Saykara Launches First Fully Ambient AI Healthcare Voice Assistant


Saykara today announced the release of Kara 2.0, an AI-powered healthcare assistant that further simplifies the documentation process for physicians. Now featuring Ambient Mode, Kara 2.0 is a breakthrough AI-powered voice application for healthcare, allowing physicians and patients to interact as they normally do, all while Saykara listens, transcribes to text, parses text into structured data, and intelligently completes each form in a patient's electronic health record (EHR or chart). Saykara then automatically generates a clinic note including patient history, physical, assessment, plan, orders and referrals. With the release of Ambient Mode, Saykara is the only virtual healthcare assistant that can be used passively'in the room' during physician-patient appointments with no voice commands. Ambient Mode builds on Saykara's versatility and agnosticity, allowing it to better serve up to 18 disparate healthcare specialties, including primary care, pediatrics, internal medicine, orthopedics, urology and more.

Former Nuance machine learning vet raises 2.5M for AI healthcare startup Saykara


The name of the company is Saykara, and it appears to be tackling a very interesting problem: The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. We stumbled across Saykara in a SEC filing today, which noted that the company has secured 2.5 million in venture funding. In an email to GeekWire, CEO Harjinder Sandhu confirmed the funding amount, and noted that Madrona Venture Group is the primary investor. "We are a healthcare startup looking to leverage machine intelligence to reshape the way physicians interact with medical systems," Sandhu said via email. He said the company is in the early-stages of development, and was choosing to stay in "stealth mode."