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Understanding the Future of Humans, AI and Quantum Computers – NextBigFuture.com


I believe it is likely that we will have 10,000 qubit quantum computers within 5 to 10 years. There is rapidly advancing work by IonQ with trapped ion quantum computers and a range of superconducting quantum computer systems by Google, IBM, Intel, Rigetti and 2000-5000 qubit quantum annealing computers by D-Wave Systems. They will be beyond not just any regular computer today but any non-quantum computer ever for those kinds of problems. Those quantum computers will help improve artificial intelligence systems. How certain is this development? What will it mean for humans and our world?

Reinforcement Learning 10: Classic Games Case Study


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Postmates' Quest to Build the Delivery Robot of the Future


Hanging on the wall of Postmates' stealth R&D laboratory, there's a framed photo of an iconic scene from Star Wars, Luke Skywalker bent down beside R2D2. Except someone has used Photoshop to replace Luke's face with Ali Kashani, Postmates' VP of Robotics. Nevermind that Kashani has never seen Star Wars (he considers this a point of pride). Kashani recognizes the symbolism of his face in a world where robots roll around next to people, where bots act almost like friends. Kashani joined Postmates a year and a half ago, with a special mission to bring robots to the company.

Pokemon Go players can finally battle against each other, as PvP arrives years after game's release

The Independent

It's the feature most players will have been waiting for so long they'll never actually get to use it, but Pokemon Go has finally allowed players to battle in the game. The introduction of player versus player fights arrives in the latest update to the game and lets Pokemon trainers use the creatures and skills they've honed over more than two years to take on friends. Battles had been a notably missing part of the game since it was released in the summer of 2016. Now developers say they have finally arrived, with players receiving special rewards for playing them. Developers are clear that the matches won't only reward players who have the strongest Pokemon and the best moves, privileging those who have been playing for a while.

Amazon brings Alexa's Follow-Up Mode to Fire TV Cube


Last week, Amazon updated Fire TV Cube with the Alexa Announcements feature (which lets you dictate a message that the other Echo devices in your home will broadcast) and notifications from your smart doorbell and camera. With Follow-Up Mode, you can ask Alexa for additional information or to carry out further actions after your initial request. So, when you say something like "Alexa, show me comedy movies" and it displays a selection of such films on your TV, you can ask it to play a certain flick without having to say "Alexa" again. You might also use Follow-Up Mode to ask for extra info about the weather or items on a list. You'll need to switch on the feature from the settings in the Alexa app if you'd like to use it.

Taylor Swift used facial recognition at a concert to detect stalkers


While facial recognition is increasingly being used by authorities to keep track of wrongdoers, entertainers have employed the tech as well – to keep track of stalkers. As per Rolling Stone, at Taylor Swift's Rose Bowl concert in May, a kiosk was set up where it was playing clips of the pop star's rehearsal. Little did concertgoers know was that a camera was hiding behind the kiosk's screen, where a facial recognition camera was snapping photos and transferring them to a Nashville-based "command post." The images were then checked with a database of the singer's known list of stalkers, which numbers in the hundreds. "Everybody who went by would stop and stare at it, and the software would start working," Mike Downing, chief security officer of Oak View Group, told the publication.

Instead of replicating the past, artificial intelligence should be used to create the art of the future


Last week, the world's leading experts in artificial intelligence converged on the Canadian city of Montreal for one of the biggest gatherings in their field. On Saturday, the 2018 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) hosted a workshop titled "AI for Social Good". The assembled crowd were not treated to the usual conference staples of robot demonstrations or video presentations showcasing new algorithms that promise to revolutionise healthcare systems. Instead, they were greeted with a solo performance by the superstar cellist Yo-Yo Ma, followed by a session on artificial intelligence, ethics and the arts. The history of artificial intelligence is littered with algorithms that were supposed to mimic the most complex feats of human creativity, from problem-solving to writing poems, composing music and painting portraits.

10 gifts for men UK: Best gift ideas for the man in your life


Buying gifts for men is notoriously tricky. Can you be sure that he is going to like it? And are you certain that he doesn't already have something similar? It can sometimes feel like an impossible task. It's all well and good if he gives you clear direction, but that takes some of the fun away from the gift giving experience.

Fortnite's new Creative mode: a game-changer

The Guardian

Every three months something gigantic happens in the lives of 200m video game players: Fortnite Battle Royale starts a new season. The seventh of these launched on Thursday, bringing a variety of additions to the online multiplayer shooting game, but the most important of these is surely the Creative mode, a whole new element that allows players to build their own Fortnite landscapes and share them with the world. For the uninitiated, Fortnite Battle Royale (as opposed to Fortnite Save the World, a linked but different version of the game) puts 100 players on an island together where they must search for guns and equipment and then fight until only one player remains. They begin on a large island filled with houses, shops, factories and sports arenas, but a huge storm rolls in progressively through the game, forcing combatants into an ever smaller area. The visuals are bright, brash and cartoony, and the locations are silly, from fast-food joints with enormous burger-headed statues, to toilet factories and spooky castles.

Meghan Markle is named as Google's most searched query for 2018 in the UK

Daily Mail

Meghan Markle was the most Googled person in Britain this year, the tech giant has revealed. The American actress, who married Prince Harry in May, has seen more people look up her name than any other figure in the UK. This is the second time the former Suits star has soared to the top of the search engine's'top trending people' list. Meghan Markle was the most Googled person in Britain this year, the tech giant has revealed. This is the second time the former Suits star has soared to the top of the search engine's'top trending people' list Celebrity Big Brother contestant Roxanne Pallett came in second place.