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7 weird and wonderful applications of artificial intelligence - CityAM


The Rewired investment fund focuses on enabling the technologies of the AI revolution by investing across five verticals including machine learning, robotics, bionics, sensors, mapping and localisation. Backed by technology investors including Tej Kohli, we believe that AI has the potential to positively impact every segment of economic activity and to improve every aspect of human life. In 2017 Ambassador, Elle King, and Wiz Khalifa performed together on Alex Da Kid's single, ''Not Easy'' which ranked highly in the iTunes chart. The tune was created using IBM's Watson, which scanned the most popular songs from the last five years as well as analysing news, media, reports, movie scripts and social media posts. The results helped the artists to understanding the "emotional temperature" of people at that specific time.

Shimon the Rapper: A Real-Time System for Human-Robot Interactive Rap Battles Artificial Intelligence

We present a system for real-time lyrical improvisation between a human and a robot in the style of hip hop. Our system takes vocal input from a human rapper, analyzes the semantic meaning, and generates a response that is rapped back by a robot over a musical groove. Previous work with real-time interactive music systems has largely focused on instrumental output, and vocal interactions with robots have been explored, but not in a musical context. Our generative system includes custom methods for censorship, voice, rhythm, rhyming and a novel deep learning pipeline based on phoneme embeddings. The rap performances are accompanied by synchronized robotic gestures and mouth movements. Key technical challenges that were overcome in the system are developing rhymes, performing with low-latency and dataset censorship. We evaluated several aspects of the system through a survey of videos and sample text output. Analysis of comments showed that the overall perception of the system was positive. The model trained on our hip hop dataset was rated significantly higher than our metal dataset in coherence, rhyme quality, and enjoyment. Participants preferred outputs generated by a given input phrase over outputs generated from unknown keywords, indicating that the system successfully relates its output to its input.

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rapper struck by errant drone during concert


Please enjoy today's installment of Drones Behaving Badly. An errant drone crashed into rapper Stanley "Flesh-N-Bone" Howse during Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's performance at the High Life Music Festival on Sunday, according to the Associated Press. Luckily, Howse appeared to be unharmed, despite briefly grabbing his head, and the show went on as planned. At the time of writing, the drone's owner and intended use remain unknown. 'Havana Moon' will let fans experience the Rolling Stones' historic Cuban concert Denzel Washington and Viola Davis stand by each other in'Fences' trailer'Battlefield 1' story mode sounds a lot like'Band of Brothers'

The grandfather kings of nerdcore


In terms of popularity, nerdcore occupies a space somewhere between underground hip hop and the end of the universe, according to rapper and educator Mega Ran. Nerdcore is a brand of hip hop characterized by a focus on geeky things, which means its subject matter is as vast and varied as Tolkien's Encircling Sea. It's niche but limitless; visible but not known. It's big enough to support the musical careers of artists like MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Beefy and MC Chris, yet it's small enough that even the most fervent Star Wars fan may have never heard of it. Even in an age where geek chic is hot and "nerd" is no longer a vicious insult, nerdcore remains underground -- but its influence on popular culture is showing.