOS that suggest always-listening microphones on Apple's Homepod speaker can be disabled. The delayed £350 ($349) 'Echo-killer', which will be activated with the words'Hey Siri', is due for release in the next four to six weeks. If confirmed, the microphone mute feature will assuage privacy concerns raised over smart speakers eavesdropping on conversations. Apple fans who are worried about the firm's smart devices recording their private conversations may be in for some good news.

The evolution of artificial intelligence - Information Age


As the tech evolves and seeps into the lives of many, it impacts on how they work and live, with the creation growing stronger. The AI Effect, otherwise known as AI is whatever hasn't been done yet, is well known within the artificial intelligence community. As the tech improves each year, however, what hasn't been done is gradually becoming a smaller pool. It feels like the last three years have been decisive for artificial intelligence. Infrastructure has afforded those working on AI to reach new levels and figure out more complex algorithms.

The Content Marketing Weekly: AI, Google algo updates and more Brafton


Week three of January is nearing its end, and that means three things: Cold weather, broken New Year's resolutions and the Content Marketing Weekly. The CM Weekly is our roundup of all the week's biggest news in SEO, content marketing and martech. This week, artificial intelligence and Google stole the spotlight. From a new video feature on Google Maps to a self-service machine-learning tool, the Mountain View monster cleaned up. Let's dive into the details.