Elon Musk banks on his self-driving taxi service as Tesla burns through cash


Tesla's robo-taxis are needed more than ever. The company lost $702 million in the first three months of the year and the EV maker doesn't expect to be profitable again until the second half of the year, according to first quarter earnings results reported Wednesday. Revenue was lower than expected at $4.5 billion. CEO Elon Musk had braced for a losing quarter back in February when he announced the $35,000 base price for the Model 3, but he still sounded disappointed on Wednesday's investor call to discuss the sluggish numbers. "The brand is losing steam," Jessica Caldwell, executive director of industry analysis at Edmunds, said in an email.

Tesla, New Insurance Products and Ecosystems (via Passle)


Tesla already bundles insurance for customers and if nothing else Elon Musk is a proven innovator. Then you read his strategy to build 1 million "ROBOTAXIS" in the near future. Well- if not Tesla then Volkswagen, Toyota, GM amongst many planning to unleash EVs and fleets of autonomous vehicles. Basic manufacturing is a challenge that Tesla constantly struggles with together with cash-flow. Not long ago Google might have acquired Tesla so imagine another scenario where Apple does so.

Elon Musk says Tesla will develop a 'quiet electric leaf blower'


A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Just when you think Tesla is busy tackling groundbreaking tech projects like robotaxis and driverless cars, Musk comes out of nowhere announcing a possible new product line that nobody asked for. On Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company is planning to "develop a quiet, electric leaf blower," and like all good Tesla declarations, the news came via Twitter. Musk sent a follow-up tweet with a pun. "Tesla blows," the CEO said.

Tesla releases new video of its self-driving software in action

Daily Mail

A new video shows Tesla's full self-driving technology out in the wild. In the nearly two-minute clip, a Tesla can be seen stopping at intersections, driving down highways and suburban roads, navigating exit ramps and changing lanes, all without the driver ever touching the wheel. The vehicle travels at about 45 miles per hour on average throughout the clip and is even able to put itself in park when it finishes navigating the route. The video comes after Elon Musk on Monday talked up Tesla's progress in bringing fully autonomous vehicles to the masses at the company's Autonomy Day. According to Musk, every Tesla has the hardware necessary to carry out full self-driving like what is shown in the video.

Robotic Tesla taxis will be roaming the streets very soon, Elon Musk says

The Independent

Tesla plans to have a fleet of robotic taxis roaming the streets without drivers next year, Elon Musk has said. The claim is just the latest in a series of exciting pronouncements from the chief executive, who has repeatedly missed his own targets. But he has bet a considerable part of his business on the technology underpinning it. As well as allowing for the robot taxis that will drive themselves around the streets, Mr Musk says that by next year there will be a million Tesla cars on the streets that have full autonomous technology and are able to drive themselves. We'll tell you what's true.

Tesla investigates video of Model S car exploding

The Guardian

Tesla has sent a team to investigate a video on Chinese social media which showed a parked Tesla Model S car exploding, the latest in a string of fire incidents involving the company's cars. The video, time stamped Sunday evening and widely shared on China's Twitter-like Weibo, shows the parked EV emit smoke and burst into flames seconds later. A video purportedly of the aftermath showed a line of three cars completely destroyed. The video comes as Tesla is preparing to unveil its "full self-driving" tech at a conference in Palo Alto, California, on Monday. The video is likely to overshadow the company's unveiling of its latest autonomous driving software and hardware.

Where are the cameras in your car and what are they looking for?


Shot at the New York Auto Show, the new Cadillac Super Cruise includes a driver facing camera. In 2018, drivers asked for hi-tech, onboard cameras and now they're getting them. The New York International Auto Show, open to the public through April 28, is ground zero for next-generation car technology and also home to several vehicles that offer in-car and exterior monitoring systems. From upgraded blind spot cams to facial recognition software installed in the dash, cars on display are equipped with several sets of digital eyes that can improve vehicle security, safety and convenience. Some of the cameras can help propel cars closer toward an autonomous future by enabling the vehicle to see what's around it.

Video of parked Model S spontaneously exploding adds to Tesla woes ahead of earnings results

The Japan Times

SHANGHAI - Video of a parked Tesla Model S exploding and a Wall Street downgrade of the electric carmaker's stock pushed shares down 4 percent Monday, just as it prepared to issue results for a troubled first quarter. Brokerage Evercore cut its recommendation for shares of the Silicon Valley company to "sell," becoming the 12th brokerage to ask investors to abandon billionaire Elon Musk's venture and raising bearish sentiment to its highest level ever. Musk and Tesla Inc. have faced a range of challenges over the past year as one of the leaders in electric vehicle technology sought to ramp up production, deliveries and sales of the Model 3 sedan seen as crucial to its long-term profitability. The company, which is struggling with deliveries of its higher-priced Model S and X luxury cars, said it has sent a team to investigate the video on Chinese social media apparently showing the latest in a string of fires involving its cars. The video, time stamped Sunday evening and widely shared on China's Twitter-like Weibo, shows the parked vehicle emitting smoke and bursting into flames seconds later.

Tesla says 'robotaxis' coming next year, touts self-driving microchip

The Japan Times

SAN FRANCISCO - Chief Executive Elon Musk said Tesla Inc. "robotaxis" with no human drivers will be available in some markets next year thanks to exponential improvements in technology. "Probably two years from now we'll make a car with no steering wheels or pedals," he predicted, while acknowledging he often misses deadlines and his presentation on Monday started 30 minutes late. Musk also unveiled on Monday a microchip for self-driving vehicles that the electric car company hopes will give Tesla an edge over rivals and persuade investors its massive investment in autonomous driving will pay off. The presentation came two days before Tesla is expected to announce a quarterly loss on fewer deliveries of its Model 3 sedan, which represents Tesla's attempt to become a volume carmaker. Global carmakers, large technology companies and an array of startups are developing self-driving cars -- including Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo and Uber Technologies Inc. -- but experts say it will be years before the systems are ready for prime time.

Elon Musk claims Tesla has created 'the best chip in the world' for autonomous vehicles

Daily Mail

Elon Musk has given a rare glimpse into the underpinnings of his electric car company's futuristic autonomous vehicle technology. At Tesla's first-ever Autonomy Day with investors, the firm revealed it has developed what it says is the'best chip in the world' that will allow its cars to achieve full self-driving capabilities without the need for human intervention. The new chip has allowed Tesla to make strides in bringing fully autonomous software to its fleet of vehicles, so much so that Musk predicts Tesla will have more than one million fully self-driving cars on the road by 2020. Elon Musk has given a rare glimpse into the underpinnings of his electric car company's futuristic autonomous vehicle technology. How could it be that Tesla, who has never designed a chip before, would design the best chip in the world?' Musk said on stage at the event, which was hosted at Tesla's Palo Alto, California headquarters.