Memory-Based Learning

First AI-Scripted Commercial Debuts, Directed by Kevin Macdonald for Lexus (Watch)


Computers aren't going to replace creative pros -- but machine learning and artificial intelligence can be powerful tools in the storytelling process. The 60-second spot was directed by Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald, working from a script that was developed by IBM's Watson AI system. To produce the spot for the Lexus ES executive sedan launching in Europe, the automaker enlisted its creative agency, The&Partnership London, along with technical partner Visual Voice. The agencies collaborated with the IBM Watson team to use AI to analyze 15 years' worth of footage, text and audio for car and luxury brand campaigns that have won Cannes Lions awards for creativity, as well as a range of other external data. Watson identified elements common to award-worthy commercials that were "both emotionally intelligent and entertaining," according to IBM.

How an IBM Watson Health rescue mission collapsed -- and a top exec was ousted


The elite team of engineers and medical specialists assembled by IBM's Watson Health division had the innocuous code name "Project Josephine," but its mission could not have been more urgent: to fix the artificial intelligence software at the core of the company's campaign to tackle the $7 trillion global health care market. The predicament faced by IBM officials, STAT has found, was that it could not get its software to reliably understand and analyze language in patient medical records. That was critical for the company to deliver on multimillion-dollar contracts with hospitals and drug companies. Unlock this article by subscribing to STAT Plus and enjoy your first 30 days free! STAT Plus is a premium subscription that delivers daily market-moving biopharma coverage and in-depth science reporting from a team with decades of industry experience.

How Finance Can Use Machine Learning To Improve FP&A Practices


Breakthroughs in the application of complex calculations to large volumes of data have enabled machine-learning methodologies to revolutionize business processes in nearly every industry. Some of the more recognized examples of machine-learning applications include personalized Netflix recommendations and related product modules from online retailers such as Amazon and Nordstrom. However, there are less sexy yet equally impactful machine-learning examples, which include revenue management solutions used in hotels that incorporate these methodologies into an algorithmic engine to help produce pricing and inventory recommendations. Unlocking the potential of machine learning for the office of finance remains a hot topic for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) leaders, industry analysts, and technology vendors alike. Even more specifically, continuous chatter surrounds the ways that machine learning can improve future FP&A processes and how finance leaders can prepare for deploying advanced analytics within their organizations.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Machine learning to improve care


With ML (machine learning), algorithms rewrite themselves as the machine "learns" more and more about patient care. I've written about a recent case where IBM's Watson computer "read" a Japanese leukemia patient's medical records, genetic data, and 20 million journal articles on leukemia (all in around 10 minutes) and concluded that teams of doctors had misdiagnosed her illness and treated her with the wrong medications. Watson effectively, continually reprogrammed itself to analyze the patient's illness in ways no human had done.

Machine Learning to Improve Care – InsideSources


To what extent can your doctor's functions be automated -- replaced or enhanced by intelligent machines? How might such automation improve care and reduce costs? These questions are central to understanding Clover Health -- a California-based company providing Medicare Advantage insurance plans in seven states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina and Texas. A while back, I hosted a dinner in New York for a dozen-plus health care innovators -- entrepreneurs, medical school professors, futurists, etc. Someone in the room asked, "How much of today's physician services can be reduced to algorithms?" An algorithm is a set of instructions (like a computer program) leading to unambiguous results.

Harnessing AI's Power Is Easier Now!


In my experience as a C-level executive and long-time AI professional, I've learned that people who want to utilize artificial Intelligence find getting started to be the most difficult part. Even the more confident practitioners could easily become intimidated by the array and complexity of tools to navigate. But this problem is now a thing of the past. With IBM Watson Studio, you and your project can now hit the ground running. IBM Watson Studio's integrated environment makes AI significantly easier, by allowing users to quickly and easily build visually appealing projects and models.

Introduction to Machine Learning with IBM Watson Studio - Analytics Industry Highlights


After logging into Watson Studio, select New Modeler Flow. Enter a name, keep the default settings, and then click Create. Next expand the Import menu, drag the Data Asset node onto the stream canvas and select Titanic training data file (train.csv) in the node settings to load data into the project. Right-click the node and select Preview to see your detailed dataset. To build a modeler stream look under Record Operations.

Downsampling leads to Image Memorization in Convolutional Autoencoders Machine Learning

Memorization of data in deep neural networks has become a subject of significant research interest. In this paper, we link memorization of images in deep convolutional autoencoders to downsampling through strided convolution. To analyze this mechanism in a simpler setting, we train linear convolutional autoencoders and show that linear combinations of training data are stored as eigenvectors in the linear operator corresponding to the network when downsampling is used. On the other hand, networks without downsampling do not memorize training data. We provide further evidence that the same effect happens in nonlinear networks. Moreover, downsampling in nonlinear networks causes the model to not only memorize linear combinations of images, but individual training images. Since convolutional autoencoder components are building blocks of deep convolutional networks, we envision that our findings will shed light on the important phenomenon of memorization in over-parameterized deep networks.

4 ways to use machine learning to improve customer experience 7wData


In a digital business environment, providing a quality customer experience -- on multiple digital fronts -- is not only a crucial aspect in modern business strategies, but it's also becominga key responsibility of the CIO. AI and machine learning tools have a significant role to play. According to Gartner, customer experience (CX) represents the majority of AI businessvalue through 2020. AI-driven customer experience projects are still nascent, however. AGartner survey found that 50%of customer experience professionals are using digital analytics or big data in their CRM/CX projects, but only 26% are using AI or machine learning.

Can artificial intelligence change construction?


IBM's Watson supercomputer has beat Jeopardy champions, reconstituted recipes, and even helped create highlight reels for the World Cup. Now it's taking on a new tech challenge; changing how the construction industry operates. A new partnership between IBM and Fluor, a global engineering and construction company, will put the supercomputer's computational skills to work on making building more efficient. The new Watson-based system, in development since 2015 and now in use on select projects, will be able to analyze a job site "like a doctor diagnoses a patient," according to Leslie Lindgren, Fluor's vice president of Information Management. That degree of risk analysis, predictive logistics, and comprehension is no small challenge given the complexity of today's construction megaprojects.