Xbox Adaptive Controller a 'first' for disabled gamers

BBC News

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat's Gaming Reporter Steffan Powell has been given exclusive access to the new device and met some of those it's designed to help.

Amazon Echo helps push digital radio audience past FM

The Guardian

The popularity of Amazon's Echo smart speakers has helped push the audience for digital radio past that of FM and AM in the UK for the first time. The milestone, which was reached in the first quarter of this year, could prompt the government to launch a review to evaluate whether it should switch off the FM signal. Digital, which covers listening via digital audio broadcasting (DAB) sets in homes and cars, televisions and through services such as Echo, hit a record share of 50.9% of all radio listening in the three months to March. Amazon's smart speakers, powered by the virtual assistant Alexa, have helped reinvent the medium for a new, tech-savvy generation, many of whom have failed to embrace traditional radio listening. Listening online and via apps proved to be by far the fastest-growing segment of digital consumption, with hours of listening in the first quarter surging by 14m (17%) year on year to 95m hours.

How to find everything Microsoft knows about you


How to solve unexpected reboots, freezes, slowness and overheating on Macs and PCs. Chances are, Microsoft knows quite a bit about you. Privacy issues are all over the news rights now, with concern growing about what companies know about you and how they are using your information. While Facebook made headlines with its Cambridge Analytica scandal, Internet users are also wondering what information other tech businesses are gathering. If you'd like to know what Facebook knows about you, here are the stops to find out.

Amazon's Alexa will now thank kids for saying 'please' — preferably on a Echo Dot Kids


A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Echo Dot Kids Edition comes in blue, red and green. Politeness counts, at least when your child asks Alexa a question on an Amazon Echo speaker. Soon, when your youngster asks Alexa to solve a math problem by exhibiting good manners--"Alexa, please tell me what 5 plus 7 is"--the voice inside the Echo will not only supply the right answer, but will then add positive reinforcement: "By the way, thanks for asking so nicely." This new "magic word" feature, as Amazon calls it, starts to roll out via a software upgrade for the Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot smart speakers on May 9, as part of a set of free parental controls called FreeTime for Alexa.

BBC Radio 1 announces major schedule changes

BBC News

BBC Radio 1 has announced a major overhaul of its line-up, with the weekend schedule now starting on Fridays. Nick Grimshaw, Clara Amfo and Greg James will go down to hosting four shows a week as a result. New Friday shows have been announced for Maya Jama and The Saturdays' Mollie King as part of the changes, and Scott Mills will now host the chart show. Dev and Alice Levine will present the breakfast show from Friday to Sunday. Ben Cooper, controller of BBC Radio 1, said: "The weekend will start here at Radio 1 on a Friday morning giving our young audience that feel-good factor a day early.

Using big data and machine learning to respond to the refugee crisis in Uganda


Hosting over 1.2 million refugees from South Sudan, Uganda has one of the most favorable refugee protection environments in the world, providing refugees with freedom of movement, the right to work, and access to social services through a generous asylum policy (the Refugee Act of 2006 and the Refugee Regulations of 2010). " […] Uganda embraces children […] Uganda allows us to go to school," says Hindiyo Abdulkadir, a young representative of refugees speaking at the Uganda Solidarity Summit on Refugees. The country is experiencing the fastest growing refugee community in the world that has a far-reaching economic and social impact. Most settlements for South Sudanese refugees are based in the north of Uganda where an average of 2,000 refugees arrive every day. The mass influx to this poor area of the country is putting a strain on resources like land, firewood and water.

#460 Rocket Scientist Frank Cho Shares How Artificial Intelligence Helps Businesses Build High Performing Teams - Barry Moltz


On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about how my first guest discovered how artificial intelligence paired with behavioral science helps businesses build high-performing teams. We also discuss other applications for A.I. in business. Then, we talk to a small business owner who is using Fulfillment by Amazon to operate and grow their business. Plus, I show you how to get your small business unstuck. Finally, we'll discuss how small business owners can prepare for the holiday rush and survive the holiday season.

Tech Q&A: Eavesdropping Echo, flammable laptops, switching to Android and more

FOX News

Want to know more about Amazon Echo, the HP laptop battery recall, ransomware, web printing and switching to Android? I have an Amazon Echo. I am really concerned it is listening all the time. Does it have any privacy settings? A: The fact remains that Echo records all of your commands, and the microphone is always active because the device is always listening for a "wake phrase."

Xconomy: Six Useful Things You Can Do With Your New Smart Speaker


TL;DR: It's time to buy a smart speaker. It will be a long time before they're as empathetic as Samantha in Her or as industrious as Rosie in The Jetsons. But they can already make your life easier, or at least more interesting, in a few key ways. So you might as well break down and get one.

The best Alexa commands to try with your new Echo

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No matter how many Amazon Echo commercials you see, it takes a little time to adjust to Alexa. Putting a virtual assistant in your home signals a change in lifestyle, sort of like adopting a puppy. There will be a lot of trial-and-error, but once you find your rhythm, you'll forget what life was like without her.