trivago acquires AI platform tripl from Hamburg, Germany - Peter von Stamm


The acquisition will enhance trivago's product with personalization technology which uses both Big Data and a customer-centric approach. Founded in 2015, tripl has developed an algorithm to give tailored travel recommendations by identifying trends in users' social media activities and comparing it with in-app data of like-minded users. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, trivago is a global hotel search platform, focused on reshaping the way travelers search for and compare hotels. As of June 30, 2017, trivago's global hotel search platform offered access to over 1.8 million hotels in over 190 countries.

How Airbnb plans to use AI to make travel more personalized for you


Airbnb Vice President of Engineering Mike Curtis envisions a day in the not-so-distant future when that doesn't have to be the case, when Airbnb offers heavily personalized experiences that include not just where you're staying, but other details also, including transportation and entertainment. All of it would be powered by rapidly-evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. To be clear, Airbnb has already deployed artificial intelligence and machine learning in search results since 2014. Now all Airbnb search results are personalized to some degree.

BinaryAlert: Real-time Serverless Malware Detection


As YARA sees more widespread use within the security community, we wanted to find a way to leverage YARA rules to scan for malicious files across our entire organization. Other security tools support YARA rule integration, but we could not find a private, low-cost, scalable, batteries-included solution that was easy to deploy and maintain. For example, VirusTotal supports YARA rule matching against file submissions, but it is a public service and not designed for analyzing internal files and documents with varying levels of confidentiality and sensitivity. Serverless architectures have proven effective for security tools due to the lower cost, simpler management, and scalability associated with serverless designs.

3 Business Predictions from Forrester Digital Transformation 2017


Forrester analysts and business representatives from all manner of industries provided insight into continuing digital business developments and what they may mean for every company in the years to come. Companies across all industries are creating new ways of reaching their target audiences through omnichannel strategies, which, in turn, increase customer experience (CX) expectations. As customer experience continues to improve, customer expectations increase, necessitating improved CX and in turn producing exponential behaviors. With shorter attention spans and ever-increasing expectations for online experiences, companies must create personalized online experiences.

HNN - With preparation and foresight, the machines won't win


More importantly, narrow AI represents to businesses today what the Internet represented in the late 1990s: A green field of opportunity to reinvent how business works and how you'll interact with customers in the coming years. Tim Peter helps hotels and resorts put digital to work to grow their business. An expert in e-commerce, digital strategy, and marketing execution, Tim focuses on influencing customer behavior and delivering business results for companies worldwide. Prior to founding hospitality digital marketing strategy consulting firm Tim Peter & Associates in 2011, Tim led the world's largest hotel franchisor and the world's premier independent luxury hotel representation firm in using digital to help hotels and resorts around the globe drive billions of dollars in revenue.

Machine Learning Fundamentals: Predicting Airbnb Prices


Each row in the data set is a specific listing that's available for renting on Airbnb in the Washington, D.C. area To make the data set less cumbersome to work with, we've removed many of the columns in the original data set and renamed the file to dc_airbnb.csv. The K-nearest neighbors (knn) algorithm is very similar to the three step process we outlined earlier to compare our listing to similar listings and take the average price. We've now made our first prediction -- our simple knn model told us that when we're using just the accommodates feature to make predictions of our listing that accommodates three people, we should list our apartment for $88.00. We can instead take the mean of the squared error values, which is called the root mean squared error (RMSE).

Airbnb looks to bulk up its Artificial Intelligence presence


The lodgings booking company recently lost a bidding war to acquire an AI-based startup to Facebook, The Information said. Airbnb's vice president of engineering, Mike Curtis, confirmed that the company wants to have more AI resources. "Recently we've decided to go even bigger in this area and we want to be aggressive to attract great talent to the company," Curtis told The Information. "That can come in many forms."

How Airbnb, Huawei, And Microsoft Are Using AI and Machine Learning 7wData


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are two of the most important developments of the past 10 years within businesses. Airbnb have not only revolutionized the way that people book their accommodation when in new cities, they have also revolutionized the way the industry utilizes machine learning techniques. A big part of this came from their acquisition of Crashpadder in early 2012, which saw Dan Hill, co-founder of the company becoming product lead at Airbnb and implement Aerosolve, which has since been made open source and available to anybody who wants to use it. Some of the new signals, like'number of lead days before booking day,' are related to our dynamic pricing capability.

Find out how much money you could be getting for your place on Airbnb


Thinking of renting out your spare room on Airbnb to strangers to earn some sweet, sweet cash? For this reason, data scientists at Silicon Valley start-up Eliot & Me have launched an AI-powered calculator that takes into account more specific details to determine the most accurate renting price for your Airbnb listings. After crunching the data, Eliot will churn out the average daily and weekly renting prices for the past year. Eliot also offers separate rates for each month by taking into account busiest dates, specific weeks of high demand, and historical trends.