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Gaby Ecanow loves listening to music, but never considered writing her own until taking 6.S191 (Introduction to Deep Learning). By her second class, the second-year MIT student had composed an original Irish folk song with the help of a recurrent neural network, and was considering how to adapt the model to create her own Louis the Child-inspired dance beats. "It was cool," she says. "It didn't sound at all like a machine had made it." This year, 6.S191 kicked off as usual, with students spilling into the aisles of Stata Center's Kirsch Auditorium during Independent Activities Period (IAP).

Gatwick Airport drones: What military technology are they using to allow planes to fly?

The Independent - Tech

The airport's only runway was reopened on Friday morning, with a range or protection and surveillance measures reportedly put in place to prevent further chaos. One of the key tools for spotting drones will be radar. "The military has a range of technologies to secure airspace against planes, helicopters and drones," Mr Gill said. "They will be able to provide military-grade radar technology in order to help detect the drones and potentially the operators." One such radar system that may be deployed at Gatwick is the Israeli-developed Drone Dome system, of which the British Army bought six earlier this year.

Drone laws: What are the rules of owning, flying and shooting down drones in the UK?

The Independent - Tech

Drones have been causing chaos at London's Gatwick airport, with thousands of passengers left stranded after flights were suspended when drones were spotted flying near the airfield. It isn't the first time drones have been reported at Gatwick airport.

China launches 'spy bird' drone to boost government surveillance

The Independent - Tech

Flocks of robotic birds are taking to the skies of China equipped with high-tech surveillance technology, according to a report. The so-called "spy bird" programme, first reported by the South China Morning Post, is already in operation in at least five provinces and provides another tendril in the country's already advanced surveillance network. The dove-like drones are being developed by researchers at Northwestern Polytechnical University in the Shaanxi province, who have previously worked on stealth fighter jets used by China's airforce. One of the researchers involved said the roll out of the technology was still in its early stages. "The scale is still small," said Yang Wenqing, an associate professor at the university's School of Aeronautics who worked on the programme.

50 Nobel laureates reveal the greatest threats to mankind

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A survey of 50 Nobel laureates asked about the greatest threats to mankind has revealed that environmental issues such as over-population and climate change are the biggest threat. Meanwhile, the threat of nuclear warfare and infectious diseases and drug resistance follows in second and third place. Distortion or the truth and ignorant political leaders also ranked highly, with President Donald Trump called out by name in this category. The survey drew responses from almost a quarter of the living Nobel prize winners for chemistry, physics, physiology, medicine and economics. A survey of 50 Nobel laureates posed the question: 'What is the biggest threat to humankind, in your view?

XPRIZE And IBM Announce 5 Million Artificial Intelligence Competition


The X Prize Foundation and IBM have officially launched a global artificial intelligence competition that provides participants with the chance to compete for 5 million. The contest, dubbed "IBM Watson A.I. XPRIZE: A Cognitive Computing Competition," was announced this morning at TED2016. The competition invites teams from around the world to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to brainstorm a solution to some of the planet's most pressing problems. "X Prize believes that artificial intelligence is the best tool in our toolkit to address the world's grand challenges and biggest problems," said Stephanie Wander, X Prize development associate and lead prize designer, to IFLScience. Which grand problem will the developers have to tackle?

'Battleborn' Bootcamp Trailer Prepares Players For Open Beta, Now Ready To Download


Between the 25 heroes at launch, the five factions, three competitive modes, and nine story episodes, players that pick up Battleborn should have plenty to accomplish. While teaming up with up to five players, Battleborn heroes work to earn loot, level up through three types of progression, and save the last star from slipping into the void. It is no secret that Battleborn players will be able to take up arms against each other in the game's competitive modes; Incursion, Meltdown, and Capture. However, Battleborn also offers co-operative players a chance to do their part. Nine story missions, and another five post-launch, are infinitely repeatable for loot, experience, and accolades.