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Is your business AI-ready?


In a "Guru Session," Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, explored some of the implications of the rise of AI, including the notion of machines taking over jobs long held by humans. Sir Tim predicted that the future will bring many AI applications that will allow robots to take care of everyday mundane tasks, freeing humans for higher-level work. Elsewhere at Dell EMC World, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, shared his perspective on the future of AI and the next wave of innovation in mobile-cloud technology. Deep Learning algorithms today are literal black boxes when it comes to understanding how they arrive at their results.

Will artificial intelligence help us solve every problem?


SEBASTIAN THRUN, Founder, Google X: Artificial intelligence is to the human brain what the steam engine has been to the human muscle. We text, we make phone calls, we're fatigued, we're sometimes even drunk when driving and all this stuff. My students and I recently did work on artificial intelligence for detecting skin cancer, and we found that if we train an artificial intelligence with about 130,000 images, we can find skin cancer basically using an iPhone as accurately as the best board-certified dermatologist. Why can't we cure heart failure and heart diseases?

Uber uses a dinosaur to show how you'd control a self-driving car with a smartphone


If your goal was to drive a car, you wouldn't be in an autonomous Uber. Speaking of humans and obsolete, the patent application for some reason uses the graphic of a dinosaur to represent the rider and/or the car. Uber is bogged down in a vicious court battle with rival Waymo, while at the same time its autonomous vehicles have trouble driving even a single mile without human intervention. But hey, riders may one day be able to control a vehicle's air conditioning from the Uber app.

Here's why Ford is panicking in self-driving cars: Alphabet is years ahead of everybody CNBC


The recent CEO shuffle at Ford suggests it's getting serious about self-driving cars: On Monday, it promoted its head of "Smart Mobility," Jim Hackett, to the CEO role. But statistics show that Ford -- and every other car maker -- is way behind Waymo, the self-driving car unit of Google parent Alphabet, when it comes to testing autonomous cars on real roads.

[P] Need suggestions on which optimizers to use for our self-driving car DeepLearning Model. • r/MachineLearning


We are currently using basic Adam optimizer, but the training time increases dramatically after third epoch. We were not able to go beyond 4th epoch due to continual increase of training time. Would appreciate any direction or suggestions on which optimizers to use, in order to stop training time to reach infinite. I think the problem lies within the Keras adam optimizer.

The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data


Now similar concerns are being raised by the giants that deal in data, the oil of the digital era. Far from gouging consumers, many of their services are free (users pay, in effect, by handing over yet more data). Technology giants have always benefited from network effects: the more users Facebook signs up, the more attractive signing up becomes for others. They could also mandate the sharing of certain kinds of data, with users' consent--an approach Europe is taking in financial services by requiring banks to make customers' data accessible to third parties.

Self-Driving Cars Aren't Ford's Biggest Challenge


Why commit to owning a car that will run for 11 or 12 years when you can make a less onerous short-term commitment and then upgrade substantially in a few years without paying significantly more. This dynamic is particularly evident when it comes to the most technologically advanced cars, plug-in electrics and battery-powered vehicles. Thanks to rising competition and volumes, and to significant advances in battery design and production, the state of the art is improving rapidly. It's not quite like that with cars, but a similar dynamic is at work.

SoftBank invests $5 billion into Didi Chuxing and $4 billion more in Nvidia


Didi, which already serves more than 400 million users across China, provides services including taxi hailing, private car-hailing, Hitch (social ride-sharing), DiDi Chauffeur, DiDi Bus, DiDi Test Drive, DiDi Car Rental and DiDi Enterprise Solutions to users in China via a smartphone application. SoftBank Group Corp. acquired a $4 billion stake in Nvidia Corp. making it the fourth-largest shareholder of the graphics chipmaker. Nvidia recently introduced the NVIDIA Isaac robot simulator, which utilizes sophisticated video-game and graphics technologies to train intelligent machines in simulated real-world conditions before they get deployed. The company also introduced a set of robot reference-design platforms that make it faster to build such machines using the NVIDIA Jetson platform.

Self-driving cars the next to takeover human jobs

Daily Mail

A new report from Goldman Sachs Economics Research has suggested that autonomous vehicles will take 25,000 jobs a month away from US drivers. Research from Goldman Sachs Economics has suggested that the job loss will occur at a rate of 25,000 per month, or 300,000 a year, about 25 years from now. The analysis has suggested that drivers will slowly begin losing their jobs over the next few years, but come 2042, there will be a massive increase in autonomous cars replacing human workers - the job loss is predicted to occur at a rate of 25,000 per month, or 300,000 a year. A new report from Goldman Sachs Economics Research has suggested that autonomous vehicles will take 25,000 jobs a month from US drivers.

3 types of artificial intelligence, but only 2 are valid


Current AI applications can be broken down into three loose categories: Transformative AI, DIY (Do It Yourself) AI, and Faux AI. Transformative AI turns data into insights and insights into instructions. While there is indeed a finite set of actions involved in driving, the data set the AI must process shifts every single time the passenger gets into the car based on road conditions, destination, route, oncoming and surrounding traffic, street lanes, street closures, proximity to neighboring vehicles, a pedestrian stepping out in front of the car, and so on. DIY AI is any artificial intelligence platform whose end goal is to make you, the user, more informed so that you can then do the remaining work yourself.