AI Beat Humans at Reading! Maybe Not


Microsoft and Chinese retailer Alibaba independently announced that they had made software that matched or outperformed humans on a reading-comprehension test devised at Stanford. Microsoft called it a "major milestone." Media coverage amplified the claims, with Newsweek estimating "millions of jobs at risk." Those jobs seem safe for a while. Closer examination of the tech giants' claims suggests their software hasn't yet drawn level with humans, even within the narrow confines of the test used.

Microsoft AI can draw objects based on detailed text descriptions


Google may have taught an AI how to doodle, but drawing something more complex is tough for a computer. Imagine asking a computer to draw a "yellow bird with black wings and a short beak;" it sounds a little tricky. Researchers at Microsoft, though, have been developing an AI-based technology to do just that. It generates images from text descriptions with a surprising amount of accuracy, according to the most recent paper posted by the team. The system doesn't find an existing image based on your input, but creates real drawing.

3 Things About Machine Learning Every Marketer Needs to Know


We marketers love our data, but, let's face it … we probably only use a fraction of the data we collect. It's not that we don't want to use more of it. It would be fantastic, for example, to follow each and every customer around, to see everything they read, how long they read it for, where they clicked next. You might even want to drop a cookie on their computer and see all the other websites they went to. You could survey them, too, and send them personal messages on social media.

Google AutoML Turns Coders into Machine-Learning Masters


Google announced on Thursday the launch of its AutoML Vision, taking its AI easy approach one step ahead. The Cloud AutoML is a tool that will allow developers with limited machine learning (ML) expertise to train custom image recognition models, without having to write any code. Google's AutoML initiative was first announced at the company's I/O conference last year. The service, for now, is focused only at image recognition, however, Google plans to expand it to other services for all major fields of AI, i.e. speech, translation, video, natural language recognition. The Cloud AutoML allows anybody to train their model just by uploading their images, tagging them and then having Google's AutoML to develop a customer ML model.

AI-based collection services, interview with Mirko Krauel, CEO of collectAI


Dedicated to the global fintech community, the Fintastico team had the pleasure of speaking with Mirko Krauel, CEO of collectAI, on the lessons he learned running a fintech startup, the challenges and opportunities for claim management. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Mirko. With this, we tackle a topic tat has thus far mostly been neglected during cross-industrial digitisation. We offer services starting with the purchase of a product or service or the return debit note - depending on the industry we are speaking of. Our AI-driven technology is customer-centric, observing and continuosly optimizing messages, timing and tone of voice.

How Big Tech Is Profiting by Selling AI-as-a-Service


Artificial intelligence (AI) is still in its infancy, but it is truly a transformational technology. Thus far, mainly the companies with the largest stores of data have been able to benefit from the science. When talking about AI, most are referring to machine learning and, more specifically, deep learning, a technique that requires the processing of massive amounts of data in order to train these systems. So far these innovations haven't been largely available to smaller companies, but that is changing. The widespread adoption of cloud computing is beginning to alter that dynamic, as companies are working to incorporate these capabilities into their cloud offerings.

How can I remove unwanted apps from Windows 10?

The Guardian

Tony hates apps such as Cortana, Edge, Xbox, Groove and would like to uninstall them. Thu 18 Jan 2018 09.24 EST Last modified on Thu 18 Jan 2018 09.25 EST I am not a power user. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which has plenty of features I don't need, and I hate Cortana, Edge, Xbox, Groove etc. I noticed that one of the Windows 10 tuners you reviewed last week "removes unwanted programs". Would it work for these?

Global Industrial Machine Vision Market3: Growing Demand for Application-Specific Machine Vision Systems Driving the $12 Billion Industry


The "Industrial Machine Vision Market by Component (Hardware (Camera, Frame Grabber, Optics, Processor), and Software (Deep Learning, and Application Specific)), Product (PC-based, and Smart Camera-based), Application, End-User - Global Forecast to 2023" report has been added to's offering. The overall industrial machine vision market was valued at USD 7.91 Billion in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 12.29 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 7.61% between 2017 and 2023. This is because of the increasing need for quality inspection and automation, growing demand for AI and IoT integrated machine vision system, increasing adoption of Industrial 4.0, development of new connected technologies, and government initiatives to support smart factories, among others. Governments of different countries worldwide are encouraging investments in manufacturing, which is necessitating the use of various automation products for structural development. Software component is expected to grow at the highest rate between 2017 and 2023.

Actian and the Zen of IoT maintenance


Palo Alto-based hybrid database player Actian is announcing today the transformation of its Zen Embedded Database for use in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, both on edge devices and gateways. The company says its Zen platform, which can run on a wide range of operating systems and device types, will bring standardization to the IoT space which has heretofore been ruled by a hodgepodge of database technologies and has required an associated array of extract, transform and load (ETL) code to run smoothly. One for all The new Zen IoT Server and Zen IoT Core products will run on IoT gateways and devices, respectively, and will integrate with the already established Zen Workgroup and Zen Server products. That combination will provide an end-to-end consistent database platform from edge device to gateway to PC to server, with common APIs and a common data format all the way up and down. That's a pretty integrated solution for the IoT space, which has been a bit like the Wild West, with an array of vendors, standards, protocols and operating systems.

Human-Centric Design: Four Ways AI Will Make UX Smarter


User Experience (UX) designs, by and large, aims to make digital experiences smooth and pleasant. Everything from the interactions on a user interface to the colors and features used in the product impact conversions. But there always remains a gap in how efficient or intuitive these interactions ought to be and how effective they actually are in converting visitors. It is probably why no UX design is perfect. There will always remain a friction point in the journey that keeps users from staying engaged.