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The Guardian view on female voice assistants: not OK, Google Editorial


Within two years there will be more voice assistants on the internet than there are people on the planet. Another, possibly more helpful, way of looking at these statistics is to say that there will still be only half a dozen assistants that matter: Apple's Siri, Google's Assistant, and Amazon's Alexa in the west, along with their Chinese equivalents, but these will have billions of microphones at their disposal, listening patiently for sounds they can use. Voice is going to become the chief way that we make our wants known to computers – and when they respond, they will do so with female voices. This detail may seem trivial, but it goes to the heart of the way in which the spread of digital technologies can amplify and extend social prejudice. The companies that program these assistants want them to be used, of course, and this requires making them appear helpful.

Artificial Intelligence: The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing


AI offers exceptional opportunities particularly in digital marketing while irrefutably revolutionizing and propelling the industry. AI is the ability of a computer or computer-enabled robotic systems to process massive amounts of in-depth data and produce outcomes similar to the thought processes of humans in learning, analysing, decision making, and problem-solving. Hence, AI has enabled marketers to comprehend vast data to gain valuable consumer insights, and in turn, improve digital marketing strategies. The applications of AI are essentially limitless, and the field of computer science is on a stark ascendance. The global AI market was worth $7.35 billion in 2018, where the largest portion of revenue was stirred from enterprise applications.

AI in sales: improving the customer journey, not stealing jobs


Ex-prime minister David Cameron has taken a job at Affiniti, one of the world's largest artificial intelligence companies, which specialises in the use of AI in sales. As chair of the company's advisory board, Mr Cameron says he will be helping support its work to transform the future of customer service and interpersonal communications. While Mr Cameron may not have predicted the UK's future in Europe, there's no doubt that backing the use of AI in sales is a better bet. "AI and machine-learning are the next evolution of the digital revolution," says Brendan Dykes, director of product marketing at customer experience and call centre technology vendor Genesys. "Like the incoming tide, you can ignore it, but it will continue to come and you can either ride the wave or be swept away by it."

The Sonos One speaker is at its lowest price ever right now

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The Sonos One has all the benefits of an Echo dot, with the power of an incredible speaker. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA Today's newsroom and any business incentives. Listen up, folks, because I'm about to tell you about a sale that's so hard to come by, I liken it to finding money on the street. Right now until midnight tonight, you can get the first generation Sonos One speaker on B&H for just $144.95, which is by far the lowest price we've ever seen it available for.

Artificial Intelligence: New Threats to International Psychological Security


The scholars focused on combating the malicious use of AI by terrorists. Their findings were published in the journal Russia in Global Affairs. Much has been written on the threats that artificial intelligence (AI) can pose to humanity. Today, this topic is among the most discussed issues in scientific and technical development. Despite the fact that so-called Strong AI, characterised by independent systems thinking and possibly self-awareness and will power, is still far from reality, various upgraded versions of Narrow AI are now completing specific tasks that seemed impossible just a decade ago.

Artificial Intelligence in Content: Know the Ropes


Artificial Intelligence or AI--a word which is not a buzzword anymore but still is the "best thing since the sliced bread". So it's no surprise that AI has caught people's attention and is a major point of discussion. These days artificial intelligence sees application in almost everything imaginable--even content. But, are you utilizing it to the best of its capabilities? Marketers who have used Artificial Intelligence for their content are successfully attracting their relevant target audience and ranking well on Google SERPs.

Technology Researcher - IoT BigData Jobs


Elsevier is well-known as the world's leading publisher for professionals in the scientific, technical and medical domains. We are continuing to profitably reinvent ourselves in the digital world as a global provider of information solutions to those markets. We are seeking a talented individual to help in that reinvention. The position offers the opportunity to seek out a variety of emerging technologies, to work with architecture, product, and operational groups to determine the technology's applicability to our enterprise requirements, and to experiment with them in proof of concept implementations. In addition to the technical satisfaction of working with new technologies on a variety of projects, the position offers the intellectual satisfaction of working to ensure the future value, quality and sustainability of scientific communication, and investigating the frontier of what can be accomplished using a large and varied collection of data.

Capgemini's AI in Automotive report


Paris, March 26, 2019 – A new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found that just 10% of major automotive companies are implementing artificial intelligence[1] (AI) projects at scale, with many falling short of an opportunity that could increase operating profit by up to 16%. The research also shows that fewer automotive companies are implementing AI than was the case in 2017, despite the cost, quality and productivity advantages, many report it delivering. The "Accelerating Automotive's AI Transformation: How driving AI enterprise-wide can turbo-charge organizational value" study surveyed 500 executives from large automotive companies in eight countries, building on comparable study from 2017, to establish recent trends in AI investment and deployment. Scaling of AI has seen a slow growth: Since 2017, the number of automotive companies that have successfully scaled AI implementation has increased only marginally (from 7% to 10%). However, more significant was the increase in companies not using AI at all (from 26% to 39%).

Internet of Things Search Engine

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Advancements under the moniker of the Internet of Things (IoT) allow things to network and become the primary producers of data in the Internet.14 IoT makes the state and interactions of real-world available to Web applications and information systems with minimal latency and complexity.25 By enabling massive telemetry and individual addressing of "things," the IoT offers three prominent benefits: spatial and temporal traceability of individual real-world objects for thief prevention, counterfeit product detection and food safety via accessing their pedigree; enabling ambient data collection and analytics for optimizing crop planning, enabling telemedicine and assisted living; and supporting real-time reactive systems such as smart building, automatic logistics and self-driving, networked cars.11 Realizing these benefits requires the ability to discover and resolve queries for contents in the IoT. Offering these abilities is the responsibility of a class of software system called the Internet of Things search engine (IoTSE).

Amazon's New Echo Show 5 Proves Smaller Isn't Always Better


Amazon's new Echo Show 5 has tough competition. For the past six months I've had a similar smart display, the Google Home Hub--recently renamed the Google Nest Hub--sitting on my bedside table. For better or legitimately worse, the virtual assistant living in the Google Nest Hub now knows me. My favorite photos automatically show up on its seven-inch display. When I set an alarm, it knows to go completely dark afterwards so I can sleep.