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Stop Being Rude To Amazon Alexa, Carol

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Don't be rude to your home devices or there will be retribution. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Home Pod, Microsoft Cortana and any other voice operated smart device have something in common. It's not operating systems and it's certainly not the ecosystem in which each resides. What they...

Why Didn't Chatbots Live Up To Their Hype?

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Why didn't chatbots become as prolific as they were predicted to be in 2017? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Chatbots didn't live up to the hype for a couple of reasons. It would have been ...

What Critics Are Saying About Apple's HomePod


At long last, Apple's HomePod is here--or reviews of it are, at least. The HomePod, Apple's answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home, begins shipping on Friday, but early reviews of the $349 smart home speaker began making the rounds Tuesday morning. The initial verdict, it would appear, is decided...

Amazon second headquarters: Some see a clue in Amazon's Alexa Super Bowl ad

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When Alexa loses her voice, celebrities--including Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and Anthony Hopkins--help her get it back. Amazon's Alexa Super Bowl ad was a hit during the big game. With guest spots from Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Sir Anthony Hopkins and even founder Jeff Bezos, the ad impres...

Facebook is making a chatbot that can fill awkward silences

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There are a lot of things that chatbots have yet to master and high on the list is small talk. But researchers at Facebook think the best way to make software prattle away is to give it a personality. Workers were asked to chat in pairs and to give statements describing themselves, including their likes and dislikes. The crowdworkers' chatter was linked to these description statements and used to train the chatbots.

How to return a lost phone to its owner

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By default, both iOS and Android let you access their digital assistants--Siri and Google Assistant, respectively--right from the lock screen (unless the phone owner has disabled the feature). To pull up the assistant on an iPhone other than the X, press and hold the Home button (for the iPhone X, press and hold the Power button instead). On Android, tap and hold in the bottom left corner of the display (where the microphone icon apppears) and then drag your finger up to the middle of the screen. Once you've accessed Siri or Google Assistant, try saying "Call mom," "Call home," or another command that might access one of the phone's owner's contacts. Siri also has a trick that Google Assistant doesn't: Ask "Whose phone is this?" to bring up contact details for the owner.

AI models beat humans at reading comprehension, but they've still got a ways to go


When computer models designed by tech giants Alibaba and Microsoft this month surpassed humans for the first time in a reading-comprehension test, both companies celebrated the success as a historic milestone. Luo Si, the chief scientist for natural-language processing at Alibaba's AI research unit, struck a poetic note, saying, "Objective questions such as'what causes rain' can now be answered with high accuracy by machines." Teaching a computer to read has for decades been one of artificial intelligence's holiest grails, and the feat seemed to signal a coming future in which AI could understand words and process meaning with the same fluidity humans take for granted every day. But computers aren't there yet -- and aren't even really that close, said AI experts who reviewed the test results. Instead, the accomplishment highlights not just how far the technology has progressed, but also how far it still has to go.

At CES, Amazon Is Beating Google In The Smart Home Battle


Monika Chalk of the Amazon Alexa team demonstrates an array of devices infused the company's artificial intelligence in a Roadshow trailer parked at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 10, 2018. Two days into the annual technology fest that is CES and one of the biggest stories of this year's show is the battle between Google and Amazon for the smart home. So far, Amazon is winning. If there ever was an example of how first-mover advantage can change a market, it's Amazon's Alexa. The digital assistant has been popping up everywhere this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual tech fest that tries to set the agenda for gadget makers everywhere.

Siri, Cortana, And Alexa Carry The Marks Of Their Human Makers


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