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Xbox at Gamescom: Microsoft announces latest updates to Forza, PUBG and State of Decay as well as new console bundles

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Microsoft has announced a whole host of Xbox updates, including new accessories and games. During the Gamescom event during which the future of the console was revealed, there were updates on just about every upcoming big game: details about Forza Horizon 4 were revealed, for instance, in the form of the Team Adventure mode that lets players compete together while taking on the world in races, games and other modes. And there was important information about existing ones, too. Xbox announced that PUBG will finally leave the Xbox Game Preview, for instance, meaning that it is at last considered a full game after developers struggled to make it work properly. The I.F.O. is fuelled by eight electric engines, which is able to push the flying object to an estimated top speed of about 120mph.

Porn company offers to turn customers into adult film stars using deepfakes


When deepfakes burst onto the scene last year, it didn't take long for the new image-manipulation technology to go from harmless online fun to troubling tool for online harassment. However, one company is looking to shift the conversation back, strangely enough, with porn. One of the first uses of deepfakes was the swapping the faces of porn actors and actresses with those of celebrities, a big part of what led to deepfake bans across the web. However, the adult film company Naughty America is looking to flip the telescope on that kind of scenario and make it 100 percent consensual. Naughty America's new service lets customers insert images of themselves into scenes, transport porn stars to a whole new setting by changing the background, and, in one example, blend together the facial features of two different actors.

'Devil May Cry 5' hits Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 8th, 2019


Devil May Cry 5 is due to land on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 8th, 2019, Capcom announced today during the special Gamescom edition of the Inside Xbox livestream. Devil May Cry 5 is the sequel to Devil May Cry 4, which came out in 2008, and it marks the return of series shepherd Hideaki Itsuno as director. Ninja Theory briefly took over the franchise with DmC: Devil May Cry in 2013, and while Devil May Cry 5 takes some styling tips from that game, it doesn't follow its storyline directly. Devil May Cry 5 picks up where Devil May Cry 4 left off, and it stars three playable characters: Dante, Nero and an unknown protagonist in a long black trench vest. Nero historically has a demon-powered arm called Devil Bringer, and it's ripped from his body at the beginning of Devil May Cry 5. It's replaced by a series of robotic arms (called Devil Breakers) created by Nero's partner in demon-fighting crime, Nico.

Mapping of cells and proteins improved with help of gamers and AI


The advances were reported by a collaboration between KTH Royal Institute of Technology, CCP Games and Massively Multiplayer Online Science. In a study published in the September issue of Nature Biotechnology, the researchers found that gamers, or "citizen scientists," helped boost the AI system used for predicting protein localization on a subcellular level. The combination of crowdsourcing and AI led to improved classification of subcellular protein patterns and the first-time identification of 10 new members of the family of cellular structures known as "Rods & Rings," says Emma Lundberg, a researcher from KTH who leads the Cell Atlas, part of the Human Protein Atlas, at the Science for Life joint research center. Lundberg says the data is being actively integrated into the publicly-available Human Protein Atlas database and will be a resource for researchers worldwide who are working towards a greater understanding of human cells, proteins and disease development. The researchers partnered with Massively Multiplayer Online Science and CCP Games to integrate analysis of protein localization from the Human Protein Atlas Cell Atlas images directly into EVE Online, a popular massively multiplayer online game.

Schooling Flappy Bird: A Reinforcement Learning Tutorial


In classical programming, software instructions are explicitly made by programmers and nothing is learned from the data at all. In contrast, machine learning is a field of computer science which uses statistical methods to enable computers to learn and to extract knowledge from the data without being explicitly programmed. In this reinforcement learning tutorial, I'll show how we can use PyTorch to teach a reinforcement learning neural network how to play Flappy Bird. But first, we'll need to cover a number of building blocks. Machine learning algorithms can roughly be divided into two parts: Traditional learning algorithms and deep learning algorithms. Traditional learning algorithms usually have much fewer learnable parameters than deep learning algorithms and have much less learning capacity. Also, traditional learning algorithms are not able to do feature extraction: Artificial intelligence specialists need to figure out a good data representation which is then sent to the learning algorithm. Examples of traditional machine learning techniques include SVM, random forest, decision tree, and $k$-means, whereas the central algorithm in deep learning is the deep neural network.

Oxygrams with AI Communications Pattern Analysis


Oxygram is a free news and multimedia platform with advanced AI communications pattern search for iPhone and iPad. Oxygram is a complete platform which can be customized for client needs. That is, instead of getting stuck with the privacy failings, absurd news policy restrictions and lack of control over content, we can customize for your specific needs. Oxygram is a social media platform that users can both "slide" up and down as well as "swipe" right-left to see essentially unlimited text, videos, pics, audio recordings including pre-recorded music and audio from their own library. Create freehand paintings or drawings using the drawing features and library and/or multimedia images called Acticons-Action Icons.

Nvidia GeForce RTX: Every game that supports real-time ray tracing and Deep Learning Super Sampling


Nvidia revealed the boundary-pushing GeForce RTX 20-series on Monday, unleashing GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080, and RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards brimming with fancy new tech that promises to support fancy new gaming capabilities. Foremost among those feats is real-time ray tracing, the ultra-difficult realistic lighting technology that gives Nvidia's new cards their "RTX" moniker. The RTX cards also support Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS), a fresh Nvidia super-sampling method that puts the AI tensors cores embedded within the GPUs to work. Now, we know which PC games will support them--a crucial step, since all the luxurious tech in the world means nothing if games don't actually tap into it. Both real-time ray tracing and DLSS will debut with a solid backing, as made clear by Nvidia's games partner announcement.

DIY AI: The Top Machine Learning Frameworks of 2018


Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way since Deep Blue beat chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov at his own game in 1997. Today's AIs have moved on from chess to conquer other games such as Go and Shogi. Fantastical tales of AI abound, but their biggest impact on our daily lives is less explicit. Machine learning algorithms have revolutionized the way businesses and organizations use big data. From Netflix predicting content for your next media binge to Amazon suggesting new products for your shopping cart, machine learning algorithms can process large volumes of unstructured data into valuable insights, predictions, decisions, and services.

Outsmarting The Covenant: The AI of Halo 2 – Cube – Medium


Building intelligent and engaging enemies to fight against in video games presents something of a conundrum for game developers. In one sense, you are hoping to instil some evidence of strategy and reaction such that the player feels more engaged in each skirmish. Despite this, these non-player characters (NPCs) are typically built with the aim that we shoot and kill them within very small periods of time. As such, there is a need to present whatever intelligent faculties these characters have within a very limited time-frame. In this piece, we look at some of the challenges and solutions of the AI developers at Bungie during their time as custodians of the Halo franchise.

Automated journalism creeps into newsrooms leaning on AI


Is this article written by a bot? In a few years, it might be hard to say one way or another. Artificial intelligence is being applied to many different industries, and the areas of news and journalism are certainly no exception. In fact, automated journalism is already helping create news articles and enhance storytelling. The Washington Post reported last year that its own AI bot, known as Heliograf, published 850 stories entirely autonomously, primarily reporting on sports and the outcomes of regional political races.