Revolutionizing global health

MIT News

MIT research scientist Richard Fletcher directs the Mobile Technology Group at MIT D-Lab, which develops a variety of mobile sensors, analytic tools, and diagnostic algorithms to study problems in global health and behavior medicine. Utilizing mobile technologies -- which include smartphones, wearable sensors, and the so-called internet of things -- his group applies these technologies to real-world social problems with global implications. These issues involve a variety of areas, such as environmental monitoring and air pollution, agriculture, farming, and global health.

Future Robots In The Workplace: Are Human Hands Better For Manual Labor Jobs?

International Business Times

It's quite common for humans – especially those who work in manufacturing – to tie a knot, strip the casing off a cable, insert a pin in a hole or use a hand tool such as a drill. They may seem like simple tasks, but are really very complex and involve extremely fine finger and hand motions.

Luminar reveals sensors that could make self-driving cars safer than human


Cameras help autonomous vehicles read street signs and the color of traffic lights. But LiDARs, aka light detection and ranging systems, do the important work of sensing and helping cars avoid obstacles, whether that's a fallen tree, drunk driver, or a child running out into the road.

Google self-driving cars will finally take passengers

Boston Herald

Eight years and two million miles after Google began to build self-driving car technology, it's ready for passengers.

Google self-driving cars will finally take passengers


Google-run Waymo unveiled its new self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans at the North American Auto Show Sunday.

8 ways the iPhone 8 can beat the Galaxy S8


If there wasn't already a mountain of pressure on Apple to deliver something spectacular with this year's iPhone update, there surely is now. If you haven't noticed, Samsung has released the Galaxy S8 and S8, and they're pretty remarkable. As a former iPhone 7 Plus user, the S8 might very well be the best phone I've ever used, with a stunning screen, speedy processor, and, yes, a gorgeous design.