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Pirelli has invented a tyre that can talk to your car


It's not just new track-ready hypercars and bruising German super saloons that've made their debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Pirelli has a new tyre. In other news, Greggs has a new pasty. Normally we wouldn't bring you updates on new tyres, but we'll make an exception for Pirelli's'Cyber Car' technology. You've heard of phones, thermostats and even entire cars connected to the Internet of Things.

Japan Auto Parts Giant Denso Raises Stake in Chip Maker Renesas

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TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese auto parts supplier Denso Corp 6902.T said on Friday it has agreed to acquire an additional 4.5 percent stake in chip maker Renesas Electronics Corp 6723.T, as carmakers accelerate development of self-driving vehicles and other technologies.

Goodyear reveals concept treads covered in moss that absorb CO2

Daily Mail

Gas-guzzling cars may contribute to global warming, but designs for a new tyre made from moss may soon help them mitigate their impact. Goodyear has announced a concept wheel covering that will convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen, using the power of photosynthesis. Oxygene tyres will channel moisture from the road to the plants, which absorbs water up to 26 times their own weight. This will be used to keep the vegetation alive, allowing it to clean the air whilst in use - using only the sun as an energy source. The energy produced by the process will power on-board artificial intelligence and electronics, which will communicate with other vehicles at the speed of light.

Acerta uses machine learning to detect manufacturing defects in auto parts


Greta Cutulenco, Co-founder and CEO says, "Vehicles are becoming more complex - both mechanically and electronically. This rise in complexity creates a strain on testing processes, which gives rise to quality issues, and eventually a spike in warranty claims and recalls. Acerta offers a SaaS platform that uses machine learning to provide real-time malfunction detection and failure prediction. The platform learns the normal behaviour of the tested system and the complex correlations between data streams, and automatically detects anomalies in real-time. This enables manufacturers to utilise all of the data they collect to produce accurate insight into their system quality."

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are terms which have been thrown around a lot in the tech industry over the last few years, but what exactly do they mean? Anyone vaguely familiar with sci-fi tropes will probably have an idea about AI, though they may view it as a little more sinister than what's around today.

Linamar awarded up to $100M for AI, advanced manufacturing development


Jan. 15, 2018 - The federal and Ontario governments have announced up to $100 million worth of combined grants today to help automotive parts maker Linamar Corp. develop advanced manufacturing technologies.

Valeo will open a research center for artificial intelligence RMS Recruitment & HR Specialists


Valeo will open a research center for artificial intelligence and'deep learning' with the aim of developing technologies that can be applied to autonomous vehicles.