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How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Impact Project


In this article, we will discuss what I believe is one of the most significant issues facing the future of project management. Let me start by asking 3 questions. If you're a project manager and don't know the answers to those three questions, I suggest you read further because your career might depend on knowing them. So why is the 5th of December 2017 a significant date for those of us who take even a cursory interest in the development of AI and machine learning or what we call ML? The 5th of December 2017 was a pretty special day; on that day, one computer beat another computer at the Top Chess Engine Championship.

'Fall Guys' will join 'Fortnite' maker as Epic Games acquires Tonic Games Group

Washington Post - Technology News

The family friendly fun of "Fall Guys" seems like a fitting match with Epic Games' own viral, kid-appropriate game "Fortnite." It also expands Epic's portfolio from its game making software Unreal Engine, its storefront Epic Games Store and other acquisitions including the social media app, House Party. In 2019, Epic acquired Psyonix, the game developer behind the popular car-soccer game "Rocket League."

The 'Girl Games' of the '90s Were Fun and Feminist


Love her or hate her, you can't deny that Barbie has always been a game changer, and not just because she was the first doll with a waistline. In the mid-1990s, she changed games literally--computer games, that is. Women played a pivotal role in the development of arcade and early console-based video games. In the PC gaming industry, on the other hand, they were outnumbered and outranked by men, who almost always balked at the prospect of games for girls. As time passed, though, more and more research confirmed that girls were playing computer games, such as Myst and The Oregon Trail; they simply lacked games expressly created for them.

Valheim Is Changing How We Play Survival Games


With four million games sold on Steam Early Access in three weeks and overwhelmingly positive reviews, Valheim became a commercial and critical darling at an almost unprecedented speed. The viking survival game, developed by a small Swedish team at Iron Gate Studio, might appear to be an overnight success, but CEO Richard Svensson has been directly communicating with the gaming community about this project for years. In September of 2017, Svensson posted a video to his personal YouTube page that captures what seems to be the infancy stages of Valheim and demonstrates Svensson's philosophy of public communication concerning the game's ongoing development. When the game's working title was changed from Fejd (Swedish for "feud") to Valheim in 2018, Svensson noted the switch in the YouTube comments section. Video game studios can often be tight lipped during the development process, but Iron Gate Studio took the opposite approach, directly listened to what their players wanted, and built a vibrant community on Discord.

Maquette Goes Big on Metaphor but Light on Real Emotion


How late is too late? It's the question every finite relationship asks itself. Maybe tensions are running high. Worse, maybe they've come and gone, ebbed away, leaving something sullen and numb in their wake. Even if a salvage operation is possible, it comes only after you ask yourself that all-important question.

By opting out of video game, ND calls attention to NIL issue

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on The NCAA's proposal to permit athletes to earn money from endorsements would stand in the way of players' names, images and likenesses being used in EA Sports' new college football video game. Until that changes, Notre Dame doesn't want to be in the game. The Fighting Irish are not alone among major college football programs passing on inclusion in the rebooted game until players can get paid to be in it, too.

'Maquette' is a sweet story about love and loss, but too often a frustrating video game


Maquette is a story about a relationship that didn't work out, and the process of finding closure in an exploration of the memories left behind. Maquette is also a puzzle game that doesn't always work so well. These two layers are in constant contention as you work your way through what Annapurna Interactive, gaming's premiere arthouse publisher, describes as a "first-person recursive puzzle game." The framework for this fantastical concept is a goodbye letter. While hunting for his lost keys one day, Michael (Seth Gabel) comes across an old sketchbook he shared with his former love, Kenzie (Bryce Dallas Howard).

Jake, OWL's caster, player and (now) coach, on finding his future in esports

Washington Post - Technology News

Lyon: Well, just, hm, of course, there's the whole negotiation process but I think it's like during that process and evaluating my options at that point … I knew it was definitely a big inflection point in my career. The same way leaving playing to go cast is a huge change. Coming back in a new role, a different type of player than I once was, it's a huge change. Throughout that negotiation process, I thought a lot about what I wanted and what was my objective. Ultimately, I realized casting is something that is awesome and I enjoy it but I also feel like I can always cast.

Problem-Solving with Minecraft's Zombies

The New Yorker

Though not as venerable as novels based on movies, novelizations of video games have been a sturdy publishing genre for decades. Assassin's Creed, Halo, Donkey Kong Country--all have been rendered in what technically counts as prose. You wouldn't call these novels of ideas, probably, but that's what the Swedish gaming company Mojang got, in 2016, when it approved Max Brooks to write a book based on Minecraft, widely considered the best-selling video game of all time. In most iterations, Minecraft players enter a Lego-like universe where they must learn how to shelter and feed themselves, marshal resources, build stuff, and otherwise survive while coping with nightly mobs of zombies, skeletons, and other bad actors. There is an often ignored way to "win" Minecraft, but for most players the game is more a world to invent.

Pay what you want for this stacked video game development bundle


TL;DR: As of March 1, you can pay what you want for the Unity Game Development Bundle. Anyone who's even remotely into gaming knows that RDR2 is unrivaled graphics-wise, which begs an important question: How? Like many other leading gaming companies -- Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, to name a couple -- Rockstar has made its game engine a proprietary software. But that doesn't mean you have to dash your dreams of creating the next RDR2 just yet: There are plenty of game engines out there that are free for anyone to download and use. One of the most popular options is Unity, a versatile and powerful general-use game engine that's currently supported on 27 different platforms. Capable of creating both 3D and 2D designs, Unity is fantastic in that it's got options for developers of all skill levels.