Amazon has developed an AI fashion designer


The effort points to ways in which Amazon and other companies could try to improve the tracking of trends in other areas of retail--making recommendations based on products popping up in social-media posts, for instance. For instance, one group of Amazon researchers based in Israel developed machine learning that, by analyzing just a few labels attached to images, can deduce whether a particular look can be considered stylish. An Amazon team at Lab126, a research center based in San Francisco, has developed an algorithm that learns about a particular style of fashion from images, and can then generate new items in similar styles from scratch--essentially, a simple AI fashion designer. The event included mostly academic researchers who are exploring ways for machines to understand fashion trends.

Face-reading AI will be able to detect your politics and IQ, professor says


Michal Kosinski – the Stanford University professor who went viral last week for research suggesting that artificial intelligence (AI) can detect whether people are gay or straight based on photos – said sexual orientation was just one of many characteristics that algorithms would be able to predict through facial recognition. Kosinski, an assistant professor of organizational behavior, said he was studying links between facial features and political preferences, with preliminary results showing that AI is effective at guessing people's ideologies based on their faces. That means political leanings are possibly linked to genetics or developmental factors, which could result in detectable facial differences. Facial recognition may also be used to make inferences about IQ, said Kosinski, suggesting a future in which schools could use the results of facial scans when considering prospective students.

The Conversation About Conversational AI: How Chatbots And AI Bots Will Impact Your Business Metrics


From improved key performance indicators like customer conversion to better results in user-behavior-based metrics such as engagement rates, both chatbots and AI bots provide a foundation for sustainable business growth through improved user experiences, scalability, and low overhead, high return efficiency. Regardless of whether a business uses focalized chatbot technology or more advanced AI bots, businesses can advance the user experience with bots while managing expenses. Regarding specific metric growth, chatbots and AI bots help users to achieve desired actions, meaning a lift in conversion, one of the most vital metrics to master. Bots in customer service retain customers through shortened wait times and available user assistance to get customers through the sales process and other actions easily.

Telecom Companies Turn To Drones For Help After Hurricanes


A drone is flown during a property inspection following Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The mass destruction brought on by Harvey has been a seminal moment for drone operators, proving that they can effectively map flooding, locate people in need of rescue and verify damage to speed insurance claims. The mass destruction brought on by Harvey has been a seminal moment for drone operators, proving that they can effectively map flooding, locate people in need of rescue and verify damage to speed insurance claims. According to Kate Harris, a spokesperson for Verizon, the company began using drones last October during Hurricane Matthew to inspect cell towers in North Carolina.

IBM aims to advance AI--and keep up with Google and Facebook--through an ambitious new project at MIT


A new $240 million center at MIT may help advance the field of artificial intelligence by developing novel devices and materials to power the latest machine-learning algorithms. The project, announced by IBM and MIT today, will research new approaches in deep learning, a technique in AI that has led to big advances in areas such as machine vision and voice recognition. But it will also explore completely new computing devices, materials, and physical phenomena, including efforts to harness quantum computers--exotic but potentially very powerful new machines--to make AI even more capable. And it will study the economic impact of artificial intelligence and automation, a hugely significant issue for society.

Siri and Alexa can be turned against you by ultrasound whispers

New Scientist

Assistants falling for the ploy included Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri, Google Now, Samsung S Voice, Microsoft Cortana and Huawei HiVoice, as well as some voice control systems used in cars. When a voice assistant hears these sounds, they still recognise them as legitimate commands, even though they are imperceptible to the human ear. The owner's voice had to be surreptitiously recorded for playback as Apple's system recognises the speaker. To secure voice assistants in the future, sounds outside the human voice range could be suppressed or machine learning algorithms could listen out for similar style attacks, Vaidya says.

The future of computing as predicted by nine science-fiction machines

The Guardian

"Our vision is to create that Star Trek computer and work backwards from that. And as with Star Trek's prediction of the iPad, the various voice assistants arguably wouldn't have come to be if Gene Roddenberry hadn't dreamed up the ever-present computer for Star Trek: The Next Generation, voiced by his wife, Majel Barrett. If Marvel's Iron Man is to believed, our AI assistants are more likely to be wise-cracking buddies with serious personality, possibly voiced by Paul Bettany, rather than the dulcet tones of Johansson. As Jarvis, Bettany has access to the internet, can control almost everything in Tony Stark's life, including his Iron Man suit, and comes across as having the smarts of a real life personal assistant.

Drones Play Increasing Role in Harvey Recovery Efforts

Wall Street Journal

Before the devastation throughout southern Texas, lawmakers and trade groups representing drone manufacturers specifically urged the FAA to adopt policies providing swift regulatory exemptions in the event of emergency applications. Since the FAA began clearing the way for unmanned aircraft around Houston, people familiar with the details said at least one company has received the green light to survey coastal damage using drones operating beyond the sight of ground-based pilots. Despite FAA flexibility, drone industry groups have called for further easing of rules. All drone operations were prohibited without specific FAA approval, and the FAA explicitly warned that "flying an unauthorized drone could interfere" with official rescue and recovery efforts.

Sony's Speaker Looks Like HomePod, Works Like Google Home


Every smart speaker has its advantages. With Google Home, you have the full power of Google search at your beck and call. At the IFA trade show in Berlin, Sony announced a speaker that cribs the best from an Echo, Home, and HomePod, all rolled into one terribly-named device. The new LF-S50G speaker, which looks like the HomePod, supposedly sounds just as good, and comes with Google Assistant built-in.

How Machine Learning Enhances The Value Of Industrial Internet of Things


They are taking advantage of cloud storage, Big Data and Big Compute capabilities offered by large public cloud providers. IIoT platforms include extensible data processing pipelines capable of dealing with real-time data that demands immediate attention along with data that only makes sense over a period. Enterprise IoT platforms embed a sophisticated rules engine that can dynamically evaluate complex patterns from the inbound sensor data streams. One of the key areas of Machine Learning is finding patterns from existing dataset to group similar data points (classification) and to predict the value of future data points.