Financial Chatbots Are Coming, But It's More About the "Bot" Than "Chat"


Tyler Griffin, Entrepreneur in Residence at CFSI, recently wrote a wonderful article on financial chatbots, covering the history of their use with a focus on the modern-day user experience and highlighting their current limitations, especially those not powered by "true artificial intelligence."

7 Jobs Intelligent Robots Will Take First (Some Will Surprise You)


Hold onto your white collars, because the robotic revolution is going to cause the biggest transformation in the world's workforce since the industrial revolution, and are 7 jobs intelligent robots have firmly in their sight.

Genuine enthusiasm for AI

MIT News

On an afternoon in early April, Tommi Jaakkola is pacing at the front of the vast auditorium that is 26-100. The chalkboards behind him are covered with equations. Jaakkola looks relaxed in a short-sleeved black shirt and jeans, and gestures to the board. "What is the answer here?" he asks the 500 MIT students before him. "If you answer, you get a chocolate. If nobody answers, I get one -- because I knew the answer and you didn't." The room erupts in laugher.

Deep Learning Meets Recommendation Systems


Almost everyone loves to spend their leisure time to watch movies with their family and friends. We all have the same experience when we sit on our couch to choose a movie that we are going to watch and spend the next two hours but can't even find one after 20 minutes.

Machine learning on mobile: on the device or in the cloud?


So you've decided it's time to add some of this hot new machine learning or deep learning stuff into your app… Great! But what are your options?

Where can Machine Learning be Applied to Improve Banking Performance? - Accenture


Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so. It's the product of established statistical theory and more recent developments in computing power. Combined, the Machine Learning algorithms offer businesses the opportunity to transform their operations and the services they provide.

5 Artificial Intelligence and Data Predictions for 2017


The Artificial Intelligence environment and the Data that powers it, look very different from a year ago. The predictions below broadly consider the public landscape over the coming year, some of the challenges to consider and how to keep things moving in the right direction.