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Denmark's Saxo Bank, a licensed and regulated bank, develops technologies in online trading, including web and mobile platforms for trading multiple asset classes. Valued at $1.1 billion with $771.8 million in total funding, OVH offers hosting solutions for web, dedicated, and cloud platforms. Valued at $1.1 billion and with $565.47 million in funding, the company works to bring online fashion to emerging markets. Previously featured in our list of 9 Hot Cybersecurity Startups, Avast has taken $100 million in funding and turned it into protection for over 400 million people online, offering digital security software for Android, PC, and Mac.

Apple's Animoji Will Teach You To Love Face Tracking, For Better or Worse


This time, you'll fire up Apple's new TrueDepth camera, and a suite of technologies--flood illuminator, infrared camera, front-facing camera, and dot projector--will project and analyze 30,000 dots across your visage, creating a high-resolution map of your facial features. As he thumbed through the iOS Messages app, Federighi's face became a clucking chicken, a neighing unicorn, and a chattering dung pile. Using the phone's TrueDepth camera, Apple can track more than 50 muscle movements, and overlay those features onto the animal emoji you know and love--that includes the fox, the unicorn, and yes, the pile of poop. Last year, Apple acquired a company called Emotient, which uses facial tracking software to analyze and predict human emotion.

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A lot, and I mean very many SEO specialists try their best to optimize websites for SEO, write unique content, find guest post opportunities from highly authoritative websites and so on and so forth. Moral of the story is to assign keyword research and optimization to AI. Human SEO specialists bring customer-oriented approach to the work, making sure that the content achieves its desired result. In the meantime, human SEO specialists make sure that the content is 100% unique and communicates the message that we want in order to boost sales.



Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies can help to break down the barriers to widespread use of data analytics by making complex analytics possible to just about anyone, regardless of their technical ability. They might not want to take three or four years out to learn advanced computer science and statistics, and with the advances in cognitive computing that won't be necessary. In big data analytics, reporting the insights we've gleaned from analyzing large amounts of messy data sets is the crucial "last step" of the process – and it's often a step which causes us to stumble. But one program, called Quill, takes the trend a step further, producing text-based reports that explain the data clearly and concisely.

Chinese AI Start-Up SenseTime Raises $410 Million Series B Round


Chinese artificial intelligence start-up SenseTime has completed a US$410 million series B round, in what the company calls the largest private financing rounds ever closed by an AI start-up globally. The round includes two portions: a series B1 round, which was led by Chinese private equity firm CDH Investments, and a B2 round led by Chinese investment firm Sailing Capital. Nearly 20 investors including China International Capital Co., Co-Stone Capital, China Merchants Securities International, Morningside Venture Capital, Everbright-IDG Industrial Fund, Advantech Capital, Zhongping Guoyu Asset Management, Huarong International Financial Holdings Ltd., TCL Capital and Infore Group also participated in the latest deal. With offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, SenseTime previously completed a series A financing round led by IDG Capital, according to today's statement.

Becoming One Of Tomorrow's Unicorns In The World Of Artificial Intelligence


Deep learning, machine learning, automation and robotics are creating a seismic shift across organizations. Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed industry after industry, AI will now do the same." Adapting means leaders and employees need to hone their creative abilities, as well as leadership and strategic thinking skills, to develop innovative organizations that incorporate the impact of these emerging technologies. I would also reach so far as to suggest their emotional intelligence needs work to thrive in an AI environment.

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Everyone is buzzing about the impact of AI on work, and many leaders feel insecure about what it will mean in terms of their own career development and roles. Deep learning, machine learning, automation and robotics are creating a seismic shift across organizations. "We're now living in an age where [deep learning is] going to be mandatory for people building sophisticated software applications," according to Frank Chen, a partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, who was quoted in a recent Fortune article. Soon, he notes, people will demand, "'Where's your natural-language processing version?'

Healthcare Unicorns And Where To Find Them


Instead these unicorns are involved in cutting-edge computational research such as artificial intelligence, sequencing or virtual reality, or are in risky, unproven areas. Those that are in the business of developing human therapeutics are working in the as-yet unproven field of mRNA - Moderna Therapeutics and Curevac. Human Longevity, co-founded by Craig Venter, aims to build a vast database of human genomic data and subject it to machine learning to help scientists develop therapies against diseases of old age. Oxford Nanopore Technologies says its sequencing technology is faster and cheaper than its rivals', potentially opening up emerging markets - not a bad strategy in times when budgets remain squeezed (Oxford Nanopore squares up to Illumina's sequencing might, December 12, 2016).

Artificial Intelligence Startups Are Winning the Cybersecurity Race


This is how it works – security companies are applying smart prediction to find hacker patterns and identify tactics used to conduct attacks. Those startups achieved enormous growth in just in few years because they applied machine learning to their products, which search hackers' hidden patterns to prevent cyber attacks.There is no need to hire thousands of analysts to write signatures. Their precise ability to utilize AI to predict and analyze future attacks rather than reactively manage existing attacks explains the success of unicorn startups to combat new forms of malware. That's why, more than resources or experience, companies who actively apply AI, especially cybersecurity companies, will ultimately be successful.

SEO Trek: The Search for Google RankBrain* [New Data]


My theory has been that RankBrain *and/or other machine learning elements within Google's core algorithm are increasingly rewarding pages with high user engagement. If most people are clicking on a particular search result – and then also engaging with that page – these are clear signals to Google that people think this page is fascinating. Besides, pointing new links to a page wouldn't result in a higher click-through rate – a catchier headline, however, would result in a higher CTR. It's my belief that organic CTR and website engagement rates impact organic rankings.