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If you really want to transform your business, get AI to transform your infrastructure first – Blocks and Files


But applied correctly it can make IT infrastructure disappear. But Ronak Chokshi, who leads product marketing for InfoSight at HPE, argues that when considering how to better manage their infrastructure, tech leaders need to consider what services like Uber or Google Maps have achieved. The IT infrastructure behind the delivery of these services is immaterial to the rest of the world – except perhaps for frazzled tech leaders in other sectors who wonder how they could achieve similarly seamless operations. "The consumers don't really care how it works, as long as the service is available when needed, and it's easy to manage," he says. Or, to put another way, says Chokshi, InfoSight worries about the infrastructure, so tech teams can be more application-centric.

OPINION: Powering solar asset management with Machine Learning - ET EnergyWorld


New Delhi: Around 2018, the overall cost of generating electricity from Renewable sources (solar, wind) became cheaper than the traditional methods of electricity generation (coal, oil, gas, nuclear). More than half of new electricity generation capacity added in 2021 were Renewables, and at the same time, the amount electricity distribution grids were willing to pay per unit of Renewable energy began to drop significantly. Managing the accelerated growth in capacity, while driving down costs, has become a must for Renewable plants. Just as Renewable energy has grown in the last decade so has the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Traditional computing is software programmers creating algorithms, to solve for complex engineering problems.

Microsoft to Archive Music on Futuristic Slivers of Glass That Will Live 10,000 Years


But thanks to Microsoft, at least we'll be listening to Stevie Wonder after the apocalypse. The tech giant is partnering with Elire Group to etch the world's music onto glass plates, and bury them in a remote arctic mountainside to ride out the end of the world. The Global Music Vault will share space with the Global Seed Vault (better known as the Doomsday Vault) in Svalbard, Norway. The Doomsday Vault houses the largest collection of agricultural seeds on the planet. The Global Music Vault aims to match its neighbor seed for song.

When will I be able to upload my brain to a computer?


READER QUESTION: I am 59 years old, and in reasonably good health. Is it possible that I will live long enough to put my brain into a computer? We often imagine that human consciousness is as simple as input and output of electrical signals within a network of processing units – therefore comparable to a computer. Reality, however, is much more complicated. For starters, we don't actually know how much information the human brain can hold.

What not to miss at HPE Discover 2022: AI sessions


At HPE Discover 2022, The Edge-to-Cloud-Conference, you'll find the best of edge, cloud, and everything in between – all in one place. The good news is that once again you can attend the event LIVE in Las Vegas, June 28-30, 2022. Or you can choose to participate virtually. From the latest insights in secure connectivity and hybrid cloud to AI and unified data analytics, HPE Discover 2022 is the best place to find the information you need to stay ahead of the trends and technologies that can rapidly move your business forward. We invite you to explore the full line-up of sessions on our content catalog.

Learn the talk of data -- An MLEs journey to the dark depths of data storage


Let's face it, if there's anything data scientists (DSs) or machine learning engineers (MLEs) would shy-away from it'll be data that's not yet a Numpy array or a pandas DataFrame. Without insinuating at the fear of databases in data scientists, let's try to understand some of these concepts. Companies that serve millions of customers collect copious amounts of structured and unstructured data every second of the day. To serve these customers with millisecond latency while enabling analytics teams to do their job is challenging, and require carefully designed data architectures. Most companies would have data-engineers to do this for us.

Boost your home security for less with this Anker Eufy camera for $30


If you need an extra pair of eyes in the living room or study, Amazon has the deal for you today. To get the deal, you need to clip the $4 off coupon underneath the price on the product page. We haven't reviewed this camera, but it's well liked on Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 stars from nearly 6,000 user reviews. It's also compatible with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning you can control your camera or get visuals from it with select devices. It doesn't have pan and tilt, but it does have customizable activity zones and local storage for your videos with an option for additional cloud storage.

Top 50 emerging technologies


Frost & Sullivan has released its annual Top 50 emerging technologies that are poised to generate multi-billion-dollar markets and set new growth opportunities worldwide. The emerging technologies are distributed across nine key clusters and represent the bulk of the R&D and innovation activity happening today, Frost & Sullivan said. Some of the emerging technologies noted by the market research company include: Flash lidar, graphene sensors, 5G materials, smart object security, carbon upcycling, battery recycling, grid-scale energy storage, autonomous mobile robots, robotic exoskeletons, cognitive manufacturing and behavioral biometrics. Other emerging tech listed include digital biomarkers, hyperspectral imaging, solid-state batteries, multi-cloud automation, sub-millimeter wave sensing, adaptive computing and accelerated storage. Frost & Sullivan will be hosting a webinar called "The 2021 Top 50 Technologies Transforming the Future," on April 27 at 11 a.m. EDT, discussing these converging technologies and how companies will be able to take advantage of the opportunities for growth.

Using AI in the Financial Services Industry


In financial services, it is important to gain any competitive advantage. Your competition has access to most of the same data as you, since historical data is available to everyone in your industry. Your advantage comes with the ability to mine that data better, faster, and more accurately than your competitors. With a rapidly fluctuating market, the ability to process data faster gives you the opportunity to respond faster than ever. This is where AI-first intelligence can help you.

16 Great Deals on Video Games, Outdoor Gear, and Tech


The weekend means it's time to relax, however you see fit. We've found plenty of deals to aid in your quest for some quality downtime. Want to spend 12 hours with a new video game? REI's Anniversary Sale is going on right now, and we've rounded up our favorite deals right here. Earlier this week, we also collected a few discounts on robot vacuums we've tested and liked, and they're still on sale.