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These techies get 60-80% hike while switching jobs - Latest News Gadgets Now


NEW DELHI: Indian companies are shelling out huge premiums for artificial intelligence (AI) talent, as competition intensifies in the job market for a skillset that is hard to find. Everyone from consumer Internet players and technology companies to financial services and automakers is betting big on AI, but the local talent pool for them to tap into is extremely limited. The demand-supply mismatch is driving up salaries. AI professionals are getting 60-80% hikes while switching jobs, compared with an average of 20-30% in other skill areas. Even an entry-level AI role can command a 70%-plus premium over that of a plain vanilla computer science (CS) engineer, say recruitment firms and industry experts.

How Artificial Intelligence will take your Digital Marketing to the next level


NLP is a technology through which computers can "understand" and reproduce human language. Although the language processing applications are in the early stage of development that isn't very mature yet, they are definitely one of the most interesting tools that might soon change the online space for good. NLP applications are mostly used in chat-bots and other tools providing virtual customer support. Of course, any interaction with customers is meticulously tracked, analysed and optimised to perform better and better. This itself makes the NLP technology a perfect tool for the sentiment analysis.

Should I Open-Source My Model? – Towards Data Science


I have worked on the problem of open-sourcing Machine Learning versus sensitivity for a long time, especially in disaster response contexts: when is it right/wrong to release data or a model publicly? This article is a list of frequently asked questions, the answers that are best practice today, and some examples of where I have encountered them. The criticism of OpenAI's decision included how it limits the research community's ability to replicate the results, and how the action in itself contributes to media fear of AI that is hyperbolic right now. It was this tweet that first caught my eye. Anima Anankumar has a lot of experience bridging the gap between research and practical applications of Machine Learning.

Google's Project Soli is part of the future of the Internet of Things


As a futurist, some patents really stand out. Here is one I'm really bullish on, as we enter a post-mobile world of Voice-AI controls and hand gestures. What if there was an invisible button between your thumb and index finger, what could it do? What AI-assistant or dashboard could it summon? Alphabet's Google unit won approval from U.S. regulators to deploy a radar-based motion sensing device known as Project Soli.

From Echo to Ring doorbell and Fire TV, are you comfortable Amazon with controlling your smart home?


A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Amazon acquired another startup this week, the maker of the beloved tech product Eero, a mesh router that improves dead Wi-Fi spots in the home. To that, you might have said, OK, so? But, more importantly, it's an indication of how Amazon wants to go further than just making our homes "smart." It wants to turn our dwellings into the "Amazon Home."

Parsing the Shadow Docket


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The technology behind OpenAI's fiction-writing, fake-news-spewing AI, explained

MIT Technology Review

So convincing, in fact, that the researchers have refrained from open-sourcing the code, in hopes of stalling its potential weaponization as a means of mass-producing fake news. An OpenAI employee printed out this AI-written sample and posted it by the recycling bin: While the impressive results are a remarkable leap beyond what existing language models have achieved, the technique involved isn't exactly new. Instead, the breakthrough was driven primarily by feeding the algorithm ever more training data--a trick that has also been responsible for most of the other recent advancements in teaching AI to read and write. "It's kind of surprising people in terms of what you can do with [...] more data and bigger models," says Percy Liang, a computer science professor at Stanford.

The AI and Machine Learning Revolution Is Coming for Content Marketing


Marketing technology has evolved rapidly over the past decade, with one of the most exciting developments being the creation of publicly-available, cost-effective cognitive APIs by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Alphabet, Amazon and others. These APIs make it possible for businesses and organizations to tap into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology for both customer-facing solutions as well as internal operations. According to Stratistics MRC, the Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) market is expected to grow to 7.6 billion dollars by 2023. The impact AI/ML will have on businesses over the long-term promises to be revolutionary. The current application of AI and ML in content management is more akin to power-assisted steering than a self-driving car.

Top 5 Industries to benefit from AI


The mention of the words Artificial Intelligence (AI) conjures up science fiction-like images in the minds of many people, but it is becoming a very real part of day to day life without us even realising it. AI is and has been making a lasting impression on a number of key industries, not only streamlining otherwise tedious processes but also changing the way business is conducted on a much larger scale. Elnur Amikishiyev via 123RF 1. Education AI will likely be used predominantly to take the labour out of admin during the early stages of implementation, taking over things like grading assignments, recording marks, and any other computational tasks where machines could surpass people. The human element, however, will remain a constant in the form of teachers who will have greater freedom to focus on students' individual needs and finding ways to fill gaps in learning. Most notably AI is used to mark multiple-choice tests, but advancements in machine learning could soon enable it to evaluate and efficiently mark written responses.

Here's the 8 types of Artificial Intelligence, and what you should know about themArtificial…


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broadly-used term, akin to the word manufacturing, which can cover the production of cars, cupcakes or computers. Its use as a blanket term disguises how important it is to be clear about AI's purpose. Purpose impacts the choice of technology, how it is measured and the ethics of its application. At its root, AI is based on different meta-level purposes. As Bernard Marr comments in Forbes, there is a need to distinguish between "the ability to replicate or imitate human thought" that has driven much AI to more recent models which "use human reasoning as a model but not an end goal".