Siemens Buys into Machine Learning Tools That Refine Chips


Siemens, to supplement its acquisition of Mentor Graphics, said that it had bought Solido Design Automation, whose software tools use machine learning to chisel rough edges off complex chip designs, optimizing power consumption and verifying that the chips are ready to be manufactured. The acquisition is another smoke signal signifying that Siemens wants to expand into software tools for chips and circuit boards used in everything from factory equipment to airplanes to self-driving cars. Last year, the industrial juggernaut paid $4.5 billion for Mentor Graphics, one of the three major plays in electronic design automation. Solido, like Mentor Graphics, will be folded into the product life cycle management software business of Siemens' digital factory division. The Plano, Texas-based group sells software to help manage the life cycle of products like electric vehicles and wind turbines, from design to production to service to disposal.



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Siemens' AI Work Delivers Competitive Advantage in IIoT


IoTI.com Content Director Brian Buntz wrote recently about the resources Siemens is throwing at software, and while that's significant, I'm more interested in Siemens' AI and machine learning work. For the past decade, Siemens' AI efforts have been focused on improving control of industrial processes using deep learning and reinforcement learning. An example of this technology is Siemens' "self-optimizing" gas turbines that leverage reinforcement learning. You can extend the classical control loop with a machine-learning loop using neural networks, making it dynamic and thus creating a new control policy.

Germany's Siemens to Set up Robotics Research Center in China

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The Siemens research center at Beijing's Tsinghua University would focus on combined mechanics and electronics, human-robot collaboration and the application of artificial intelligence in robotic controllers, the German firm said.

Honeywell's connected thermostats now work with Google Home


Google welcomed Honeywell into the Home family as a partner back in January, but now it's finally including both of the company's connected thermostat families, the Lyric and Total Connected Comfort. Users can control them using either Home's voice controls or through Google Assistant on an Android device. That adds to the thermostats' existing integrations with connected platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and user-customized IFTTT functionality.

The age of intelligent machines is about to dawn


Whether it's for autonomous optimization of gas turbines, improved monitoring of smart grids or predictive maintenance of industrial facilities, artificial intelligence harbors great potential for Siemens -- and we are consistently making use of it. Artificial intelligence is one of the leading technology topics at our company. A neural network has connections between its nodes akin to the links between the neurons in the brains of living organisms. These links enable the network to learn how to interpret data and make decisions.

Microsoft is putting Cortana in charge of your thermostat


The company teamed up with popular thermostat maker Johnson Controls to create GLAS, a sleek new touchscreen wall thermostat that promises to do much more than just turn up the heat. GLAS will run on the Windows 10 IoT Core OS, which is made specifically for smart devices. The thermostat offers Cortana voice services, so you'll be able to interact with the AI directly on the wall. GLAS will likely look to stake its place as a high-end competitor to other smart thermostats like Google's Nest and Ecobee, that latter of which also offers voice control through Amazon's Alexa.

Sears and Amazon; Alexa, Turn up My Kenmore Air Conditioner

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FILE - In this May 17, 2017 file photo, an Amazon Alexa device is switched on for a demonstration of its use in a ballpark suite before a Seattle Mariners baseball game in Seattle. Struggling retailer Sears is looking to get a hand from Amazon, announcing that it will start offering its Kenmore products on the online powerhouse's website. Sears, which runs Kmart and its namesake stores, said that Kenmore Smart appliances will also be fully integrated with Amazon's Alexa. This will allow consumers to control products, like Kenmore Smart air conditioners, by making a request to Alexa.

Factory Maintenance Jobs Are Getting Harder To Fill. Siemens Says AI Could Replace Them


Because it's getting harder to find humans who want to or can do those kinds of jobs, says Jagannath Rao, the company's SVP for data services at its campus outside Atlanta. "We've gone through a period of time when many people were steered away from traditional trades, apprenticeships, college-level education for some of these practical trades, in favor of going to university," says Jeff Bonnell, a VP at Coresystems in Vancouver, which provides software for diagnosing problems with industrial machinery. Coresystems uses Siemens's MindSphere service, which gathers data from machines for tasks like predicting breakdowns, something that was once done by humans. These networks collect the data that machine learning AI can munch on to learn the early signs of an impending breakdown--replacing those old techs who could diagnose a machine by placing an ear up to it.

Right Relevance: Top IIoT Influencers on Twitter in June 2017


This report is a summary of graph analysis of engagements and conversations including retweets, mentions and replies of tweets related to the subject of'Industrial IoT'. Compared to the previous IIoT Report published in April, PageRank brings up Evan Kirstel (@evankirstel) on the top position, followed by Bill McCabe (@IoTRecruiting) and Carol Rudinschi (@IIoT_World). Some big players in the industrial market like Rockwell Automation (ROKAutomation), @Schneider Electric, @PTC, @ThingWorx (a PTC business and an award winning IoT solution) or @Avnet are in this top too. Insights include flocks, top trending terms, top hashtags, top Users/accounts, RR topics, top tweets and several other measures.