11 technologies developers should explore now


Progress in deep learning has improved computer vision, language processing, and speech, as well as the ability for machines and software to seek a reward and maximize performance, says Wayne Thompson, chief data scientist at SAS: "As a result we will see a new generation of machines that can see the world, hear and read human languages, communicate to humans, and control themselves both mechanically and behaviorally, in an unprecedented way."

Flaws in AI Systems Let Hackers in Easily


As intelligent as AI is becoming, it's still not clever enough to fool the most determined of hackers. Just last year, researchers tricked a commercial facial recognition system into thinking they were someone they weren't just by wearing a pair of patterned glasses. It was simply a sticker with a hallucinogenic print on it, but to the AI it was so much more. Because of the twists and curves of the pattern to the computer the glasses resembled someone's face, and by altering the patterns, the researchers could choose any face they wanted and that's what the AI saw.

The K5 Is A Fully Autonomous Security Robot


This is the K5, a fully autonomous security robot that stands 6-feet tall and weighs in at 400 pounds. It is one of the latest creations from Knightscope, a security company first founded in 2015, and is designed to be used to patrol a variety of venues, including shopping malls and college campuses. The company's co-founder has made it clear that the robots are not intended to replace human law enforcement personnel, but compliment their activities and to be used in areas which present a serious threat to the safety of human law enforcement and security guards. So far, the robots have been used in dark and particularly dangerous areas such as parking lots and under bridges.

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Engineering CXOTALK


AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics rely on massive data sets. While holding the potential for great benefit to society, this explosion of data collection creates privacy and security risks for individuals. In this episode, one of the world's foremost privacy engineers explores the broad privacy implications of data and artificial intelligence.

Why machine learning is the future of security


As attack volumes increase exponentially, has the time for machines to take some of the strain finally come?

Will Artificial Intelligence Change The World For the Better? Or Worse? Read our new policy paper


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that has a long standing tradition in the realm of science-fiction, popularized by Hollywood movies and iconic writers such as Isaac Asimov. However, AI has also received increased attention in recent years following news of progress in the field and the prospect of new, tangible, innovation such as self-driving cars. The Internet has played an important role in these developments, particularly as the platform for AI enabled services – some with significant implications for the continued development of a trusted Internet.

Amazon Launches New Device to Watch You Dress

#artificialintelligence Inc., seeking a bigger slice of the clothing market, is casting itself as a style adviser.

Lawmakers Say Briton Killed in Drone Strike Was Threat to UK

U.S. News

British lawmakers say a U.K. man killed by a Royal Air Force drone strike in Syria was an Islamic State group attack planner who posed a "very serious threat" to Britain.

Here's how to stop a robot taking your job


The power of technology to create upheaval in the global job market has never been felt more acutely.

113 enterprise AI companies you should know


Enterprise companies comprise a $3.4 trillion market worldwide of which an increasingly larger share is being allocated to artificial intelligence technologies.