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Microsoft is using machine reading to create a 'literate machine'


If you asked most people, they'd probably say that computers and other gadgets are pretty good at communicating information to us, whether it's by providing directions to an important business meeting or finding the best recipe for gluten-free apple pie. And yet, computers still don't communicate with us nearly as intuitively as we communicate with each other. If you type a query into a search engine, for example, chances are you'll get a list of websites to click on. But if you ask a person a question, she'll respond with an answer, or perhaps ask another question to get more information before answering. Microsoft is hoping to improve how well computers can communicate information to us.

Artificial Intelligence Beats Humans in Major Reading Test


The code has been copied to your clipboard. Machines equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) have performed better than human beings in a high-level test of reading comprehension. Two natural language processing tools received higher test scores than humans in recent exams. One of the tools is a product of the American software maker Microsoft. The other was created by the Chinese online seller Alibaba Group.

AI Software Outperforms Humans on Reading Comprehension Test


Microsoft and Alibaba have independently developed AI models that scored better than humans in a Stanford University reading comprehension test.

These robots beat humans in the Stanford reading test


In less than 20 years, Alibaba has become one of the top ten largest companies in the world, primarily due to its success as an online retailer. The internet has changed the way that we shop, and as such the company is pumping money into research projects that will help ensure that it can keep up with the next game-changing advance in e-commerce.

Op-Ed: Alibaba's b AI /b software beats humans at reading comprehension


An AI program by China's Alibaba Holdings based on a deep neural network model has scored higher than humans in a reading comprehension test. As a result, bots may be developed to replace humans employed in customer service positions. Read more: Op-Ed: Alibaba's AI software beats humans at reading comprehension

No, machines can't read better than humans


Computers are built to process data, but there's a particular form of information so rich and dense in meaning that it's beyond the full comprehension of even the most advanced AI. It's also one that you and I process intuitively and deal in every day: language.

It's official, AI is now better at reading comprehension than humans are


Artificial intelligence (AI) from Alibaba and Microsoft beat the human score in a Stanford reading comprehension test, the companies announced separately on Monday.

AI models beat humans at reading comprehension, but they've still got a ways to go


When computer models designed by tech giants Alibaba and Microsoft this month surpassed humans for the first time in a reading-comprehension test, both companies celebrated the success as a historic milestone.

Computer AI From China's Alibaba Can Now Read Better Than You Do


Alibaba has developed an artificial intelligence model that scored better than humans in a Stanford University reading and comprehension test.

Machines just beat humans on a Stanford Reading Comprehension Test


Chinese retail giant Alibaba has developed an artificial intelligence model that's managed to outdo human participants in a reading and comprehension test designed by Stanford University. The model scored 82.44, whereas humans recorded a score of 82.304.