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Weaponizing machine learning to improve cyber defenses - Help Net Security


As defensive technologies based on machine learning become increasingly numerous, so will offensive ones – whether wielded by attackers or pentesters. We guarantee that you'll be either writing machine learning hacking tools next year, or desperately attempting to defend against them," the researchers concluded. At the same conference, Hyrum Anderson, Technical Director of Data Science at Endgame, explained how an AI agent trained through reinforcement learning to modify malware can successfully evade machine learning malware detection. As DeepHack, Anderson's AI agent was able to "learn" by playing thousands of "games."

Google Uses Machine Learning To Improve Google Forms


As part of the update to Google Forms, one of the improvements included is intelligent response validation, and from time to time (whenever it's possible to do so) Google Forms will make a suggestion to users to validate a response that was issued by the person filling out a Google Form based on the questions that are asked by the form's creator. Also in the presence of saving time for users, Google Forms will now allow you to set up pre-configured preferences for future forms that you create so you don't have to choose certain elements each time you set up a new form, such as the option for always collecting email addresses or making questions required. Google has set limits on the file uploads, which starts at just 1GB, but there's also an option to increase the limit to 1TB if it's needed. So, when creating a new Form, if you want to provide the recipients with the ability to select multiple options for a single question, the Checkbox Grid would be the one to pick.

The Pitfalls of Hunting Cyber Threats with AI - CBR


In threat trapping, passive technologies identify malware using models of bad behavior like signatures. Unfortunately, developing accurate malware detection products based on good behavior modeling is not easy. But no company has enough human resources to manually evaluate a large number of alerts about possible security threats. When AI applies both bad and good behavior models, it reduces the number of false positives to a manageable amount.

University of Michigan Uses Machine Learning to Improve Student Writing


Campus Technology reports that a team of educators developed a writing-to-learn tool called M-Write, which uses automated text analysis (ATA) to identify the strengths of a writing submission. A report from the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research explores how the University of Central Florida piloted adaptive learning in large, introductory courses like General Psychology. General Psychology is a general education course with many sections that can often be taught by adjuncts. "As with any new tool, adaptive learning provides a new set of capabilities and insights -- and a lot of very useful data -- that can be used to explore ways to increase students learning and success," ECAR reports.

Learning to Improve the World

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Since then, many more programs have been developed to expand the range of opportunities for global education, including student and teacher travel, global curriculum, programs to support teachers, and programs that deploy internet-based communication technologies to facilitate teacher and student global collaboration such as iEarn, the Global Scholars program at Bloomberg Philanthropies or the Out of Eden Project at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The Asia Society has developed excellent materials to support curriculum development, teacher preparation and collective leadership on global education. Organizations like the Peace Corps or World Teach provide college graduates opportunities to develop their global skills through global service.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Transform The Oil Industry


Whether its neural networks, machine learning, fuzzy logic, case-based reasoning or expert systems, AI has the potential to transform the industry. This type of technology was brought into the fortune 500 earlier this week when Intel acquired Nervana Systems, an Indian-American San Diego based startup, who was using this technology to increase operational efficiency in oil exploration. On a macro scale, deep machine learning can help to increase the awareness of macroeconomic trends to drive investment decisions in exploration and production (E&P). Although the adoption of new hard technology such as directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing brought on fracking, the O&G industry needs to continue this trend in today's low-price market to survive.

Nuance taps into deep learning to improve Dragon speech recognition by 24 percent


With the trends in personal computing favoring software that gets to know its users, the newest version of Nuance's Dragon voice dictation suite of software--Dragon 15, announced Tuesday--is right on track. Dragon 15--including Dragon Professional Individual ( 300), Dragon Professional Individual for Mac ( 300), Dragon Legal ( 500), and Nuance Dragon Anywhere (free to install; subscriptions run 15/month or 150/year)--is based on Nuance's new machine-learning technology. But the majority of Nuance's customers will probably invest in the Dragon Professional Individual version, which is designed for a more general vocabulary. Dragon Professional Individual version 15 for the PC and Mac will be available as a digital download on September 1 in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

How Shutterstock Uses Machine Learning to Improve the User Experience


Many stock contributors pay close attention and rely on their own data as they are planning, basing their next shoot on either what's been popular up until that point or what they project will be an emerging trend or search term during the upcoming season. We are introducing pixel data to enable smarter keyword suggestions for our contributors. We anticipate that this improved process for keywording will help Shutterstock customers as well. And our engineers will continue to pay close attention so that the next version we roll out – for the desktop – will be even better than what we provide today.

Leveraging Deep Learning to Improve the Retail Experience


The app calculates a woman's measurements, cup size, shape, and fit by comparing the distance between body contours in front and side view photos that the woman takes while wearing a supportive bra and fitted top, standing before a mirror, and holding her iPhone camera at the level of her navel. The Stockholm-based company Volumental offers computer vision applications for sizing shoes and eyewear. As another application of computer vision fitting, Volumental's VACKER platform uses 3D face scanning to assist opticians and customers to find the most flattering eyewear for different face shapes and sizes. By providing more seamless online shopping, computer vision fitting also supports online markets, expands customer choice, and will eventually provide access to personally tailored clothes.

Jobs - EURAXESS - European Commission


The successful applicant will join a group working on machine learning and artificial intelligence to healthcare and medicine. The postdoctoral fellow will work on an interdisciplinary project funded under H2020 (Patient Empowerment through Predictive PERsonalised decision support - PEPPER - 689810) involving strong interaction with physicians. The university and research group The research, knowledge transfer and innovation activities from the University of Girona is carried out through more than 100 research groups linked to 22 departments and 11 research institutes. The research group of Control Engineering and Intelligent Systems (eXiT) focuses its work on decision support systems, case-based reasoning, machine learning and optimization.