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Learn to make 3D video games — no coding experience required


TL;DR: Create your own 3D video game with The Complete GameGuru Bundle for $29.99, an 85% savings as of July 2. Every video game fan, at some point, has dreamt of making their own. But, of course, there are quite a few obstacles to such a dream. Fortunately, a lack of programming skills doesn't have to be one of them. With the Complete GameGuru Bundle, even complete coding novices can create their very own 3D video games. Designed for gaming enthusiasts without programming or design expertise, GameGuru is a non-technical and fun game maker that makes the game creation process easy and enjoyable.

IBM uses AI to enhance old Wimbledon tennis footage for the digital era


Along with just about every other major sporting event, the Wimbledon grand slam tennis tournament was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 crisis. However, organizers at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (AELTC) have tapped long-time partner IBM to create a virtual two-week event consisting of classic matches dating back more than 40 years. To go beyond just bringing old matches to modern digital platforms, IBM and AELTC have leveraged AI techniques to revitalize old footage and appeal to modern viewers. With matches stretching as far back as 1977, a wide range of video quality is to be expected, and older recordings tend to have an issue with visual "noise." "To the naked eye, this noise is like static in the image, with color pixels dancing," IBM executive Sam Seddon told VentureBeat.

Tackling massive uncertainty in supply chains with AI


Disruption to supply chains as the pandemic swept the globe has led many companies to reevaluate how well-equipped they are to handle system-wide volatility across networks. How is anyone to make sense of demand and supply patterns and manage overall health in the midst of this pandemic -- which has introduced a level of uncertainty that current enterprise tools are not designed to process? Working closely with our customers on a daily basis, we are being asked to help make sense of their demand signals across complex networks and hierarchies. We are also helping them predict and respond to impending supply imbalances within their 0-12 week execution windows, a critical source of value leakage and especially pertinent in current times. Faced with this fast-paced, multi-dimensional chess-game, customers need clear planning recommendations that improve fill rates, reduce inventory, minimize write-offs and control logistics spend.

NEWS: Humanoid AI Robot To Take the Role of Lead Actress in an Upcoming Sci-Fi Film -- The Confessionals


Robots are likely to replace a lot of jobs in the future, but these roles are generally well-suited to automation. For some jobs -- particularly creative professions -- it'll be much harder to simply swap in a digital employee. But as a forthcoming feature film proves, it won't be impossible. According to Hollywood Reporter, science-fiction movie b will be the first to rely on an artificially intelligent actor. Meet Erica (pictured above), a humanoid robot that will take center stage in Life Productions' $70 million picture, which tells the tale of a scientist tasked with creating perfect human DNA.

Ms Marvel: Trailblazing Muslim superhero goes gaming

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"It's the representation in gaming I've waited for my whole life." Marvel's Avengers are assembling once again, not on the big screen, but for a blockbuster video game. It features many of the superheroes you might expect, including Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America. But they are joined by a new addition: Kamala Khan. The Muslim-American teenager of Pakistani heritage, who has shape-shifting abilities, is the latest character to adopt the Ms Marvel moniker.

Spiketrap Announces $3M Seed Funding to Help Brands


Spiketrap, an AI-powered consumer intelligence platform, announces that it has closed a $3M seed round led by Susa Ventures with participation from 645 Ventures, Pathbreaker Ventures, Oceans Ventures, WndrCo, SV Angel, Anorak Ventures, Harry Stebbings of 20VC, as well as strategic angels. Ninety percent of all data on the internet is unstructured, and brands that neglect this data are making major decisions on a fraction of total information. Spiketrap's AI-powered platform enables companies and brands to understand conversations at scale in real-time, accelerating customers' speed-to-insight and providing rich data for data-driven decision-making. Its proprietary technology is capable of ingesting massive amounts of data in real-time and to contextually understand what is being discussed while eliminating spam and noise. "As an investor, I've never seen a product become indispensable for the top companies in an industry so quickly," says Leo Polovets, Co-Founder and General Partner, Susa Ventures.

Using machine learning to predict NBA All-Stars, Part 2: Modelling


By nature, this isn't a time series forecasting problem, but we still have some features that aren't stationary with time. This has the potential to distort the model and lead to poorer results if left unchecked. Average pace is defined by the number of possessions a team uses per game, and this varies across different NBA eras (e.g. 90 in '04 versus 100 in '18). Consequently, a player averaging 30ppg in 2018 should be held to the same standard as a player averaging 27ppg in 2004. So, we divide all the pace-dependent features (points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, 3pm) by the league average pace in that season to rectify this issue. It's at this point where we create the Play Pct.

'GTA V' brings transphobia to the next console generation


Imagine there's a marquee game coming out next year from one of the coolest AAA video game studios in the world, and its first round of marketing has just gone live. It's nighttime in the game and the streamer, playing as a middle-aged man, approaches a group of people standing outside of a club. They're all broad-shouldered with cut biceps, and they're wearing an assortment of wigs, crop tops, mini skirts, lace stockings and bikini bottoms. Chest hair pokes out from some of their shirts, and under layers of dramatic makeup, a few jawlines are dusted with stubble. The tight clothing highlights obvious crotch-level bulges.

Video game 'The Last of Us Part II' advances accessibility options for disabled gamers

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The video game "The Last of Us Part II" is already proven to be a hit for the Sony PlayStation 4. But for some gamers, the much-hyped release means more – the cinematic thriller breaks new ground with features that make it easier for disabled players to play along. As video game consoles have evolved, developers have been able to design games that are more accessible."Gears And tech hardware such as Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller, released in 2018, has also made games easier to play for those with a disability. Game developers have also begun soliciting the advice of disabled gamers to make their titles more accessible for the 46 million or so gamers in the U.S. alone who are disabled, according to researchers at the AbleGamers charity, a non-profit that advocates for and assists gamers who are disabled. "The Last of Us Part II," released last month ($59.99, "I can say they definitely raised the bar," said AbleGamers founder and executive director Mark Barlet. Sony-owned studio that created the game and others such as the Uncharted series, set out to address issues faced by the disabled. In 2016's "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End," the designers made it easier to make moves on a controller for those with motion limitations. A year later, the studio invited disability advocate and game consultant Brandon Cole, who is blind, to speak to developers there as development on "The Last of Us Part II' was beginning.

PlayStation 4's newest video game hit has 60 accessibility settings for impaired players

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In ‘The Last of Us Part II' video game there are 60 accessibility settings, including hearing options, features for low-vision and blind players.