Microsoft HoloLens: How mixed reality is finding fans in the hard hat gang


So far, the people who are really using mixed reality headsets like Microsoft's Hololens are in industry, which is why the integrated hard hat was such a keenly-awaited accessory. Aviad Almagor is director of the mixed-reality program at land survey and construction company Trimble, which has been working with Microsoft on Hololens. Almagor worked with an architect in California who was presenting the redesign of the abandoned Packard plant in Detroit at the Venice Biennale design festival in Italy. "It's a project that's half a mile long, it's got pretty complex geography; it's in several segments, all of which are complex spaces," said Almagor. "With mixed reality, you can move from the tabletop scale view, which helps you understand the relationships between the different segments in the project, to full immersive view at a one to one scale, so you can physically walk through the design and see how a visitor will experience the design.

Digging Deep: Harnessing the Power of Soil Microbes for More Sustainable Farming


This farm in Arkansas may soon be the most scientifically advanced farm in the world. There's a farm in Arkansas growing soybeans, corn, and rice that is aiming to be the most scientifically advanced farm in the world. Soil samples are run through powerful machines to have their microbes genetically sequenced, drones are flying overhead taking hyperspectral images of the crops, and soon supercomputers will be crunching the massive volumes of data collected. Scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), working with the University of Arkansas and Glennoe Farms, hope this project, which brings together molecular biology, biogeochemistry, environmental sensing technologies, and machine learning, will revolutionize agriculture and create sustainable farming practices that benefit both the environment and farms. If successful, they envision being able to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and enhance soil carbon uptake, thus improving the long-term viability of the land, while at the same time increasing crop yields.

Health Catalyst unveils AI tool that 'borrows from Amazon and Netflix'


Health Catalyst introduced Touchstone at HIMSS18 and, in so doing, described it as a performance discovery, prioritization, benchmarking and recommendation tool. "Touchstone is built from the ground up on the latest AI and software from Silicon Valley," said Dale Sanders, President of Technology, Health Catalyst. "Touchstone's recommendation engine, which borrows from Amazon and Netflix, gives you not just comparative benchmarks but recommendations to improve your performance against benchmarks." The technology includes risk models based on artificial intelligence and anomaly detection algorithms that hospitals can use to pinpoint underperforming areas. Touchstone performs risk-adjusted benchmarking by culling data in claims, cost-accounting systems, EHRs, external benchmarks and operations to risk-adjust benchmarking, to "guide users to the data and analyses of greatest relevance to their work and to the organization's goals," the company said.

The hidden super hero in Black Panther: Shuri, Chief Inventor


"Just because something works, doesn't mean it can't be improved." She has an innovative spirit and mind, and she wants to take her African nation of Wakanda to a new level. Wakanda is a world in which women play an equal and vital role, and can ascend to any position. Shuri possesses the genius to take vibranium -- the precious metal that fuels Wakanda's technology -- to drive new innovations that keeps this African country more advanced than all others. Technological change and advancement is often the focus of the future.

Komatsu Mining Customer Success Cloudera


Komatsu Mining Corp, formerly Joy Global, is a global mining equipment and services provider specializing in solutions for the excavation of energy, industrial and hard rock minerals.

Trump steel tariffs: IMF warns plan would hurt US

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has joined criticism of Donald Trump's plan to impose a 25% tariff on steel imports and 10% on aluminium.

Trump steel tariffs: European Union gears up for trade war

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European Union officials have said they will respond "firmly" if US President Donald Trump presses ahead with his plan for steep global duties on metals.

The rise of machine intelligence in agriculture


Future generations will likely look back at the development of machine learning as a turning point. It certainly is convenient to dispense with keyboards and touchscreens in favor of using ordinary speech to tell your iPhone, Android or Alexa device what you want it to do. But machine learning's far more consequential contributions to society will be found in the fields of agriculture.

Indoor vertical farming in Asia and beyond: Digging deep in data - Asia News Center


And through all those millennia, farmers have literally battled the elements. They have read the seasons and bred new crop types largely through trial and error. By the late 20th century we had increased food production with mechanization, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, irrigation and a lot more. Today, humankind is growing more food than ever. But, here's a crucial question: How long can we keep farming like this?