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But the term "artificial intelligence" today can still refer to either the strong or weak versions, making "machine learning" a subset of "artificial intelligence" work. A subset of artificial intelligence work, machine learning is more narrowly focused on computer systems optimized to perform specific tasks, fed by large amounts of example data to "learn" from, using methods from computational statistics and probability theory. A form of machine learning in which there are no pre-existing labels or outputs defined on the input training data, and the system instead "learns" whatever patterns, clusters, or regularities it can extract from the training data. For example, if we are studying the mean temperature across some region of the Earth over time, and we have measured this mean temperature at some finite number of times, we can create a regression model of temperature as a function of time based on these data points to predict what the temperature might be between two of our measurements ("interpolation") or what the temperature might be at future times ("extrapolation").

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Machine learning algorithms, and neural networks in particular, are considered to be the cause of a new AI'revolution'. In this algorithm, the agent learns the quality(Q value) of each action (action is also called policy) based on how much reward the environment gave it. As the agent interacts with the environment, the Q values get updated from random values to values that actually help maximize reward. When training a neural network, data imbalance plays a very important role.

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Plenty of efficient algorithms exist to solve a rubik's cube. I was curious to find out if a neural net could learn how to solve a cube in the most "efficient" way, by solving the cube in less than 20 moves, i.e god's number. I used a 2 layer neural net: 1 convnet layer and 1 feedforward layer. For the training set, I generated games at random during training for games of 10 moves or less from solved with the corresponding solutions as label.

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In this case the frontal lobe of cerebrum makes a self aware (introspective) decision to reject either information or modify each information to eliminate conflict. Ans) Anterior prefrontal cortex has been associated with top-level processing abilities that are thought to set humans apart from other animals. This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behaviour, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behaviour. Ans) Medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) is considered to be a part of the brain's reward system.

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Some of the most common examples of machine learning are Netflix's algorithms to make movie suggestions based on movies you have watched in the past or Amazon's algorithms that recommend books based on books you have bought before. The textbook that we used is one of the AI classics: Peter Norvig's Artificial Intelligence -- A Modern Approach, in which we covered major topics including intelligent agents, problem-solving by searching, adversarial search, probability theory, multi-agent systems, social AI, philosophy/ethics/future of AI. Machine learning algorithms can be divided into 3 broad categories -- supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.Supervised learning is useful in cases where a property (label) is available for a certain dataset (training set), but is missing and needs to be predicted for other instances. You can think of linear regression as the task of fitting a straight line through a set of points.

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@machinelearnbot Content Director Brian Buntz wrote recently about the resources Siemens is throwing at software, and while that's significant, I'm more interested in Siemens' AI and machine learning work. For the past decade, Siemens' AI efforts have been focused on improving control of industrial processes using deep learning and reinforcement learning. An example of this technology is Siemens' "self-optimizing" gas turbines that leverage reinforcement learning. You can extend the classical control loop with a machine-learning loop using neural networks, making it dynamic and thus creating a new control policy.

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But as the available processing power increases, it makes sense to begin automating this network optimisation process. Typically, reinforcement learning problems are modelled as a Markov decision process. Inspired by biological evolution, an evolutionary algorithm searches the solution space by creating a population of solutions. Another popular method is the tournament selection where randomly selected individuals participate in a tournament play to define the winner (individuals selected for passing on their genes).

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Submissions should generally be about Artificial Intelligence and its applications. Submission's title should clearly indicate what the submission is about. Try to avoid posting submissions that seem like a self-advertisement. The topic of Artificial Intelligence is very broad and there are many good learning resources available on the internet and in print.



This project provides optimized infrastructure for reinforcement learning. As a starting point, we provide BatchPPO, an optimized implementation of Proximal Policy Optimization. We release this project as a starting point that makes it easy to implement new reinforcement learning ideas. We include a batched interface for OpenAI Gym environments that fully integrates with TensorFlow for efficient algorithm implementations.

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Testing our agents in games that are not specifically designed for AI research, and where humans play well, is crucial to benchmark agent performance. The bot learned the game from scratch by self-play, and does not use imitation learning or tree search. It beat players that many considered to be the absolute best at dota. However, there are cases where matchups do boil down to a 1v1 lane setup (at least for the first 10 minutes of the game), and the bot beat the players handily at it.