Memory-Based Learning: Instructional Materials

Use Machine Learning to Recognize Images With IBM Watson


Wouldn't it be great if an Android app could see and understand its surroundings? Can you imagine how much better its user interface could be if it could look at its users and instantly know their ages, genders, and emotions? Well, such an app might seem futuristic, but it's totally doable today. With the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service, creating mobile apps that can accurately detect and analyze objects in images is easier than ever. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use it to create a smart Android app that can guess a person's age and gender and identify prominent objects in a photograph.

University of Michigan Uses Machine Learning to Improve Student Writing


Beginning in fall 2017, some students and educators at the University of Michigan may be getting help on writing assignments from computers. Campus Technology reports that a team of educators developed a writing-to-learn tool called M-Write, which uses automated text analysis (ATA) to identify the strengths of a writing submission. Developed by two professors, the tool was initially meant to help students grow their conceptual learning skills in large courses and to help streamline the grading process, reports a UMich article. ATA works by "using a variety of text analysis techniques, such as vocabulary matching or topic matching, which the algorithm detects." Using M-Write also lets educators identify the students who are going to need help.