How to Make Your Chatbot Interesting to Humans? Simple Hacks to Develop User-Friendly Bot


Living in this technology-driven world, it is not surprising for every second person to fantasize the buzzword'artificial intelligence (AI)'. Though the concept of AI is much deeper than you would have imagined in the wildest of your dreams, chatbot can be considered as just a teaser of Artificial Intelligence theory.

Applications Of Machine Learning For Designers – Smashing Magazine


As a designer, you will be facing more demands and opportunities to work with digital systems that embody machine learning. To have your say about how best to use it, you need a good understanding about its applications and related design patterns.

DANIEL BOBROW Obituary: DANIEL BOBROW's Obituary by the New York Times.

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Daniel (Danny) Bobrow passed away peacefully at home with his wife Toni and daughters Kimberly and Deborah in Palo Alto, California, on March 20, 2017, having bravely fought a five-month battle with cancer. A pioneer with a long and distinguished research career in Artificial Intelligence as a Research Fellow in the System Sciences Laboratory of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), he is remembered as a mentor, friend, and role model for many. Danny served as president of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), president of the Cognitive Science Society, editor-in-chief of the Artificial Intelligence Journal, and also was a recipient of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Software Systems Award and a fellow of both the ACM and AAAI. Danny is survived by his wife, Toni Wagner Bobrow; his children, Kimberly Bobrow Jennery, Deborah Bobrow, and Jordan Bobrow; and his brothers, Michael Bobrow, Robert (Rusty) Bobrow, and Eric Bobrow.

Analysis Why Amazon thought that the Mets' David Wright was 234 years old


If you pick up your iPhone and ask Apple's personal assistant software the age of Mets third baseman David Wright, you get a direct answer: Wright, born in 1982, is 34 years old. You also get some ancillary information: A photo, his height, a nickname that no one uses.

Machine Learning and the Intel Xeon Phi Processor - insideHPC


Machine Learning (ML) is an exciting new subfield of computer science. With origins in pattern recognition, today's hardware and software advances have made ML a new tool for many types of organizations I order to remain competitive. With today's hardware, massive amounts of data can be fed into a system, which can then use algorithms to determine possible outcomes of a task, and store that information for further use.

What Every Business Should Know About Chatbots - CIOL


The latest technology to catch the fancy of a lot of businesses are chatbots--self-learning computer programs designed to have intelligent conversations with humans over the Internet.

Tata Capital launches Artificial Intelligence based chatbot


Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group, unveiled its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based online Chatbot which, through its unique natural language and cognitive learning capabilities, understands and provides a response to individual online queries around its financial services products.