Web Personalisation with Drupal and Machine Learning


In this modern age, self-driving cars, voice-based assistants, social media feeds, and more are the tools fuelled by the technological marvel of the 21st century called machine learning. If you wish to learn about the importance of web personalization and how machine learning impacts the Drupal development, then this article is for you. So let's get started to understand what machine learning does and why its demand is proliferating. Machine learning is the field of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on analyzing data and enables making intelligent decisions based on the analysis. It is composed of multiple technologies such as deep learning, neural network, and natural language processing.

10 Artificial Intelligence APIs to Consider for 2020


Do you think developers write the code of entire software on their own? Well, they can't even if they want to. Software code is complex and contains millions of logics. Developers can end up getting confused and mess up the entire software. Well, that's where application programming interface (APIs) comes to the rescue.

Health ministry struggles to provide COVID-19 updates in foreign languages

The Japan Times

The health ministry, which is at the heart of the nation's ongoing battle with the coronavirus outbreak, is struggling to keep non-Japanese updated on the rapidly escalating situation in a timely manner, hampered by a dearth of staff proficient in foreign languages. As of Tuesday afternoon, the English version of the ministry's website made no mention of the COVID-19 infection anywhere prominent on its top page, relegating any coronavirus-related links to midpage or lower, with those all directing viewers to original press releases written exclusively in Japanese. "Since our main job has been to update our Japanese website, it has inevitably led to difficulties in providing English-language information in a timely way, so one option is to use machine translation for now," ministry official Takuma Kato said. The official said a future redesign of the English website to better highlight updates pertaining to the new virus is not guaranteed, citing the need to overcome technical difficulties. "Our ministry doesn't have a dedicated team of staff specializing in English-language communication in the first place, so the situation at the moment is that our Japanese staff has been utilizing what little resources they can find to deal with any English update," Kato said.

Tech-starved U.S. government seeks industry's best and brightest

The Japan Times

DENVER – In this post-impeachment era of divisiveness and deadlock in the nation's capital, Uncle Sam has a message for top U.S. technologists: A Washington-based nerd strike force called the U.S. Digital Service is seeking private-sector coders, programmers and software engineers to make government user-friendly for a tech-savvy U.S. public. Launched after the 2013 crash of the Obama administration's website, the USDS recruits the nation's top tech talent for Peace Corps-style tours of duty to tackle the government's most pressing information management and online security problems. It has an increasingly rare distinction as an initiative supported by both the Obama and Trump administrations, according to current and former USDS staff and White House officials. "We've been enthusiastic about USDS since Day One," said Mathew Lira, a special assistant to Trump in the White House Office of American Innovation. Early USDS projects -- fixing the public-facing website of Obama's Affordable Care Act, helping green card holders apply for renewals electronically -- might not be top Trump administration priorities today.

How to Build Basic Chatbot Without Coding and Deploy to Websites


A chat-bot is, a robotic self learning and talking bot which imitate human conversation through text chats and voice commands (a good example being Siri or Amazon Alexa). Task Handling Chat-bot where you ask something and it execute that task in more easy manner. For example if you ask to book a table at a restaurant, or open website than it will perform the operation on your mobile, laptop and lands you at the page you ask, order the pizza for you A.I. based chat bots (learn over a period of time using Machine Learning techniques) -- dialog flow is an example of that Chat bots are mostly used for businesses will only increase as time goes by. No programming prior experience is required because Google Dialogflow is the platform where all the Machine learning algorithm get trained in back-end. Go to the Dialogflow Console.

How Machine Learning Halts Data Breaches - Insurance Thought Leadership


There are four main types of data breaches that advances in machine learning can help thwart. Although we hear a lot about major cybersecurity breaches in non-insurance organizations – Target, Experian, the IRS, etc. – there have been breaches in the insurance industry, too, albeit less publicized. Nationwide faces a $5 million fine from a breach back in 2012. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield is still the defendant in a class action suit over a 2013 breach that affected 800,000 of its insured. As hard as organizations try to secure their data and systems, hackers continue to become more sophisticated in their methods of breaching.

This site uses AI to generate fake news articles


The website, a project by the AI development company Big Bird, is supposed to be a showcase of how the company's algorithms can help journalists quickly write compelling news, according to the website's "about" page. But despite the website's title, the realistic-enough articles aren't labeled as fake news or the marketing stunt that they are -- meaning their existence is more likely to make journalists pull out their hair than it is to help them. A quick scroll down the website's home page reveals a smattering of political, cultural, and scientific news stories. Aside from entertaining algorithmic errors, like the headlines "Iran's Stock Market: 'There's a Market,'" and "In wake of death of British soldier, thousands as for plastic-free pubs," the articles are mostly convincing. In fact, many appear to be closely based on actual news stories, like the resignation of UK finance minister Sajid Javid.

Clearview AI facial recognition company faces another lawsuit


Clearview AI is "Orwellian," a new lawsuit alleges. Clearview AI, a controversial facial recognition app being used by US law enforcement to identify suspects and other people, is facing another lawsuit. The new suit, filed Thursday, seeks class-action status and $5 million in damages for what it calls willful, reckless or negligent violations of biometrics laws in Illinois by Clearview and CDW. It's fighting Clearview's collection, storage and use of biometric information without written consent, which is illegal, according to the lawsuit, which was spotted earlier Thursday by BuzzFeed. The app identifies people by comparing photos to a database of images scraped from social media and other sites.

End-to-End Goal-Driven Web Navigation

Neural Information Processing Systems

We propose a goal-driven web navigation as a benchmark task for evaluating an agent with abilities to understand natural language and plan on partially observed environments. In this challenging task, an agent navigates through a website, which is represented as a graph consisting of web pages as nodes and hyperlinks as directed edges, to find a web page in which a query appears. The agent is required to have sophisticated high-level reasoning based on natural languages and efficient sequential decision-making capability to succeed. We release a software tool, called WebNav, that automatically transforms a website into this goal-driven web navigation task, and as an example, we make WikiNav, a dataset constructed from the English Wikipedia. We extensively evaluate different variants of neural net based artificial agents on WikiNav and observe that the proposed goal-driven web navigation well reflects the advances in models, making it a suitable benchmark for evaluating future progress.

r/MachineLearning - [D] Websites to look for Ph.D. positions in Europe?


I am about to graduate in a few months and I am looking for Ph.D. positions with a deadline till July so that I can bookmark them. I am specifically looking for Ph.D. in computer vision/ deep learning/ self-driving cars (but, broadly speaking, computer vision deep learning). I simply go on Google and type: Ph.D. position in XYZ (Ph.D. position in Germany etc.) and I don't find many. Are there any good websites where I can look for Ph.D. positions specifically in Europe?