Four Artificial Intelligence Challenges Facing The Industrial IoT


As a CTO who works closely with software architects and heads of business units validating and designing IoT solutions, it's obvious there's a disconnect between our vision of AI and what's actually happening in the industry right now. While there are interesting experiments and fascinating use cases -- for example, artificially intelligent buildings -- machines and robots are not roaming around us. Before AI can learn to optimize factory operations automatically or replace parts prior to machine failure, we have four main technical challenges to address.

Intelligent Gas Turbine


Siemens has been researching neural networks for about 30 years and has made significant progress in applying this technology to artificial intelligence. For example, the company's Software Environment for Neural Networks (SENN) is being continuously refined and adapted to new and evolving applications, including the optimization of gas turbines and wind turbines. "We hold something like 50 patents for learning processes," notes Sterzing.

Twenty-Five Years of Successful Application of Constraint Technologies at Siemens

AI Magazine

The provision of tailored products, services, and systems requires efficient engineering and design processes where configurators play a crucial role. For more than 25 years the application of constraint-based methods has proven to be a key technology in order to realize configurators at Siemens. In particular, we highlight the main technology factors regarding knowledge representation, reasoning, and integration which were important for our achievement. Finally we describe selected key application areas where the business success vitally depends on the high productivity of configuration processes.

What IBM, the Semantic Web Company, and Siemens are doing with semantic technologies


The Semantics conference is one of the biggest events for all things semantics. Key research and industry players gathered this week in Leipzig to showcase and discuss, and we were there to get that vibe.

BuildingIQ Employs AI for Maximum Building System Efficiency


BuildingIQ, a provider of energy management software headquartered in California, provides tools to commercial building owners and managers to improve the energy efficiency of their building operations. BuildingIQ offers solutions that use technology originally developed by the Energy Division of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia's national lab.

The Future Impact of Machine Learning & Predictive Analysis on Building Energy Management - Memoori


Continuing our series of articles on Innovation we recently talked to Mike Zimmerman, Founder of BuildingIQ, about the approaching 3rd Step change in Building Energy Management (BEMS) technology.

Siemens to pump 1 billion into its new innovation unit 'next47'


German engineering powerhouse Siemens today announced that it has set up an innovation unit named'next47' (as the company was founded back in 1847) to "foster disruptive ideas more vigorously and to accelerate the development of new technologies", more specifically in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomous machines and what it calls'decentralized electrification'.

Tado turns on Amazon Alexa support for its smart A/C control


Tado debuted a small improvement to its smart A/C control device, offering customers the option to use Amazon's Alexa digital assistant to control Tado-connected air conditioners. To use it, all you'll need do is add the Alexa Tado skill in your Amazon account.

Siemens Is Building An Army Of Collaborative Spider Robot Factory Workers


In the 1936 film Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin plays a factory worker whose only job is to tighten two bolts--again and again, all day, until he finally goes mad. It's the life of his robot descendants, which might, for example, weld the same car part over and over again. That model is reaching its own breaking point, says German industrial giant Siemens, because it's too clunky to keep up with market demands.