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PokerBot: Create your poker AI bot in Python - Data Blogger


In this tutorial, you will learn step-by-step how to implement a poker bot in Python. First, we need an engine in which we can simulate our poker bot. It also has a GUI available which can graphically display a game. Both the engine and the GUI have excellent tutorials on their GitHub pages in how to use them. The choice for the engine (and/or the GUI) is arbitrary and can be replaced by any engine (and/or GUI) you like.

Minecraft Recipes For Dummies - Programmer Books


Want to find resources, make a shelter, craft tools, armor, and weapons, and protect yourself from monsters with Minecraft recipes? You've come to the right place! In a handy, portable edition that's packed with step-by-step instructions, Minecraft Recipes For Dummies makes it easy to look up the required items and figure out which blocks you need to gather to create each item. You'll get recipes for weapons, armor, transportation, mechanism, food, dye, wool, and brewing, as well as information on enchanting, repairing, gathering, farming, efficiency, and more. Minecraft is more than just a game: it's an obsession.

Facebook will use Minecraft to give its AI a crash course in listening to players' directions

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Minecraft is more than just a game, according to Facebook, it also makes an ideal training ground for sophisticated artificial intelligence. The company says it will use Minecraft, a popular sandbox-style building and adventure game, to train an AI assistant on one of the most important human abilities: multi-tasking. 'Instead of superhuman performance on a single difficult task, we are interested in competency across a large number of simpler tasks, specified (perhaps poorly) by humans,' researchers say in a proposal paper. The bot will be able to interact with players and then perform tasks based on requests like'come here' or'can you build a circle there?' Minecraft was created in 2009. At the start of the game, a player is put into a'virtually infinite game world.'

Build Virtual Reality Games Tutorial for Android and iPhone Simpliv


By now everyone has heard about Virtual Reality games. We are at the beginning of a new era where people are immersed into virtual worlds and they get to be or do anything they wish. Now is the time to start making virtual reality games. This is what this course will teach you. Whether you have no experience making games with Unity or you are a seasoned developer, this course will get you up and running in no time. You will be shown how to start making VR games from scratch and publish them in the Apple app store and Google Play store.

12 Best Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials, Courses & Training 2019 JA Directives


Do you want to learn building Unreal Engine 4 Games? Unreal Engine games are turning heads on IGN, Polygon and GameSpot's lists of highly-anticipated titles for 2019 and moving on. The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative industry with fast-moving tech development. These Unreal Engine 4 Courses will guide you to excel at Unreal Engine, UE4, and C . To build high-quality virtual reality video games and modern game design you need to learn Unreal Engine and C .

21 Best Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials for Beginners Digital Learning Land


Are you looking for Best Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials for Beginners, Training Course 2019? Here are the best courses offering for you. Unreal Engine 4 is the latest version of Unreal Engine. The gaming industry is now ranking the pick and who want to part in this surely grow in future. How to get started with game development, a lot of thinking running through your mind. In this best Unreal Engine 4 tutorials for beginners clear all things that you need to know. Unreal Engine is the most popular game engine in this present world of game development. In coming up with the games and various interactive 3D content Unreal Engine is considered as an ultimate one for it helps. In this present world, the game development sector Unreal Engine 4 is very demanding. The purpose of this Unreal Engine C teach the learner the basics of C . And provide help them to make the First 4 video game in Unreal engine also with help the engine behind Fortinite and interactive tutorial. This course offering for the students who are willing to learn and the ability to work hard.

Want to build the next 'Flappy Bird' from your couch? Start with a course on game development.


February 10th, 2019 will mark five years since Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen pulled the beloved game from the App Store and Google Play, causing worldwide hysteria. Devices with the game pre-installed were even put up for sale for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Fast forward to 2017, the game has effectively become extinct. Flappy Bird, as we know it, is now gone...but it will never ever be forgotten. Convinced you could make a game people would love this much?

Ultimate Unity Masterclass: Learn To Create Amazing Video Games


Build your way to Unity game development & learn to create best-selling video games. Take this exclusive Unity class built by expert instructors. In what is the most in-depth course on Unity 2D and 3D available on the web, you will learn how to make your own C# games using Unity 3D. You will also learn the fundamentals of game design and development that apply not only to games created on the Unity platform. If you've always wanted to become a video game developer and wondered how to make your own games, this Unity 3D and Unity 2D tutorial is the perfect resource for you.

Unity Tutorials: Database Interaction The Ultimate PHP & MySQL Course


So, you've finished a few Unity tutorials and created a game. Now, you would like to set up an authentication system for it but don't know how? This is a tutorial for you! Through this course, you'll discover how to create a backend layer to store and retrieve data for your video games. You'll learn SQL and PHP basics and understand how Unity interacts with other systems.

Learn to build your own video games with this set of Unity development online courses


It can be overwhelming for a newbie who has never dealt with code before to dive into game development head first, but the Complete Unity Game Developer Bundle (on sale for only $39) is beginner friendly and will guide you through game creation from start to finish. Across seven courses and over 200 lessons, you'll get to explore the different facets of making a game, beginning with animation and ending with monetization. You'll learn procedural content generation, in which you'll study how to automate building in-game elements, and immerse yourself in Cinemachine, a Unity-exclusive tool where you can produce cinematic content that drives your game's story. You'll also get up to speed with the C# language, which you can later apply in developing mobile games. And you'll learn how to create self-destructing AdMob banner ads so you can make dolla dolla billz with your games.