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A Smarter Way to Compare Birth Control Methods


It's happened at the last two parties I've gone to in the Bay Area: At a certain point in the evening, a group of women ends up sitting together, forming a slightly closed-off circle. Maybe a single dude is hanging around, standing at the periphery. He'll interject once in a while, but there's not much he can add here: It's time to talk birth control. Those NuvaRing commercials where a gaggle of girl pals trades info about insertion and ease of use come off cloying and cliche, but … man. They're not totally off the mark.

Artificial Intelligence Protects First Responders, How Birth Control Is Stopping the Spread of Disease and More


This NASA-Developed A.I. Could Help Save Firefighters' Lives, Smithsonian Magazine Disorienting scenes where a single move can be deadly is a common experience for both space rovers and firefighters. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which built an artificial intelligence system for navigating unfamiliar landscapes, is sharing its technology with fire departments -- warning first responders about hazards they might not notice in the smoke and flames.