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AI in the announcer's booth


I like to watch rugby, even though I know very little about it. They rightfully believe they're talking to people who watch rugby a lot, so they feel no need to address me, personally, with rugby-for-dummies spiels that might give me an appreciation for the game. But emerging technology could soon solve my problem. Some companies are working on AI that will generate custom sports commentary, which means I could potentially tune into a streaming rugby game and listen to a human-sounding, AI-driven robot commentator that already understands my level of rugby savvy. Maybe my robot commentator will patiently explain the difference between a blood bin and a tight head.

The ripple effects of Artificial Intelligence


Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) an advantage to your business? While most say yes, tech experts concur that AI brings in a whole new set of challenges to organizations, especially around data security, transparency and data protection. Irrespective of the challenges, analysts have predicted that the artificial intelligence market will register a CAGR of over 33% by 2023. But, it's time that organizations start addressing a few key aspects around data. Ajoy Menon, Managing Director and Lead – Financial Services, Accenture Advanced Technology Centers in India, informs, "We are seeing great traction among BFSI companies to incorporate AI along the whole spectrum of its value chain and to reimagine their processes, products, employees and customer experience."

Retracting Bad Science Doesn't Make It Disappear


You published a paper in a reputable journal a couple of years ago, and that paper has made an impact in your field of study. It has shaped your own research and has inspired others to pursue similar lines of investigation. Now you find out that one of the works you cited in that paper has just been retracted. Whether it was an honest mistake, total fabrication, or something in between, that work has now been flagged and no longer stands up to scientific scrutiny. Jerome Samson is a data science, media, and research communication consultant.