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(Online)Amplify your Power Virtual Agents with No-Code AI & Bot Framework Skills


According to Gartner, conversational AI agents are named as top 3rd digital trend for 2020. Another research shows that bots are going to take over nearly 25% of the retail operations. Do you want to build a similar experience for customers? In this session, you will learn about the latest capabilities of no-code Power Virtual Agents and how can you utilize this canvas to build next-gen bots using the real time AI Builder's Prediction capabilities. In addition to all the relevant concepts and integration with Power Automate, you will also learn to extend your bots with Bot Framework Skills which opens up the market to reach thousands of your customers across any device, any channel.

Power Virtual Agents is now available in more languages


Power Virtual Agents is gaining traction around the world and the market has responded with a strong desire for us to support more languages. Today we're excited to announce that we are bringing to public preview support for an extended set of languages! This enables our partners and customers to build even more engaging and locally relevant experiences for their users. When you create a new bot, you select the language you want the bot to understand when interacting with your users. You'll see that your new bot is prepopulated with content in the target language and you can easily create more topics with trigger phrases and bot responses in the language you've selected.

Microsoft releases its plan for its next set of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform features coming this fall


As it does annually, Microsoft is making available today its plans for new features it will be adding to Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform starting in the fall. On July 8, Microsoft is publishing its 2020 "Release Wave 2" plans. This is a collection of hundreds of new features, both incremental and more substantial, which Microsoft will be rolling out to customers between October 2020 and March 2021. Microsoft will be making some of these coming features available for early access for testing and validation purposes in non-production environments starting August 3, 2020. Rollout of the Wave 2 features begins on October 1, 2020.

7 Tools To Build Chatbots Without Coding Blog - BotCore


Conventionally, it required extensive knowledge, skill and substantial coding, support, maintenance, and manual work to build chatbots from the ground up. Large amounts of time and money expended into building chatbots ultimately did not seem viable or profitable. Time and resource intensive practices of developing chatbots has been a major impediment for smaller companies to effectively implement the technology along with a fierce competition for the scarce engineering talent pool to develop chatbots. The problem of finding niche expertise and the cumbersome process in building chatbots is being resolved by the uprise of no/low code chatbot platforms that allow businesses to enjoy the customer service benefits of chatbots without draining resources. There are several frameworks or software development kits (SDKs) readily available necessary to build intelligent bots that drastically reduce the amount of code required to build chatbots thus democratising the chatbot technology.

Microsoft Ropes in RPA Technology for Power Platform – IndianTTS Blog


RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology is the new key to high yield automation processes. The significance of RPA automation is such, it can help to visualize complex processes of any businesses and deliver error-free results. Customer engagement plays a crucial part in setting up the company's strategy into work. While manual labour may be accustomed to errors but RPA automation reduces cost and provide end to end compliance. To know more Click Here.