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Senior Product Manager, Data Science & Analytics


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How family of a Myanmar junta leader are trying to cash in

The Japan Times

BANGKOK/LONDON – A week after the Myanmar military seized power, a Twitter account that had lain dormant for nearly a decade flickered back into life. The Twitter user mocked anti-coup protesters, hundreds of whom have been killed in a crackdown by security forces since the Feb. 1 coup. After a police truck fired high-pressure water cannons on demonstrators in the capital city of Naypyidaw on Feb. 8, he made a trolling reference to the nation's traditional April new year celebration: "Water festival come earlier for them lol." A few weeks later, the user wrote "#fuckthereds," making a dismissive reference to the political party of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Prize-winning civilian leader who had been overthrown and arrested in the coup. A review of an archived version of the account, which has since been shut down, revealed the username was a pseudonym belonging to Ivan Htet, the 33-year-old son of a leading figure in the coup: the chief of the air force, Maung Maung Kyaw. But Ivan Htet hasn't just been an enthusiastic supporter on social media of the Tatmadaw, the name for the Myanmar military, which has dominated political life since independence in 1948 for Myanmar, then called Burma. He is also trying to cash in, helping equip the military, along with his wife Lin Lett Thiri, who co-founded a private firm to supply Myanmar's armed forces, Reuters has found.

Artificial Intelligence in Thailand as a Multifaceted Tool - BORGEN


The rise of artificial intelligence heralds a new era, one where a web of algorithms rather than a network of people performs both complex and rudimentary tasks. Thailand plans to capitalize on this new technology to address important social and developmental challenges. The possibilities of artificial intelligence in Thailand could usher in the vision of Thailand 4.0: a Thailand with a value-based economy driven by innovation, technology and creativity. The Asian Development Bank published a report about how artificial intelligence and machine learning software could revolutionize the way countries track poverty. The bank coordinated a research collaboration between the World Data Lab and the governments of the Philippines and Thailand.

Japanese language opens doors for Thai students

The Japan Times

Bangkok – When the "Demon Slayer" movie hit cinemas in Japan late last year, its box-office success reverberated beyond the archipelago -- all the way to Thailand. According to Major Cineplex, one of the leading chains of cinemas and theaters in Thailand, the film topped the list of 2020's top-grossing foreign movies with revenue of 115 million baht (about ¥400 million) even though it was shown for just two months of the year. For decades, the latest Japanese manga and anime releases have topped Thai youngsters' must-read and must-watch lists. Yet the influence of Japanese culture has not stopped there. These media are acting as steps to the door of language learning, which is allowing Thai people to gain a better understanding of another culture.

The State of AI Ethics Report (Volume 4) Artificial Intelligence

The 4th edition of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute's The State of AI Ethics captures the most relevant developments in the field of AI Ethics since January 2021. This report aims to help anyone, from machine learning experts to human rights activists and policymakers, quickly digest and understand the ever-changing developments in the field. Through research and article summaries, as well as expert commentary, this report distills the research and reporting surrounding various domains related to the ethics of AI, with a particular focus on four key themes: Ethical AI, Fairness & Justice, Humans & Tech, and Privacy. In addition, The State of AI Ethics includes exclusive content written by world-class AI Ethics experts from universities, research institutes, consulting firms, and governments. Opening the report is a long-form piece by Edward Higgs (Professor of History, University of Essex) titled "AI and the Face: A Historian's View." In it, Higgs examines the unscientific history of facial analysis and how AI might be repeating some of those mistakes at scale. The report also features chapter introductions by Alexa Hagerty (Anthropologist, University of Cambridge), Marianna Ganapini (Faculty Director, Montreal AI Ethics Institute), Deborah G. Johnson (Emeritus Professor, Engineering and Society, University of Virginia), and Soraj Hongladarom (Professor of Philosophy and Director, Center for Science, Technology and Society, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok). This report should be used not only as a point of reference and insight on the latest thinking in the field of AI Ethics, but should also be used as a tool for introspection as we aim to foster a more nuanced conversation regarding the impacts of AI on the world.

Seminar on artificial intelligence in education


A three-day online international seminar on'Artificial intelligence in education' will begin on Monday. Being organised by the State Institute of Educational Technology, in association with the Department of Education of the University of Kerala, the webinar will discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) may have an impact on curriculum design, individualisation of learning, and assessment. The webinar will also discuss the ethical, technical, and pedagogical challenges against the backdrop of education in a digital world. Jintavee Khlisang, Professor in the Department of Educational Technology and Communication, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, will speak on'Hybrid models of teaching and learning process,' while Kaushal Kumar Bhagat, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, will talk about augmented reality. Researchers will present papers on how artificial intelligence can be used in education.

Z Holdings leaders aim to boost Asia business

The Japan Times

Technology giant Z Holdings Corp. is aiming to boost its services in Asia, co-chief executive officers Kentaro Kawabe and Takeshi Idezawa said in a recent interview. Z Holdings, which brought messaging app provider Line Corp. under its wing for business integration Monday, will also make efforts to discuss ethical issues regarding the use of artificial intelligence, they said. Z Holdings, the parent of internet portal Yahoo Japan Corp., will mainly aim to expand Line's Asia operations. "It's difficult to win a market share with a messaging app," said Idezawa, also Line's president. He expressed interest in developing and releasing a "superapp" that covers interactions, shopping and other services familiar to people in Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan, where the Line app has already made inroads.

MIN2Net: End-to-End Multi-Task Learning for Subject-Independent Motor Imagery EEG Classification Artificial Intelligence

Advances in the motor imagery (MI)-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) allow control of several applications by decoding neurophysiological phenomena, which are usually recorded by electroencephalography (EEG) using a non-invasive technique. Despite great advances in MI-based BCI, EEG rhythms are specific to a subject and various changes over time. These issues point to significant challenges to enhance the classification performance, especially in a subject-independent manner. To overcome these challenges, we propose MIN2Net, a novel end-to-end multi-task learning to tackle this task. We integrate deep metric learning into a multi-task autoencoder to learn a compact and discriminative latent representation from EEG and perform classification simultaneously. This approach reduces the complexity in pre-processing, results in significant performance improvement on EEG classification. Experimental results in a subject-independent manner show that MIN2Net outperforms the state-of-the-art techniques, achieving an accuracy improvement of 11.65%, 1.03%, and 10.53% on the BCI competition IV 2a, SMR-BCI, and OpenBMI datasets, respectively. We demonstrate that MIN2Net improves discriminative information in the latent representation. This study indicates the possibility and practicality of using this model to develop MI-based BCI applications for new users without the need for calibration.

These Robots Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Sort Your Recycling


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