VMware kicks off international expansion of VMware Cloud on AWS


VMware said Wednesday that VMware Cloud on AWS is now available in the AWS London Region. The announcement marks the first global expansion of the hybrid cloud service since it was made available less than a year ago. VMware Cloud on AWS, which was previously available only in the AWS US West and East regions, runs VMware's enterprise class software-defined data center (SDDC) on the AWS cloud, allowing customers to run any application across public, private or hybrid cloud environments. The service is optimized to run on dedicated, bare metal AWS infrastructure. Wednesday's announcement also includes updates to VMware's cloud portfolio and partner network, along with the launch of a new cloud service that offers centralized log management.

Top 10 IT Trends, Part 2: Virtualization, Analytics, AI, And Data Governance


In my first blog in this series, I stated my case that adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms will be the number-one technology trend of 2018. However, there are other important developments going on that are very close behind. Containers enable movement to the next level of virtualization. Container-based virtualization is the latest virtualization technology that will gain wider acceptance in 2018. Considered a new generation of virtual machines (VMs), which abstracted an entire device including the operating system (OS), containers consist only of the application and all the dependencies that the application needs.

From graph to the world: pioneering a database virtual machine


If you're not a graph afficionado, the name Marko A. Rodriguez probably does not mean much to you. Rodriguez however has been working on the intersection of research, engineering and entrepreneurship in the graph space his entire career. The fact that graph is now in the limelight is at least to some extent related to his efforts.

Machine Learning Essentials - Level 2


Shivam Sharma works as a Subject Matter Expert at CloudThat Technologies and has been involved in various large and complex projects with global clients. He has experience in Machine Learning and Microsoft Infrastructure technology stack including Azure Stack, Office 365, EMS, Lync, Exchange, System Center, Windows Servers, designing Active Directory and managing various domain services, including Hyper-V virtualization. Having core training and consulting experience, he is passionate about technology and is involved in delivering training to corporate and individuals on cutting edge technologies. Arzan has 7 years of experience in Microsoft Infrastructure technology stack including setting up Windows servers, designing Active Directory and managing various domain services, including Hyper-V virtualization. As a Cloud Solutions Architect at CloudThat, he is responsible for deploying, supporting and managing client infrastructures on Azure.

Optis's virtualization tech will make building autonomous cars easier


Developing self driving vehicle technologies is hard -- just ask Google, or Uber, or Google that other time, or that one bus from Vegas. That's why a number of companies have been working to virtualize the development cycle so that untested technologies can crash and burn safely as their bugs are worked out. Among those companies is Optis, which announced on Tuesday that it will be partnering with two other firms to make virtual prototyping more accessible to the industry.

Cloud Architecture Trends in 2018 - DATAVERSITY


People are constantly coming up with new and intelligent ways to use the Cloud. As a consequence, Cloud Architecture designs and developments are constantly being tweaked, adjusted, and improved upon. Today's businesses need to be flexible, move quickly, and understand their customer's desires and expectations. To do this, businesses are relying on the Cloud to provide a private communication system, a data storage system, and a Big Data processing system. As Cloud technologies evolve, organizations continue to find more and more uses.

What is Intent-based Networking? Characteristics and Companies


We have seen the revolution in IT infrastructure networking with SDN and NFV in last 5 years. We are witnessing tremendous upgrade in digitization which resulted in agile and highly available network connectivity with the help of both of these technologies. Be it telecom or data center, SDN and NFV played huge role to reduce costs with adding benefit of faster resource allocation with its software defined nature.

How Is Machine Learning Used in Bitdefender Technologies? - Security Boulevard


The terms "artificial intelligence" and "machine learning" are often used interchangeably, but there's a huge technical difference between them. While the first is used by Hollywood when depicting self-aware machines, the latter is comprised of finely tuned single-task algorithms that are nowhere near self-aware.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is here: Should you upgrade now?


Windows 10 after two years: Was the upgrade worth it? After a little more than two years, Microsoft has finally settled into a rhythm with its new, fast-paced development cadence for Windows 10. Check Settings System About to see full details about the current Windows 10 installation. What Microsoft's marketers are calling the Fall Creators Update (officially version 1709) begins arriving on desktop PCs today via Windows Update and will soon be available for download at all the usual places. The final build number for this release is 16299.